Keep Blogging: Making Time for Your Blog While Keeping a Day Job

While it is every blogger’s dream to make enough money blogging such that you don’t need to “keep your day job”, for the vast majority of us, full-time blogging is still pretty far out there on the horizon. Still, that doesn’t mean that it can’t eventually happen; but if you do want to make it big one day, you’ll have to devote a significant amount of time to your blog(s). It isn’t the easiest thing when your 9-to-5 stint dominates most of your time, but it’s still feasible to do both if you practice a little self-discipline. Here are a few tips for juggling a full-time job while trying to launch your blog into higher, more ambitions regions of the blogosphere:

1. Listen to your body and mind. Find out when they are most active.

If you work a traditional work week, eight or more hours a day, your free time is evenings, mornings, and weekends. This means your timeframe for blogging is rather limited, so you’ll have to make the most of that time. If you find that your mind is more alert in the mornings, set your alarm a couple of hours before you normally would, and try working on your blog before heading to the office. Or, if you’re more inspired later, blog in the evening. The key is to keep your blogging consistent. Even if you don’t write an entire blog entry every day or even every few days, always do something, no matter how small the contribution. Setting a schedule keeps you disciplined and concentrated.

2. Learn to say no to distractions.

While many bloggers have noted that the prime enemy to productivity is the Internet itself, laden with Facebook and YouTube distractions, distractions come in other forms as well. When you get back from work, there are tons of other things calling your name whether it’s the television or friends who want to go out for happy hour. If you want your blog to blossom into a full-time venture, you’ll have to learn to say no to things you would normally agree to without thinking twice.

3. Always stop when you know what will come next.

This is originally a piece of writing advice from the inimitable Ernest Hemingway, but it applies just as well to bloggers who are struggling to find motivation during the work week. The biggest source of writer’s block for my own blogging attempts is loss of inspiration. When I come back from a long day of work, and I don’t know where to begin on my blog, I feel stuck and discouraged. The best way to avoid this is to stop on a blog article exactly when you are “on a roll”, so to speak. When you aren’t starting from scratch every time you sit down at the computer, you’ll have that bit of energy from your last session to keep you going.

The road to becoming a full-time blogger is not an easy one, and chances are you’ll have to keep your day job for awhile. Handling both work and blogging at the same time can be tricky, but the key is to keep going consistently even when you feel drained from the work day.

  • when you are capable of doing your daily job in a smart way then only you can snatch some time for blogging,nice post by the way and well written……..

  • I think it requires quite a lot of discipline to keep your blog running after a hard day at work. I guess it also depends on your job more than anything else. If you come home and you’re unable to lift up up a spoon, metaphorically speaking, I doubt you’ll be able to keep up writing on your blog

  • Thanks for the post Angelita. It really is hard to keep up with the blog while having a full time day job, in my case having 2 jobs. I work almost 14-15 hours a day and when I get home, I am almost dead, but I have to push on and work on the blog.
    But I have to admit, when you do succeed and get some results no matter how small, it all become worth it.
    I started my first blog last year and I only worked on it in at night and some weekends. I managed to get it to the 1st page of the Google for some of the most competitive keyword in my niche.
    So, its doable, if you commit yourself and not give up. Thanks.

  • Great tips on how to have more time for blogging while keeping a day job. However, it would be even better if I can work full time as a blogger. 😉

    My day time job sucks! Haha

  • It’s a brilliant article, Angelina. I find it quite difficult sometimes to keep writing after a day at work. Especially if you are after a “tube-strike-comming back home adventure”:) (what took place just yesterday in London)
    I have also wrote about very similar subject on my blog, “Burnt Out or Blogged Out? A Few Tips To Overcome It”. I have to say that this article became one of the most popular on my blog:) It looks like we- bloggers need those tips so thanks for that.

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