Blog-o-Sphere as a Big Big Organization

It's upto you whether you stand out or just be a part of the crowd

Reaching a high position in blogging arena is more like waging a war. With millions of bloggers battling for the top position in their niche, the competition is fierce and it can take a toll on you if you can’t handle the pressure.

A good point is that having friends in the same blogging arena can be a definitive advantage over others and if you try to collaborate, you can reach even farther.

There are broadly 3 types of people in any organization and here by organization i mean the whole of blog-o-sphere.


These are the guys that are below the mark. They writing is awful, they have little knowledge about blogging. They are either amateurs or not serious about their work or they are not fit for the job or they might not be able to handle all the pressure. Usually these type of bloggers have no sense of direction and they blog without setting any goals. The result: the blog is a mess, it doesn’t make any money and the blogger is in the habit of making mistakes – language errors and also blunders in decision making.

In totality, their work is not good enough to be appreciated and they require a level shift to reach a stage where they might get a little bit of appreciation.

These type of bloggers can be found everywhere and these bloggers have a short life span  – i.e they blog for a very short period of time. When they see that their efforts are not bearing fruit, they end their blogging career.

Average Performers

Average performers are hard working bloggers. They are consistent with their writing and their blogging has a standard.

The main problem with average performers is that their blog’s growth is hindered by some causes. It can be due to a lack of certain qualities that are necessary to be successful in the blog world. These may be bad marketing skills, average writing ability or laziness. Also, these bloggers are content with what they do and they do not wish to expand and take the next step towards creating a bigger and more influential blog.

Whatever may be the reason, these bloggers don’t become bloggers that reach the top but they are still bloggers that sustain a living through their online ventures. These type of bloggers are a sizable chunk and they do their bit in expanding the blogging industry.

Over Performers

Bloggers who are able to grab the attention of readers come under this category. These bloggers are ambitious people who want to excel at their work. They are people who have excellent skill sets, they are creative people and know how to get their work done.  For eg, if a bloggers lacks marketing skill, but is really good with the writing part, then the smart thing to do would be to hire a person specifically for blog marketing. As the stress of blogging increases, the only option you have is to outsource your work, or else you will have to back out.

Over Performers haven’t heard of the words “Backing Out” and therefore, they do the smart thing and outsource their work. They concentrate on what they do the best and leave the rest for the others to do. The group of over performers is a very small percentage of the total group.

Blogging World is run by these three type of bloggers. Obviously like any other organization – you don’t want underperformers and you want more and more over performers. Also, you would like to encourage average performers to step up – this is usually done by great personalities who inspire the average performers to achieve more in life.

Whether you are an underperformer or an over performer, there is always a chance of hopping from one type to other. It is upto you, that you want to go a step further or you want to back out.

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  • As long as we continually step forward, the current position shouldn’t matter. What matter is our position in future. 🙂

    • It really matters. If you are looking for some professional success, then it really matters and you should take it seriously as to where you actually stand. If you are an overperformer, then it is good. But, if you are not, then you need to step up and strive to become an overperformer

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  • I feel I am now in “average performer” category. Some bloggers become top performers in short span but for most of them it’s a gradual process. Anyway consistent efforts will never let us down.

    • Yes, it is a gradual process. You can only achieve success, if you are working hard towards it. So, consistent efforts will never ever let you down.

  • Goutham,

    I guess i am an average performer..LOL

    I don’t mind to be it, i just enjoy what i am.

    Thanks for your great post, masterpiece as usual.


    • @kimi
      you fit into the category of an averag performer who are satisfied with what they are and in my opinion its not bad to be an average performer but i would urge you to step up and try hard to become an over performer 🙂

  • Absolutely true, an Over Performer does not know the meaning of “quitting”. Is is a word that does not exist in their dictionary. These are the people who stand out because they are serious, they plan ahead and execute accordingly. In my opinion, I am somewhere in between and average to over performer. I am serious about my work and still have a lot to learn in many things. Life is a learning curve and if we admit that to ourselves, the easier we are able to attain success. Thumbs up!

    • Life is a learning curve and if we admit that to ourselves, the easier we are able to attain success

      Agreed. Life is a continuous expedition to attaining knowledge. And you will gain more knowledge, if you venture out, take initiative to do so.

  • christiaan

    Success comes with consistency. No matter we are average,good or expert. But if we continue in our filed we become master of arts. Good to read the post.

  • christiaan

    Average performers are mostly satisfied with their work. They are little above and a little below to be considered as more than enough.

  • rnd technologies

    Nice think.