8 Quick Fixes to Decrease your Blogging Workload

The blog-o-sphere is not easy to conquer. Due to high competition, a blogger is not simply a blogger but a blogger cum marketer cum seo pro. So, you can imagine the amount of work each blogger has to do, so that their blog gains more traffic (if not gain, at least sustain the traffic it gets). And on top of it, bloggers have a 9 to 5 jobs.

Blogging Statistics (Time Spent Each Week)

As you can see from the graph, most of the bloggers spend less than 10 hours each week which is less than 2 hours per day.

Now, the workload may be too heavy to bear (as you only have a few hours) unless you try to decrease it by these simple quick fixes:

1. Avoid Distractions

Try to avoid any possible distractions. Limit the time you spend on watching tv, playing games etc. These types of activities are not very productive and they eat up more than half of your time. This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, but due to the immense workload, you have curtail the time you spend on it. Listening to music may not be considered as a distraction, because it has proved to increase productivity.

2. Play Mind Sharpening Games

You need a really sharp and alert mind to produce highly quality posts in a small period of time. Playing mind sharpening games like Sudoku Puzzles can improve your logic and hence, help you increasing mind power.

3. Squeeze Time

If you are part time blogger managing a full time job, it is important for you to squeeze time from any possible opportunities you get like utilizing the break period. In these short periods, you can perform activities such as brainstorming, mind mapping and also, marketing. Effectively, you are cutting on your workload by completing smaller activities.

4. Writing in Parts

There can be situations where you don’t get enough time to complete a full post. Usually, a blogger skips the idea and delays the writing job by a day. But, you are actually wasting precious time. That small time period can be used to write a part of the post. Basically, instead of writing in one go, you are writing in bits and pieces. Even 10 minutes a day can help you create at least 1 post each week.

5. Don’t Waste Time in Less Productive Activities

Most bloggers have the habit of constantly checking their blog stats and comments. This is an utter waste of time. By repeatedly doing the same activity, they are not achieving anything. Ideally, each blogger should check their blog stats and comments, only once in a day – which is good, because you can compare your goals with the actual stats and measure your performance.

6. Get Out of the Laziness

Are you a lazy blogger? If yes, then the root cause of your problem is laziness. Keeping your body and mind active is an essential requirement for productivity. To get rid of this laziness problem, you need a lifestyle change – eat healthy food and exercise regularly. A healthy regime like this will help you remain active.

7. Use pen and paper

The only way to stay away from most distractions is to use a pen and paper. If you write your articles online, then there are chances that you get distracted and you start checking out your facebook account. And then, you get too involved in checking your account that you forget that you had to write. Pen and Paper are simple tools which are portable and come in handy when you are traveling and you have some great ideas you want to write about.

8. Don’t Multitask

Multitasking might be considered to be the best thing to do – as it increases productivity by manifolds. But, on the contrary it might decrease your productivity. Brain has a limited capacity to handle tasks. If you overload it with multiple tasks, it will not be able to perform that well and so, the productivity of each activity will go down. Focus on a single activity and you will have the maximum productivity.

If you use these quick fixes in your daily life, I am sure you will be able to achieve better productivity which will in turn reflect in your blog’s progress.

  • There should be an extra fix there, just for me, that says GET OFF FACEBOOK AND DO SOME WORK!” :p

    • “Don’t Waste Time in Less Productive Activities” is same as “GET OFF FACEBOOK AND DO SOME WORK!”. Facebook and twitter are very addictive and it takes extra effort to get rid of such distractions.

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  • Another thing I do to decrease blogging workload is to create a bunch of short entries that describe what I want in outline form. Then, come back and type up the details in more detail when I have more time.

    • Victor,
      I describe writing short entries as the next step to mind mapping. These posts can be really helpful when you don’t have the time r you are just stuck and out of ideas.

  • I totally agree that distraction is the major reason which waste our maximum time. If we work with proper planning and stick to that then it will sure increase productivity. For me, To-do list on classic pen-paper style and mind mapping always work to accomplish my tasks efficiently.

    • For me, To-do list on classic pen-paper style and mind mapping always work to accomplish my tasks efficiently.

      Same here.
      Pen Paper and Mind Mapping have proven to be the most productive activities

  • These tips really works in the field of blogging nice thought and great tips.

  • You are right. Everyday I have hardly any time to write good blog posts… I think I need to get out of the laziness and play some mind sharpening games. πŸ™‚

    • My pick: Sudoku or Boggle – great mind sharpening games

  • I don’t know if play games can give good effect to the productivity. Because I just forgot the time when play any of game even for the sharpening games πŸ˜€

    • Zack,
      Playing mind sharpening games has shown to improve your logic solving abilities which are required in any activity you are performing – whether it is blogging or studying.

  • First of all, Great Post (as always), Gautam !

    I try my best to avoid distractions nowadays. But Nowadays, I have got into the habit of watching tv while blogging. (Sometimes I do get idea from the TV). I don’t actually play games (I used to, but ever since I started blogging, I stopped playing games). I will try it out. Writing in parts is an effective method. I have tried it. This can also help you with adding extra information to what you have written. I have been using my school dairy for writing down notes. (It works best ! I can carry it anywhere, plus I can write down ideas when I am in school).

    Anyway, thank you for the wonderful read, Gautam !

    • I have been using my school dairy for writing down notes

      – good tip for all student bloggers.
      Watching tv with blogging is very time consuming – because you have a big distraction in front of you

  • Sometimes, the distractions are all we need to refresh ourselves.. although sometimes, we can get distracted too much πŸ˜€

    I don’t even know how to handle blogging once I have someone in a relationship

    • I agree that you have to maintain a balance between work and play. More play means less output and more work also means less output (because you get tired)

  • Hi Gautam,
    I use a whiteboard in my office, well 2 actually. The main 1 on the wall has my goals and weekly tasks on it, and then I have a smaller 1 on my desk with my days tasks on it, I then just wipe them off as I go.
    Pen and paper are great for jotting down ideas and then expanding on them later.
    Really good post. Thanks

    • Whiteboards are a good alternative to paper but they are not mobile. So, when you are on the move, pen and paper will work best for you or may be a mobile device, if you are a fast typist.

  • rnd technologies

    Good thought.