12 Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate

How to decrease Bounce Rate

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Analyzing traffic and the trends on your website or blog can be the most important factor in determining the success (or failure) of your website. One of the components in this analysis is the bounce rate. Bounce rate simply refers to the total number of visitors who left your website without visiting another page. Having a low bounce rate shows success, and a high bounce rate usually is a sign of failure. So, how do you reduce your website’s bounce rate? Here are 12 top tips to reduce bounce rate.

Tip #1: Have a Good Website Layout and a Compelling Design

First impression can mean a lot and having a good looking site and an attractive design can actually result in your visitors staying longer on your website. Chances are he or she will read more and click one or two of your links on your website and thus reducing your bounce rate.

Tip #2: Stick to the Topic

When your visitors are reading your blog or site, they are obviously looking for some information regarding the topic. If you don’t stick to the topic and start discussing things unrelated, visitors will feel that you are wasting their time and they will leave your website regardless of how good the other posts or pages are.

Tip #3: Focus on Keyword Research and SEO traffic

Getting traffic to the blog is hard enough, but making the visitors stay loyal or become repeat visitors is even harder. By doing proper keyword research and focusing on SEO traffic can result in more targeted visitors, who are obviously interested in the theme of your website. They will more likely read more than one of your pages and thus reducing the bounce rate!

Tip #4: Use Catchy Titles & Tags

Having great titles and interesting tags can result in visitors clicking them more often to further check out those pages, this can reduce bounce rate by a large margin!

Tip #5: Maintain Simple Navigation

Having a simple navigation structure for your website is important. Not all your visitors are web savvy and they often leave the site because they don’t know how to navigate. In this sense, providing better site navigation can no doubt reduce bounce rate.

Tip #6: Provide a Search Box

Providing a search box can prompt visitors to use those and find what they are looking for, thus reducing the bounce rate.

Tip #7: Content is the KING

Yes, it’s true. Content is the King and if visitors love what they are reading for the first time, they are more likely to visit other web pages on your website. Also make your articles easily readable because not all readers have a high level understanding in English.

Tip #8: Fast Website Loading Time

If your website loads slowly, then visitors are more likely to leave you without even waiting for it to show up. People don’t have patience and having quick loading pages can reduce bounce rate tremendously.

Tip #9: Provide Random & Related Posts

Providing random & related posts at the end of the article can result in reduced bounce rate as people would be interested in reading more.

Tip #10: Proper Categorization

Categorizing your articles and posts properly can help to reduce bounce rate. No one likes to read an unrelated article in a category which they are interested in! Make sure you put your articles or posts in the proper categories.

Tip #11: Internal linking of Keywords

Inter-linking between your articles and posts. Usually people are interested in finding out more especially when they are interested in the topic, and so this can result in lowering the bounce rate.

Tip #12: Don’t clutter the site with Advertisements

Cluttering your website with advertisements can annoy visitors. Some of them might get the wrong impression and leave without reading anything at all!

  • Thank you for the informative post. I’ve found that, as you said, content is king when keeping visitors on your page. If it’s informative, entertaining and on-topic, then you will keep people’s interest.

    • You are right, nothing beats informative and great content. That’s the reason people say that content is king!

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  • Hi Jasmine,
    I agree about bounce rates for your own or business blog, they need to be low. Great content and good design is a sure fire way to get that.
    If however you run adsense sites or sites with a lot of advertising then a high bounce rate can be a good thing. It can mean people are clicking on the ads and leaving your site. This should be the sole purpose of a revenue site.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Pete,
      Yes, you are right. But have to make sure visitors are actually clicking on the ads and not on the X button located at the upper right corner of the browser. Haha.

  • You covered almost all the important factors Jasmine. The most important point which I find most effective to reduce bounce rate is to interlink post because unless we don’t guide visitors which post would be useful for them, they won’t read useful old posts and this way bounce rate will also decrease.

    • Interlinking is best,but for that blog must be having a large amount of posts(I am new so don’t have much posts and hence having a high bounce rate).Nice posts writer all the points are must if you want a low bounce rate.

      • When interlinking, use catchy anchor text to entice visitors/readers to click. 🙂

        • Thanks for the advice,i am using those things and related stuff.

  • Great list, and number one certainly deserves to be there. Unfortunately too many people think that a Flash site or the “cool new theme” equals compelling design and layout.

  • thanks for sharing this useful post,
    interlinking+random-posts+related-posts+content is the king, are some of the things you have to take care

  • Nice tips! Just want to add another tip: Use quality and interesting images, they are well attract the attention of visitors.

    • Perhaps can also put catchy actions on the images such as “click here to get free gifts” to entice readers to click! Haha, sure you will click, right or not? lol

  • All the tips is absolutely awesome, Jasmine. Thanks for your sharing.I love all the tips.

  • I would say good designed accompanied with a great content interlinking to other contents in your blog is the best method to reduce bounce rate. I have written few articles regarding the same on my blog too. If you have time, just have a look at them.

  • I’m still tweaking my blog to commit the Tip #8: Fast Website Loading Time

  • A great overview!! I appreciate the simplicity, as it focuses on basics that are high-impact. Taking a more sophisticated approach doesn’t have the desired value unless the basics are sound.
    One area to expand might be mobile; As I access more content from email, social media sources from my smartphone, I am amazed at how few sites optimize even a basic landing page for mobile

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    Good view.

  • These are the most important steps need to consider to decrease bounce rate of the website. It is more effective information.