4 Ways to Get Your Blog Indexed by Google Fast

One of the main concerns of any blogger with a newly created blog is getting it indexed by Google and other search engines and rightly so! Not getting indexed by search engines means no traffic from search engines. I mean, you will get indexed eventually, but most of us don’t want to wait that long, we want our blogs to be indexed now!

Different bloggers do different things in order to get their blog indexed quickly. Some methods for quick indexing work and others don’t. I, like most other bloggers have been trying to find the fastest ways to get a new blog indexed. But, I took it one step farther and created a few dummy blogs/sites to test different quick indexing methods. Here are a few quick indexing methods that have helped me get my blog indexed by Google fast:

Get your blog indexed fast using popular online forums
This is a very fast way to get your blog indexed. Most online forums allow you to have a few links in your signature that shows up on every page you post on. Since popular online forums constantly add new content (threads and posts), search engines have learned to crawl them frequently. And when search engines crawl a forum, they crawl everything, including links that lead to other sites. So, by placing your new url in your signature and posting a new thread or replying to a thread, your blog will get crawled and indexed the next time SE’s spiders come to search the forum for new content, which usually is every few hours or so. I used this methods on WarriorForum (very popular internet marketing forum) and my test url got indexed within 2 hours!

Get your blog indexed fast using with site evaluation tools
Website evaluation sites like Whois, Worthlook and Alexa are also crawled by search engine spiders frequently. Simply find as many website evaluation sites as you can and add your url to be evaluated. Every time a new url is evaluated, spiders will come looking! There are hundreds of website evaluation sites out there and doing it manually can be very time consuming. Thankfully, there is a free tool that with a click of a button adds your url to hunderds of website evaluation sites, helping to index your new blog in a matter of hours (in some cases minutes).

An added benefit is that you will be building a few backlinks to your new blog as well. Although most backlinks form site evaluation sites don’t count, there are a few sites that do actually count. And hey, for a few seconds of your time, its worth it!

Get your blog indexed fast by social bookmarking it
We all know that Google has a love affair with some of the biggest bookmarking sites such as Digg and Reddit, which means it sends its spiders to those sites looking for new content, quite frequently (some people think because Google loves Digg so much, Google’s spiders never even leave Digg!). So, any other URL on those sites will automatically be crawled and indexed. I once bookmarked a new URL on Digg and it was indexed in about 15 minutes!

Get your blog indexed using other (popular) blogs
Again, its the same concept, blogs that are popular and are constantly on Google’s radar for new content, provide an easy and quick way to get your blog indexed. If you can, do a link exchange. But, since your blog is a new blog with no page rank, it is unlikely that any bloggers would want to exchange links with you.

However, there is a much simpler way to get a link on popular blogs without linking back to them, Blog commenting! Yes, find a few popular blogs and leave a few good relevant comments. Of course, enter your new blog URL into the “website” section of the comment box.

There are a few other ways that I have heard of, but never tried, including submitting blog’s feed to Rss Feed Aggregators like Syndic8 and FeedAdage, inserting Google Analytics code in your blog (Google has to crawl your site to give you data), inserting ad sense ads on your blog (again Google has to crawl to find out what kind of ads to display) and adding your url to your Youtube account (Google loves Youtube, no doubt about it).

Although, getting indexed is important and the sooner you get indexed the better, I would advice against spending too much time and energy on it. Your blog will eventually get indexed. So, it’s best to focus your time and energy elsewhere, perhaps on more important things such as building backlinks and creating quality content.

Please feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below, if you know or have used any other ways to get your blog indexed by Google fast.

  • Hi Satrap,

    Each strategy is effective. Commenting on popular blogs is a powerful way to index your site and expand your presence.

    Thanks for sharing the helpful tips.


    • Hi Ryan,
      Yes blog commenting is indeed very effective, especially if you are using ComLUV and commenting on CL enabled blogs. Thanks for the comment.

  • Connie McKnight

    Great information. May I repost your your?

    • Yes, you can repost. But make sure, that modify it a bit and add a link to this article

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  • This is one reason why I always use WordPress when I’m setting up a new site. The site gets indexed in Google quicker than it would with a normal HTML site. 🙂

    • I agree Dean, WP is absolutely the best choice when it comes to fast indexing. I think there is something about not just WP but any other blogging platforms that makes sites built on them get indexed faster. Thank you for taking time to comment.

  • How is about ping service? I think it is still a good way to speed-up the indexing process.

    • Pinging is a good option as well, though for most people it doesn’t do any good when it comes to speed indexing. Thanks for commenting.

  • My favourite one is blog commenting

    • Blog commenting does help if the bog you comment on is popular and gets crawled often.

  • Another way related to links from other blogs is linking from other blogs we already have. I do this even on AdSense and niche sites. A quick link from one of your sites is usually all it takes. It probably won’t help PageRank but it will help getting indexed.

    • Hi Brian,
      You are absolutely right. As I said, its all about having your new link on a page that gets crawled often, whether its a forum, your own (other sites) or what have you. They all work, but in my own experience, the above 4 method worked the fastest. Thanks for your comment.

