6 Blog Tips Nobody Else is Using

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If you want a successful blog, you have to do all the things you’ve heard about, but you also have to do it differently. It’s kinda hard to understand but even though there are certain thematic elements that run through, becoming a super blog is about doing things right – but different. Working with these tips to differentiate yourself is a good start to do just that.

1. Post video content. Video is so so underutilized in blogging. A lot of it has to do with fear, but the reality is nobody cares what you look like, and nobody will judge. But if you talk about something you care about, do it frequently and present it differently (through video) – you can create a blog people love. But you have to have NO FEAR!

2. Find guest posting opportunities using the “Label: Guest Post” query. If you use this on Google you’ll find people that have that exact tag in the footer of their blogs – you’ll get a huge amount of results! Use this to find many, many opportunities to guest post and grow your blog beyond the standard resources.

3. Optimize your “submit a guest post” page. Create a guest post page so people can guest post on your site – but make sure to optimize it so people can find it through search – this will connect you to them and also their audience if they can find you. It may seem a little unnatural, but it’s worth it – create a URL like “best-blog-to-guest-post-on” or “blogs-to-guest-post-on” with a title tag that’s the reverse.. like “Best Blog to Guest Post on – MYBLOG.com”. This will help people find either search – and also link to it a few times using anchor text people search with in your own sites – it’ll do wonders!

4. Reveal a deep secret/insecurity about yourself, and pull it back into your blog. This does WONDERS for blog traffic. People will feel connected to you, and empathize with how you let them in to your lives. Don’t do it too much, but do it every so often and people will love you for it. It might be scary but the results will be amazing, really – the reactions you’ll get should blow you away. Success in blogging in general requires no fear – this is no different.

5. When you promote your content on Twitter, use “Please Retweet”. Statistics have shown that including “Please Retweet” increases the number of tweets you get, upping your promotion and the traffic as well. Don’t use it all the time, but use it – it will increase the traffic you get to your blog.

6. Care. It seems crazy that one word could account for something few other people are doing, but it’s true. You should be able to go to a person’s blog and feel the passion dripping from their words – I dare you to do this. Look! It’s not out there! There’s a bunch of blogs by people who aren’t caring about what they write – if you choose, and truly have passion, you will stand out from the crowd.

  • I think 3-5 are genius! Seriously blog tips are a dime-a-dozen but those 3 I think are actually helpful. I’m really interested to see how the “please retweet” really works. Guess I’ll have to try it out.

    • the please retweet works if you use it infrequently and you return the favor. It is never a one way relationship. It has to be a two way relationship – give and take

  • I don’t always agree all the points blogger give, but this post is great especially the one that you said to optimize the page for easier search which to my knowledge, you are the first that talks about it…. good ideal !

  • Great ideas for a blog, I will try them Thank you.

  • NIce tips buddy … definitely need to try them out .. some i m already using .. Thanks for sharing …

  • i learned something new from the twitter part thx a lot Ross for sharing this ideas..

  • Thanx for lovely tips…..

  • Yes, this is a unique blogpost. Nobody ever tell about these things. Thanks for your unique thinking for us.

  • I like #2, search for guest posting. I’ve been wanting to guest post on a few different blogs, and now I’ll now how to find more of them. Thanks!

  • I never aware that the “please retweet” words really work. I think I will try it.

  • I really like this about “Please RT” in twitter. I cecrainly try it and tell you if it works for me 🙂


    • Sure, share it with us, so that others might also benefit from it 🙂

  • I think video content is a good idea, but the thing is that search engines can’t crawl some of it properly, and you can’t get the same # of visitors. But if you put the video first in YouTube or some high traffic video site, then link to it from your blog, it might be a good idea.

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  • Yeah, Video content is one that I have not done. Just feel that I suck on screen. I know that’s just an opinion I have to overcome.

    But you are correct, it is a very underused strategy.

    But here in South Africa, it’s an underused strategy mainly because of the high cost of bandwidth and the low bandwidth that we have.

    • Agreed, video blogging is uncommon due to the difficulties face by bloggers mainly a good video cam, good lighting and direction. And to top it all, high speed internet.

      I think as technology advances, the cost of these things will reduce and it will be affordable to all

  • Those are some awesome tips Ross, and you are right “Please Retweet” and Please Share does really work.

  • Hey Ross,

    I have applied the first point #Video Content!

    But haven’t applied the rest of your tips.

    I have so high passion on posting video contents in my blog a way back, but now not so 🙁

    I hope my mood will come back again, and soon.. LOL

  • ‘Please RT’ is working wonders for me. Thanks for the tips!

  • Hey Ross, this is absolutely brilliant article! I’ve just retweet it. I am going to apply 2 and 3rd point (and 4th immediately!). Thanks to you, I have more work for this weekend:) but will enjoy. LOL

  • Nice blogging tips! Thanks! Will try to find ways to add more videos to my blog. 🙂 What wordpress plugins do others use for their wordpress-driven blog?

  • Wow, great tips! I really like all of it especially about online videos and caring for your readers. An online video connects to readers better than articles ever could. And having genuine care for our readers is another trait that can separate us from the rest of the pack. It gives us a distinct advantage when it comes to relationship with readers. It’s hard to ignore something like that.

  • Thank you for the blogging tips!  The guest blog label is news to me.

  • rnd technologies

    Nice thought.