The Tweeting Traveller – Tools to communicate on the Go

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Travelers that use Twitter already know the micro blogging site’s power when it comes to sharing information and getting tips from other tweeting travellers.

Now, with the growing number of travellers taking mobile phones and iPhones on their travels, there are even more ways to get benefits from Twitter while travelling.

Using Twitter in conjunction with Twitter tools to communicate on the go can be a life saver for any tweeting traveller. Find yourself stranded at the airport? Need a quick flight status check on the way to the airport?  Twitter has got you covered!

Here are seven of the best twitter tools for travellers to communicate on the go.


Trottr – lets you send voice messages to your twitter friends. Whether you are out and about or disconnected from the Internet, you can still keep your twitter friends and everyone else is updated with voice messages.

Trottr even lets you reply to your friend’s audio messages and even listen to all the audio messages your friends have tweeted.

Tweet What You Spend

Tweet What You Spend – makes it easy to manage your travelling budget. All you need to do is send a direct message, with a note and the amount spent, and the tool does the remembering for you. For example, if you buy a pair shoes for $35, you simply type “d twys shoes 35? into your Twitter status box and send.

Tweet What You Spend receives that information and puts it into an online database that you can later log into to inspect and sort out, or you can choose to export all the data as an Excel spreadsheet.



Boarding –Boarding is a Twitter tool that will help you find other stranded Twitter travellers to pass the time with. Finding others is as simple as tweeting “#Boarding” along with the airport code. In just a few short moments, you will receive a follow up tweet with the names of people stuck in the same airport that are also looking to meet, until it is time to take off. Boarding is a great twitter tool if you’re stranded in the airport for a long period of time.



Localyte – provides access to local guides in over 160 countries worldwide. You can also use this service to find answers to any of your location specific questions via Twitter. So, if you’re wondering what the finest restaurants in Spain are, just send a tweet to @localyte with your enquiry and location. They will then pass on this to the local guides who can respond with some of their recommendations direct to your Twitter account.


TwtTRIP – allows you to connect with other Twitter travellers going the same way, list your travel details, gain accommodation or meet locals willing to meet for a coffee, give a tour or even provide a free to sleep on, all while using your Twitter account as the means of contact.


Twaller, is a service designed for travellers to connect with local people and the tweets they’re sending that are relevant to you in your current location.

While you’re travelling, the people who might have the most relevant information for you aren’t essentially the people you follow, but rather the local people on Twitter who already know the area.

Twaller uses a keyword based search engine to identify tweets related to major metro areas: weather, places to dine, things to see and do, entertainment and shopping.

I have mentioned seven useful twitter tools for tweeting travellers to communicate on the go.Can Twitter be harnessed to be more useful to tweeting travellers, let me know what you think?


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