  • I have a few question, how do I know I had been indexed by Google… is there anywhere I can see I had been indexed and what is the free tool you are talking about that had this simple click that does most work… can you specific them out, so that I know what is it all about, because I think there is new stuff I can learn here…
    Thanks… look forward for ur reply…

    • 1- To see if your url has been indexed or not, simply perform a search suing your url. If it shows up, its indexed, if not, the its not indexed.

      2- Go to this url and download this tool called “website indexer”:

      After download, simply put your url and your keyword in it and hit submit. It will submit your url to hundreds of site evaluation websites and get you indexed and a few backlinks as well.

  • Jackie Purnell

    Great tips, will be introducing some more of these tactics to my arsenal in the new year.

    • You are welcome Jackie. Glad it was helpful.

  • I’m a big fan of using AdSense to get indexed quickly, especially deeper pages on the site.

    • I have heard ad sense and also installing Google analytics will help as well. But, haven’t tried them myself. Thanks for sharing.

    • Didn’t Google deny that multiple times? Though, that doesn’t mean it’s not true…;)

  • Wow Satrap, you’ve definitely shared some pretty good tips for getting picked up and indexed by Google. I think a lot of these tips are great for blogging “karma” as well.

    I really like the Online Forums idea, and it’s one avenue I’m yet to look into. So thanks for the reminder! 🙂

    • You are very welcome Fiona. You should definitely look into using online forums. Of course beside the benefit of helping you get indexed fast, online forums are great for getting quality dofollow backlinks as well.

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  • Some Interesting Ideas, thanks will take note. Here are the steps I took – I did all this yesterday, I’m new and totally self taught. Site has been up since Oct 16th this year, new domain.

    Hope this helps others……

    1. Register your site with all the major search engines, don’t rely on them finding you let them know you exist, Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo Site Explorer and Bing Webmaster Tools. Did Google about 2 weeks ago the other 2 yesterday, make sure they are verified, was a bit of a nightmare with Google!
    2. Check their data and tweak – same with Analytics
    3. Make sure your sitemap has your latest content, again don’t rely on off the shelf settings of sitemap generator, they do not work – tweak manually. Make sure enough memory for whole sitemap, doesn’t always index everything so just keep rebuilding till it does. Submit xml.gz compressed file. Don’t worry about resubmitting as many time as you need.
    4. Submit bang up to date sitemap to SE’s. Check back see that they’ve crawled and manually add missing URL’s
    5. Follow the rules when creating meta titles, make sure they accurately reflect content and each page is unique, they are about 40 characters or so you can duplicate maybe once important keywords – in context.
    6. All content on page and site totally unique, my own work – no plagiarism.
    7. Try and build site with logical, straightforward structure, check HTML code with validator.w3.org/
    8. Don’t forget alt image tags
    9. Treat every deeper page as if home page put as much effort and don’t duplicate tags etc – it’s like having an opportunity to add loads more keywords to be found on, if your content is good visitors won’t bounce.
    10. Work on page load time – use cache and sprite images
    11. If you use SEO package make sure tags are in the right place in main head tags etc. Check don’t rely on default settings again.
    12. Share, Facebook, linkedin. digg, delicious, google reader etc – as many as you can – do it yourself.

    Been a busy holiday but these steps worked! Happy 2011 to all….

    I know all my stuff is far from perfect, as I said I’m real new to this and it’s easy to pick holes in what I’ve done so far but its an ongoing process and I’m not afraid to experiment, make mistakes……(I’ve made loads) and get my hands dirty…..

    But it worked!

    Proof of pudding in the eating within hours I was not just indexed, but #1 for some and page one for a whole bunch of 3 word and some 2 word phrases and were talking pretty high search volumes, highest I could find was page 1 -7,000,000 searches and my keywords are competitive – AdWords, PPC etc. and my pagerank is zero. Just starting to build backlinks……Voila!

    Sorry for long comment but thought might be of value….

    • Nice tips Gary and congratulations on your success.

  • Very nice article. I’ve been curious of how blogging works and now I can figure how to get indexed by Google. It seems to be a hard work tho!

    • Maru, it is indeed hard work. Blogging is not as easy and as glamorous most people think it is. It takes real hard work and dedication. But the rewards are well worth the efforts.

  • Nice strategies, buddies! And absolutely practical! Getting traffic from forums is very effective however some of us still ignore it.

    I’m going to implement them now.. and thanks for sharing!

  • You are welcome Nasrul, yes online forums can be a great source of traffic as well. Though for traffic, you have to use niche related forums.

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  • Really good tips! Also found a lot of useful information in the comments. I got a question concerning blog commenting: what number of comments a day (and a month) is considered to be OK by Google?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi sammy,
      There is no one number for commenting, in fact there is no specific number for link building with any method.
      There are lots of myth and misinformation about it. However, in my own experience, I never had any problem no matter how many links a day I mad.

      Google always says that seo supposed to be natural. Now, the best thing you can do is to be consistent. Don’t build 1000 backlinks one day and then stop building backlinks for a month. those are things that will raise flag.

