What Makes a Blog So Popular?

This blog article is inspired by the bestseller book ‘The Tipping Point’.

I want to be PopularEach and every aspiring blogger wants to make it big in this highly competitive online world. Most of them try really hard to achieve their goals, but only a few of them are able to succeed. There can be many reasons why they were not able to reach their target. It can be due to lack of focus or lack of strategy. Sometimes it is really hard to find a reason behind it.

In order to achieve these ambitious goals, bloggers should try to analyze the reason behind the popularity of blogs who are always in the limelight. Analysis of such blogs as case studies can help a lot in developing a sound strategy.

Popular blogs can be classified into two broad categories depending on the reason of popularity.

Slowly and Steady way of Building Authority

Blogging, in the very early days of it’s inception was considered as an outlet of thought for people who weren’t professional writers but wanted to share their feelings with others. Nowadays, the scenario has completely changed. Bloggers have slowly and steadily transformed into experts. These are the guys who are heavily relied on by people when they are facing a serious problem.

Some of the blogs which have become extremely popular in the past few years were actually very small blogs a few years ago. But, due to the correctness of the information and the quality of writing, they were able to attract audiences. These audiences were really small in size. But slowly and steadily the numbers started growing which in turn helped in building a formidable authority. The audience size reached a certain point which led to the exponential growth of the readers.

This method is a guaranteed pathway to success, but the path is a really slow one and the possibility of a person losing interest and quitting blogging is quite high.

Key To Success : Quality and Consistency

The Rapid Success Route

Today’s world wants instant results and this rapid success route is the way to reach success in the minimum time possible (Tailor-made for the people belonging to the 21st century). It uses the latest tools available to online marketers : social networking websites.

How did Justin Bieber became famous in a matter of a few hours. The answer is the viral spread of his youtube video. This shows the importance online social media in increasing exposure and that too virally. The viral spread of any blog post, video, or song depends on a few set of things.

First of all, the matter inside that blog post (or video) should be something which is very unique and it should take the audience by surprise.

A customer who buys an expensive mobile phone expects that the mobile phone should be able to deliver it’s value’s worth of service. But, if that mobile phone is extremely good, then obviously it’s customers will be really happy. They will be so happy with the product, that they will try to persuade their peers to buy the same. This will in turn lead to a chain causing an increase in the sales of mobile phones by multiple folds.

Similarly, the video or the blog article should be a really good value addition or should I say good value for the time invested. If the first people who see it (or read it), love it. Then, they will try to share it with others. This sharing will multiply with a help of few very influential people online and thus, will make it a grand success.

This is the mantra of the blogs that became popular in a span of a few months or an year. The content of the blogs should have something new to offer in terms of novel techniques or out of the box ideas. Whatever maybe the idea, it should click at the right time and be able to impress it’s readers.

Key To Success : Out of box and Great Value Addition

Tip: Analysing case studies of popular blogs helps in understanding what readers like and what they dislike. Also, it gives your exposure various different techniques that can be employed in your blog as well. They may or may not work for you is a different thing. But, there is no harm in trying,

  • I’m in support of the slow and steady route. There the one’s that when things go wrong – they were slow to reach success, and they will be slow to die away. The quick route to success on the other hand…

    • I believe, the super quick route requires a huge investment and sometimes money and u have to sustain the pace to keep the popularity going. Slow and Steady is best if you have limited spare time in your busy schedule

  • Great tips gautam. I feel consistency is most important. Quality improves with consistency. Out of box thinking is required to succeed in all fields and blogging is no exception.

    Why so much gap between the last two posts? Earlier I often used to see new posts.

  • I think patience is the main factor for a blogger to success. We can only make our blog becomes popular when we start to gain the authority on that particular niche.

  • Thanks, I think these two formulas can be attributed to practically any sphere which involves masses. An interesting thing is how long the popularity gained using the second method works. It’s pretty hard to surprise people on a weekly basis and followers hunting for surprises are not the loyal audience authors are looking for.

  • Hello, Gautam. Thank you for sharing your insights. I believe that it takes a lot of love for the actual art of blogging to become a successful blogger. Blogging requires a lot of time, effort and patience. I think it’s something that most newbie bloggers must realize early on, or else they’ll just quit blogging.

  • It is very hard to get visitors to your blog. I think you need some sort to start with. You may have amazing content but without visitors it is pointless, making them come back is another thing however. I do admit it is very easy to quite blogging and a few of my friends quite after a few weeks. People believe you can be successful in a week.

  • im getting so much knowledge from your blog thax for sharing this 🙂

  • From the time i have started blogging i have seen bloggers who just write to Attract people , but i think we should write to Aware, people like awareness not something fancy……anyways we all know patience is the key 🙂

  • Quality and Consistency is really damn important no matter what is it you are doing, be it blogging or just working because nowadays people want Quality more then Quantity and with that said… Consistency will come into play as people like to be consistently be treated with quality service… which in terms bring in business that’s profitable…

  • that’s great topic Gautam,

  • great tips gautam…but i personally feel that quality & consistency is most important in blogging…..

    if you r consistent but not providing quality so your reader will not come back….

  • Very nice article! I’m personally aiming for a little bit of results from both sides of the spectrum. A little bit of marketing, with good content and time!

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