WordPress Plugins to Share your Green Community Blog

Go Green By Blogging using some eco-friendly plugins

Blogging is an integral part of businesses these days and you can make the most of your online business with proper use of plugins and social networking through your blog- you might be setup properly with cloud computing and VOIP phones, but without the down and dirty tools to reach your target audience, you may not be as successful.

Consumers that follow a green lifestyle are excited to be in the know of the latest information available to them, such as new products and green living news. To aid in your own online green business, a blog that ties in with your social networking is almost too good of a marketing tactic to not try. The green community is unique in that,

  • The industry is fueled by community and joint participation
  • Participants wants to share and get everyone involved with the cause they’re supporting
  • The industry is always being shaped and grown, so new strategies need to be visible and shared
  • Content sharing is a huge part of the community

Most CMS’s, like WordPress, give the option of plugins to enhance the operations of your site and will work in conjunction with your social networking sites. Yup, even though there’s a gazillion plugins out there for WordPress, there’s some useful ones that you’ll want to find and utilize.

A main component of green blogging and social networking is sharing content- as mentioned earlier. If you are introducing a new product or brand, the most exciting way to create buzz is by sharing the information immediately through the site. There are plugins that will allow the content you put on your blog to immediately show up on your social networking affiliations.

For example, if you have a blog and also have a fan page for your business on Facebook, there are plugins available that will automatically notify all of your fan page followers that a new blog has been posted.

There are even plugins that will allow followers to see the blog post right away. By using a plugin that allows you to share information immediately, you are creating a novelty quality that induces viral marketing. There’s an abundance of WordPress plugins that will work directly with your Facebook page.

  • Facebook Dashboard Widget– Pulls in your Facebook updates directly into your WP dashboard. Sure- this doesn’t really work in sync with your Facebook Fan page, but it will help keep you connected with others in the green community from behind the scenes.
  • Facebook Posted Items– This pulls in your “posted items” into WP. This way, if you have readers that don’t really utilize Facebook, you can still allow them to see what you’re posting on your site.
  • WP-FacebookConnect– This allows you to set your site up with Facebook Connect so your users only need a single sign in to pull in all their information.

On the Twitter end, there’s a few (read: tons) of different plugins, but these generally have been user friendly and haven’t seen as many issues:

  • Twitter Tools– Full integration between your WordPress and Twitter account. You can set it to tweet when your posts are published so that your community can see them right when they go up.
  • TweetMeMe– Allows your blog post to be shared and retweet
  • TwitThis– Another plugin to share, with placement above or below post.

Creating this instant buzz will play a huge part in your branding, which will allow you the platform to introduce more products on a regular basis. When you have become a branded and reputable green website, your followers will trust the new products and information you are introducing to them.

Staying active through social networking and sharing information with easy to use plugins also brands you as an expert in your field. Consumers and followers have confidence in your interest in the green lifestyle because of your active participation in creating new pertinent content on a regular basis- they’ll start seeing you as a source rather than background noise.

Keep sharing and take advantage of blog plugins available to make your lives, and your readers lives, easier.