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In his guest post submitted in the month of July, blogger Michael Collins talked about how other bloggers can make use of their offline time to improve their productivity. I think his point is a very good one, and I would like to add to it, especially with regards to how bloggers can schedule posts to take advantage of peak traffic hours.

Smart bloggers know their target audience. They continually optimize their blog for specific key words. They know what drives traffic to their site, and they know what to do with that traffic once it has arrived. But what happens when a blogger cannot immediately respond to that audience during peak traffic hours due to his or her busy schedule?

Collins talked about how new bloggers sometimes grow frustrated with the amount of work they put into blogs only to earn low traffic numbers. Just as new bloggers face certain problems, so do veteran bloggers. Consider the work it takes for an expert blogger to maintain his or her online presence throughout the day: the expert blogger must update social network statuses, monitor RSS feeds, correspond with others online, comment on other blogs within the community, and so on, all while still publishing new content on his or her own blog in order to please readers.

To alleviate over-blogging stress, I recommend that bloggers somehow frontload a portion of their content at the beginning of the week, and then schedule the posts to publish during whatever peak traffic hours apply to their blogs. Before the week begins, bloggers should plan and write a series of articles that can go live later on.

Naturally, these articles won’t address timely issues due to their having been written a few days ago. Instead, they can provide bloggers with an opportunity to investigate bigger issues within the community, issues that aren’t necessarily a result of immediate events. Furthermore, these posts can be some sort of clever feature, the ‘meat’ of the blog, which readers will soon grow to expect at a specific hour each day, thus further boosting traffic. The posts before and after the daily feature will continue to give bloggers’ audiences shorter and immediate bits of information for easier reading. Ultimately, readers will have a variety of content to choose from throughout the day.

The advantage of preparing a little bit of content before the work week is that it frees bloggers up to pursue other activities when they might otherwise be busy writing. For example, if you spend an hour each weekday writing a lengthy 500 word post, then by moving that work to off peak times, you free yourself five hours to read other blogs, pursue advertising, or otherwise manage your online presence.

If bloggers can smartly schedule their writing time to occur when online activity is at a minimum, it essentially gives them more freedom to take part in that online activity when the right time comes around. Of course, writing posts is very important to the overall health of your blog, but you must maintain a strong online presence as well in order to attract readers. I believe creating a schedule that works around blog traffic can significantly help bloggers increase their productivity.

  • Hi Roger,

    Solid tips here. I schedule posts 3 times per week and usually write each up 1-2 days beforehand. Life intervenes so it’s a challenge to remain on sked when things get hectic.

    Thanks for sharing your insight.

  • One thing I’ve gotten in the habit of doing is writing all my posts a week beforehand. It makes it much less stressful for me, and I don’t feel as rushed because I know the post I’m writing won’t be put online until next week.

  • nice post bro keep it up,,, keep your content fresh and updated to gain more….God Bless Us

  • Deja vu bro 🙂 I make my schedule each Friday. I keep 2 blog posts per a week and do that without fail. I have started this methodology of scheduling blog posts since one year and the productivity has really increased since then. Nice Post 🙂

  • The idea of scheduling posts can help a blog owner to be more productive especially if he needs to manage so many blogs. Of course, writing is not that easy. If he still needs to write for his own blog, he must be ready of running out of thought or sometimes the stressful feeling of writing. Since scheduling is possible, at least, he can write for the whole day if he has lots of thoughts (as well as energy) within the day.

  • Roger Elmore, thx for sharing ideas with us.. 🙂

  • Scheduling a post is a good idea, but i wanted to know whether there is a plugin through which a scheduled post when publised submits itself to major social bookmarking websites.

  • This is very accurate, but what i do is save the post as draft and then publish it later because sometimes there are lot of things in mind to write about but somethings there are no good ideas because of other personal factors like work, etc. So publishing saved drafts helps to keep the website live.

  • It’s better to prepare for upcoming dues. It’s good to be organized. Some ideas usually come any time. Based on my experience, I still write even on my offline schedules or rest days. It’s the best way to still be productive. 🙂

  • Jay

    Great tips sometimes it is hard to continually think of new unique blog posts that will interest your readers. But that is the challenge of blogging that I love.. Here are a few more tips for a successful blog.

    Choose a niche that you know a lot about or are willing to learn a lot about that is your first step. How big you want your blog to be dictates how much work you put into blogging. If you treat your blog as a hobby and you do very little work you will get very little traffic, and sales in return for your efforts.

    Now if you treat your blog like a business and move like a rabbit in your work ethic you can build a long lasting sustainable business. Great post, and analogy!

  • well done brother..another great article..keep up the good work..thx for sharing 🙂

  • I still think that it is important to make a really new news as fast as possible official and not delay for weeks..

  • It can actually be a great help particularly if bloggers need to go somewhere else o have to do some other tasks. Whenever they feel writing all day, they can certainly do it and simply schedule all their posts in different dates. I know one famous personal online who wrote posts for the whole day and scheduled all of these for 1 to 3 months!

  • Since I got to work I regualry schedule my posts 2 or 3 days before. Good tips roger.

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  • hey thanks for the trick man, i just started blogging , is this feature also available on blogspot platform?

    • Yes PR, you can schedule your post in blogspot platform.

  • Well I have noticed that many probloggers pre-schedule their posts for the next day.
    And it really seems to work for them.

  • i write 3 posts a day and schedule such that there is 4 hours gap in between…

  • JR

    These are very important tips. I’m about to take a weekend off with my family for the first time since my blog really started taking off, and I have several posts that I need to post at certain times as my readers have come to expect them.

    This is going to be the first time that I will be scheduling posts, but I tested it last night at my test blog, and it seemed to work well.

    Frugality Is Free

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  • Nice article on scheduling post clear lot of confusions it’s really help me out.

  • We really can’t miss those peak hours when our traffic is at the highest to post a new article. It’s so convenient to schedule posts but also have the option to guest post it if we want to.

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