5 Lessons Learned from a Local Blogger Meetup

Blogger Meetups – The Best Time to Make a Bond with fellow bloggers

I recently participated in a local blogger meet. It was really fun and a great learning experience for me. As you all might know, participating in blogger meets is the best technique to do offline marketing for your blogs/websites. I was there for two major reasons:

1. I wanted to find out what bloggers do besides blogging. Are they part time or full time bloggers?

2. I wanted to market my blog locally.

I was able to fulfill both these aspects in the recent blogger meet. But, I too missed on some points and learned some valuable lessons of offline marketing, which I will put to use in my next blogger meet.

I wanted to share these lessons with you, so that you are able to learn from my mistakes and you don’t end up making the same mistakes. The lessons learned are as follows:

1. On Time is a good thing.

Being punctual is a great virtue. It is equally important in the case of a blogger meet. A blogger meet has a definite start and end time. So, you have a fixed period of time, where you have to interact with fellow bloggers and make a good impression on them. Interacting and making a good impression are two time consuming activities. You need a minimum amount of time (per person) to perform these two activities. So, if you’re on time, you get the full time period to interact with each blogger personally and also make a lasting impression on most of the bloggers.

2. Confidence is the key to everything

Some people have the problem in expressing themselves, they get nervous really easily, especially when they are in a front of a big crowd. What they lack is confidence.

Some people say that even if you lie with confidence, people will believe you. That is the power of confidence, though I am not preaching you to lie, but I would like you all to be confident about yourself. Express yourself openly. Only when you will have confidence in yourself, people will start treating you as a credible blogger.

3. “Proactive” is the word of the day

A blogger meet is usually composed of certain fun activities, discussions etc. Being proactive is really important for these blogger meets. It is the only way to stand out of the crowd. Your energy level should be really high (take a natural energy drink if you like) and you should participate in each and every activity with enthusiasm.

4. Effective marketing

In order to meet many people, you have to grab their attention. How would you do that? It is not easy but if you develop a habit, then you can easily do it. Many people in the business world say that a good story or a humorous piece is a great conversation starter. You should do the same. Through a humorous story, you get the other person interested in your conversation and then you can continue on the work of making good relationships with other bloggers and in turn marketing your blog.

5. Professionalism

In the end it all boils down to how you handle each situation. You should act like a professional. You should have business cards with your contact info. If you don’t have one, you can always get it designed and printed online as well as local shops near your locality. When you meet people in huge numbers and who are total strangers to you, it is difficult for you to remember their name. Actually, if you meet around 50 people, you would be able to recollect the names of maximum 10 people. It is difficult for our mind to register so many names in such small periods of time. If, instead of just interacting, you hand out your business card, you would be remembered and some bloggers might come and visit your website. So, in short, this might help you get more readers for your blogs. You can also consider handing out other promotional materials like brochures, compact discs etc.

Have you attended a blogger meet? Did you learn something valuable from it?

  • I need to get more outgoing when it comes to merging online and offline interests. One of the biggest appeals to an online identity, to me, is that separation. I do realize, however, the benefit of expanding online relationships.

    • I think the separation is good, if you don’t want to mix up with people. but, other than that, it is a really good experience and gives you some great insights about bloggers in general. Plus, you can always find new ways to market your blog.

      I think you should give it a shot.

  • I had never had a blogger meet up but instead online games meet up… well, is actually the same as blogger meet up is just that an online game meet up we talk about games and stuff…but what you say about confident is right… when I first meet up with a group of people I didn’t know accept knowing they were playing the same online game with me… is all about standing up and talking confidently with them in order to show… you know what the game is all about…
    I really hope to have a blogger meet up in my country Singapore… as I love to communicate with people with the same passion just like an online game meet up… most of the time is really fun after all…

    • I haven’t been part of an online game meet up, but it sounds fun. A blogger meet will be a different experience, because it is a lot different to meet a blogger in person.

      If you don’t have blogger meets, then try looking for bloggers near your place and organize a meet on your own. A simple lunch can become a blogger meet 🙂

  • Thanks cool .. 🙂

    Keep it up 🙂

  • Hi Gautam! Very good tips you share here to keep us out of trouble when attending meetups. I’ve never participated in a Blogger Meetup but I’ve been thinking about it.

    Tell me, did you organize this one you attended, or did you know the organizers? Any thing you can share about getting one going in one’s local area? Much appreciated!

    • I didn’t organize this one. It was organized by indiblogger, a website which caters a lot of indian bloggers.

      If you want to have a blogger meet of your own, you can do so.

      Just find a bunch of bloggers who are near you and are willing to meet. Then organize a dutch lunch and you have a very personal meet

  • Nice post.. I think the most important of these is “Confidence and Effective Marketing”

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