      But, in genera, I would tell you to not worry about it that much. Just do what you do.

  • really good information ,for other people

  • Hi there,

    Once I’ve using Google Adsense to my site, the new contents indexed right away less than 10 mins.


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  • Well written article, except for the fact that most of the tips don’t work the way it’s described. For example with Warrior Forum, first you need to register, then submit at least 15 comments, before you can post a URL.

    And the advice or evaluation services is even less useful.

    • So, just because you have to first contribute and make 15 posts to be able to have links in your sig, this method doesn’t work?…
      I am sorry, but this post is not about spamming to get backlinks.
      You have to put a bit effort into it if you wanna get results!

  • Thank you for advices, my blog posts are crawled in few minutes and indexed in the same day, but for yahoo and bing only old posts are indexed, does anybody knows how to do it ???

    • Yahoo and bing index sites and pages with a differently. They take the age of the page more into consideration rather than freshness of the content like Google does.

  • tthnks

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  • Dan

    Thanks Satrap,

    Great advice. The site evaluation portion did not appear to be as usefull but I liked the Digg suggestion. Much more relevant than the other posts that I have found on how to get my blog indexed.


    • You are welcome Dan.
      As I said, the site evaluation thing, isn’t going to give you all the backlinks. Fro 2500 site that it submits to, you may get a few dozen backlinks, but, non the less, it only takes a few seconds to do it. So, to me its worth the effort.

  • Thanks Satrap, I’ll add these to my list of ways to get indexed rapidly.

    I’ve found that submitting my RSS feed to many different places helps me get indexed fairly quickly.

    Twitter is pretty good too I’ve discovered.

    But I agree with you that popular forums are one of the best ways to get indexed quickly, by simply putting your site into your signature.

    Best Regards,

    • Thanks for the comment Pete.

      Yes, twitter and other social networking tools are a great way to get your site indexed fast.

      And yes, popular forums such as WF are great for fast indexing as well. It just amazes me every time I put a link there, no matter how new it is, it gets indexed in a matter of minuets.

  • The best way to get your blogs indexed thank you satrap i have been trying out the warrior forum trick and it has worked for me many times.
    Now i get my blogs indexed within hours i recommend others to have a look at your blog for some really good info.

    I won’t forget to thank you at the end.

    • I am glad it worked for you. Best of luck to you.

  • Hi

    You mentioned that: “Thankfully, there is a free tool that with a click of a button adds your url to hunderds of website evaluation sites, helping to index your new blog in a matter of hours (in some cases minutes)”

    What is that tool called?


    • You can go to imtalk.org and use their free website submission tool. It submits your site to 2500 website evaluation sites, creating lots of backlinks in a matter of minuets.

  • Thanks for the great post.I am hoping to use your methods for my websites and try it out.

    • You are welcome. I wish you the best of luck with your site.

  • great post. thanks for this great share. Digg is my favourite of indexing. But When i tried to submit the url of blog post to digg that it says can not access. But still it is better for indexing main url.

    • You are very welcome. Yes, digg is one of the fastest ways to get indexed.

      I never experienced any problem with bookmarking posts, so I really have no idea why it wouldn’t allow you to do so.
      Maybe it was one time problem, did you try it again?…

  • Try this,

    The best way to get index fast is by applying an Adsense code on to your blog. Once you have put the code, click your browser refresh button as many as you can. The idea is, when Google see a lot of Adsense hit going on from a blog they will straight away send their robot or spider to investigate. Once your blog being visited by Google robot there are high probability to be indexed. Please check on Google within 48 hours or less.

    • Amany,

      Simply putting ad sense code on your blog is enough to get Google boats to visit your sites.

      However, I wouldn’t advice refreshing your page a lot, that is still considered cheating the ad sense system and getting more PI (page impression). So, you may get your ad sense account banned all together.

  • Looking for a high pr blogs and uses a commentluv or keywordluv is like a jackpot for me because I could leave links back to my website in a already established site, in that way I could make my way to be indexed by Google.

  • Although I always use all four methods that you mentioned, but I try to mix things up a little because I don’t want to leave any footprint for Google.

    I have to be honest, I like CommentLuv, because as long you have a good post title on your blog, other peole will try to visit you!

    With great contribution, and patient we sure will get there:)

    Thanks for the post.

  • Ping + RSS Feed ping + several posts on high PR forums + blog comments + social bookmarking is the fastest way to get indexed. Thanks for great and informative article.

  • Damien Golding

    Thanks for the help, I’ll definitely try out all these techniques. I have been trying many different things, but proving to be more difficult that I thought to get my personal blog indexed automatically in Google.

    I have an RSS feed with blogger that I submitted to Feedburner. When I post an article it is uploaded to Google+, isn’t this enough to get it automatically indexed by Google? My blog is quite new so that might be the issue, but as I am using Google’s services I thought it would be immediate. Any ideas?

  • Hi! Nice post. Using a ping service like bulkping can work out quite well if you want to get your page indexed quickly. Happy Blogging 🙂

  • rnd technologies

    Nice blog.