5 Major Benefits of Multi Author Blogging

Multi-Author is all about Collaboration

Recently, I did a case study on ‘What makes a blog so popular‘. I described two routes used by most of the bloggers to achieve success in the blog-o-sphere. One technique among that is ‘The Rapid Success Route’. The major stumbling block in achieving success through this route is that it requires huge investment of time and labour. You have to be on your toes – all the time! Not everybody can cope up with this amount of pressure and therefore, they either don’t continue using this technique or they end up quitting blogging.

In this highly stressful world, you are always in need of a helping hand to support you. If there are more than one, it is even better. In order to cope up with the stress, many blogs have been slowly and steadily converted into multi-author blogs.

This is just one of the benefits, I would like to talk about some other benefits of multi-author guest blogging.

Different Viewpoints

Each and every person has his/her own way of looking at things. We have been brought up in different environments and this is reflected in our thought process.

A multi-author blog has many contributers which have their own style of writing and their own unique way of perceiving different situations. As a reader, this means, that you are exposed to many different viewpoints. It is similar to a debate, where a topic is discussed in excessive detail. Each and every small detail is under scrutiny.

When you are exposed to such diverse schools of thought, you are able to understand the concept in a better fashion and also, you are able to gather info on what people think about the topic in general.
And as fellow contributors of that blog, you are able to understand your fellow contributor better by analyzing his/her thought process.

Give more than you can offer

A single author can do upto a certain limit because the capacity to do work for humans is limited. If the number of people are more than one, you can expand your blog’s features and add relevant media and content to the topic of your blog. In business terms we call it an ‘end to end solution‘ i.e, you can transform your blog into a place where each and every blogger will get all the information he requires to create a sustainable blog.

Division of Labour

As i mentioned before, blogging may seem as a lucrative medium to make money, but in the starting days, it is the just the opposite of easy. You don’t have time for yourself, you are working tirelessly 24×7 and you can’t take a break. The only way to take a break is by scheduling posts in advance and that too, requires you to work really hard on other days when you are not on a break.

But, if you have many people handling the same business, your workload decreases and hence, you can take breaks occasionally and may be go on some family vacations.

The Multiplication Factor

A single author blog has a single soldier, trying his/her best to popularize the blog by marketing it, but the scenario changes dramatically when more people add to your list. More people means more popularity. Let me explain this concept through a simple example.

If, on an average, a good blogger has influence over 10 people, and each of these people know around 10 people, then you might be able to get 100 visits to your blog. But on the other hand, if you have 5 bloggers, then you can expect the visits to be around 500. So, the number of bloggers acts as a multiplication factor. More is the no. of bloggers in a multi-author blog, more is the influence of the blog as a whole.

Team Work

The other major benefit, which i think is a necessary skill to acquire is to work as a team. Even if you don’t have any long term plans to blog, still, there is scope for learning in this dimension, if you become a part of a multi-author blog.

By working in a multi-author blog, you will be learn how to work in a team, which is an essential skill whether you are blogging or if you are working in a big organization. And this can be a great addition to resume.

  • Such great points and they only make me more solid in my thought that I am going to start recruiting a few outside writers, pay for a few guest posts here and there.

    I hope all is well bro it’s been a while.

    • John,
      That would be a great idea and for a business like yours, this technique will prove to be really helpful.

  • You make some great points, Gautam. Starting a multi-author blog has never really appealed to me because of a variety of factors (not having as much control over what content is going out, potentially having to share profits, not having a consistent voice throughout the blog, etc.) but I’ve got to say that you make a very compelling case! So thanks!

    • Tristan,
      I believe that contributors’ work should be monitered, so that u don’t publish anything that is either off topic or it contains loads of mistakes.

      PLus about sharing profit – you can also think of reward system – rewarding the best contributors

  • Multi-author blogging is just smart, and with so many ppl wanting to be guest blog authors, finding other bloggers to write in your blog shouldn’t be so hard. You just gotta make sure that you are still the main voice or else the blog will become diluted.

    • Ryan, I agree to the fact that you have to write so that ur importance as a major contributor fades away.

      That is why you should regularly write and interact with your readers

  • Yes Gautam I am not able to get into the rapid success route. Moreover I am also a single blogger so due to other work load, for even weeks I couldn’t do blogging. Sometimes I get bloggers to join me but within few weeks they lose interest. Turning it from single soldier to a mighty army takes lot of time, hard work and also a little luck.

    • My advice would be stay motivated, work harder and eveything will slowly and steadily fall into place

  • multi author blogging has really helped me, especially from the social media side of things, more people plugging…great article

    • Thanks,
      I have seen many blogs flourish via social media because they had many people promoting it.

  • The main thing I like about having a multi-author blog in the future would be that if I suffer lack of motivation (which I do a lot) there are othr people submitting articles so the blog won’t die. 🙂

    • yea, that is correct.
      There are times, when you are not in the mood and then other contributors can step up and write on your behalf

  • I think it really bring the benefit for blogger by Multi Author Blogging. It will help your site always update news for guest blog and also share times to work together. Thanks

    • Yes, that is what i love about collaboration – you can work together and learn so much

  • That’s good to know about guest posting, gautam. But it is not always easy to find guest bloggers unless you are paying them good money or you have good page rank blog so that they could get some benefits. What you say about it?

  • Good writeup,and yes multiauthor blogs are more successful than single author blogs.
    But this thing is valid too,that if you are a real geek then you must own a blog where you only write post and all the credit of your work will go to you only.
    When a single man writes blog,people knew his/her way of writing,but in multiauthor blog different minds different thinking and hence multiple types of post writing styles.
    But top successful blogs are all multiauthor blogs,because a single man can’t gather that much info or material for posts or articles or stories.
    So if you are capable of getting authors for your blog or side then its well and good or superb.
    Good job keep it up.

  • multi author blogging is the best things since sliced bread that i have started using, my problem is finding the people willing to write with me. Any tips on this?

  • HG

    It’s only good if YOU control the blog or if you can trust the owner – for all you know they might decide to screw you over and for example keep the text but delete all your links or even info that YOU are the author…
    Or maybe I’m just cynical LOL

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