7 Values that Each Blogger should Possess

“It’s not hard to make decisions, when you know what your values are” ~ Roy Disney

A man’s character is made up a certain value sets. A man without values, will be a person without soul. These value sets greatly affect the decision making of a person.

A certain set of values are required to excel in any particular field. For e.g.. a person working in a services company needs to be customer focused, because customer satisfaction is their main priority. Similarly, bloggers who are aspiring to be probloggers should have the following set of values:

1. Dependable – “Once told to complete a task, he will complete the task no matter what”.

Dependability is a quality bloggers should have,  because although they don’t have a boss, but in order to collaborate with others and work in multi-author blogs, they should be able to deliver when they are told to. If a blogger fails to deliver, then many might have to suffer the repercussions.

2. Passion – “Visible enthusiasm for one’s work or belief”.

Without passion every work is just work. But, when passion comes into picture, work transforms into fun. Passion is the driving force which keeps you constantly motivated. Most bloggers on the top list are there because they have the spark within them. The spark is nothing but their intense passion for their work. So, each blogger should have the same or even stronger driving force, if they want to achieve something big.

3. Effectiveness – “execute tasks with precision in achieving results”

A blogger has to be very effective to survive in this competitive age. A few seconds can sometimes prove to be very crucial. A blogger needs to stay far far away from time wasters and try to be highly productive in all respects.

4. Reader Focused – “Focusing on Reader Feedback”

If you don’t know where your blog stands, you can always use reader feedback as a parameter. If your readers give positive feedback, it means that you are doing good. Bloggers should focus on what reader says. Readers can be from various different backgrounds and you may never know some readers might actually have something really interesting to share which might broaden your horizon.

5. Quality – “Completing tasks correctly and meeting or exceeding expectations”.

I constantly stress on quality content. Why is that? When readers read your article, their first response should be  something like “WOW! This was such an insightful article” or  “ I learned something valuable from it”. When your content is able to have such an impact, then you can expect the blog’s reader base to grow.

6. Lifelong Learners – “investing time in self education”

A blogger can never say that he is Mr Know-It-All. There is always a scope of learning. Nothing is permanent, things change with time. What is popular today, may not be popular tomorrow. So, you have to adapt yourself and be acquainted with new things. Only then you can expect yourself to stay as an expert in your field. for a longer period of time.

7. Credibility – “the quality or power of inspiring belief”

This is one of those values which can be the difference between success and failure. People will start believing you if you are able to show the true picture. You have to be honest when you are sharing your experiences. A little bit of false information can harm your image really badly. Only if you act as an expert, can you expect others to follow you.

Do you agree with the above mentioned value sets for bloggers? Do you think that bloggers should have certain other values as well? If yes, Let us know by your comments

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  • We can see why you would present this article. Practical values outlined in a concise or clear way will always bring a degree of success.

    Article well done!


    • Yes, plus a set of values which are required for a blogging gig. It is not success, but a form of survival in this blogging world

  • Bloggers are likely to work alone. I certainly agree that every blogger should stick to these values if they want to survive. Demotivation is the enemy if you’re working alone.

    • Demotivation is the biggest evil. And bloggers are vulnerable to succumb to this evil.

      These value sets will keep them focused and hence, keep this evil at bay.

  • I made my own list before reading your article. You covered everything I thought of. Well done!

  • Well some values i have and some don’t but i still learning and improving. Thanks for suggestion Gautam

    • I am not saying that all these values will be required in your case. but, in general, these are the values which a blogger should have.

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  • hey Gautam, happy new year, thanks for the post. It’s true that if we want to give quality to our readers we must be lifelong learners. Things are in a constant change and evolution. We need to update ourselves often

    • Knowledge has no bounds and a blogger or for that matter, every human being should try to learn at a constant pace, so that they don’t feel left behind.

      Update ourselves as well as our blogs, whenever there is need of one

  • Blogging has somehow becoming more competitive these days, especially if you want to become successful. These are really the survival values!

  • Very good article. I think one value (or perhaps trait) is missing, though: purpose. One of the characteristics of almost every successful blog I’ve seen is that the writer/writers have a purpose with their bloging. Be it to promote your company, make money through advertisements, get your tiny little slice of e-fame or just being a annoying bastard on the internet, the successful blogs are the ones who have a clearly stated purpose, if only in the creators mind, and work towards that.

  • Really great post . but here i want to say something about this , I am not saying that all these values will be required in your case. but, in general, these are the values which a blogger should have.

  • You are also required to have the value of patience.

    • Patience is the key to every job you do. If you aren’t patient, you can’t achieve anything. You don’t achieve success in seconds. You have to put in extra hard work to reach a stage where you can consider yourself successful.

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    Good thought.