How to increase your website popularity through SEO

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The online business industry is getting more and more popular. With the increasing number of people starting their own online businesses, tighter competitions arise where the strong will win and the weak will just have to wait for their downfall. Having a small online business does not mean that you cannot compete with the bigger ones. What really determines your success is the power that you have to compete and your small business can compete with the bigger companies out there. There is a saying that goes “great power comes in a small package.” This can apply to your business. Though small it may be; your business can survive. The key to survive and win the competition is the Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Small businesses often do not have the fat budget to hire an SEO company with worldwide reputation. But that is not the reason to give up. Here are 5 best SEO strategies that will cost you practically nothing because you can do it yourself.

1. Choose the right keywords or keyphrases for every web page. This strategy is one of the best because it is the basic thing about being found by search engines and it is definitely in your control.  The right keywords are the ones that describe your websites’ purpose and content clearly. It is better for you to make up keyphrases instead of keywords because it is more effective. So invest some time to sit and make up some key phrases that consist of two or three words.

2. Place the keywords strategically. As soon as you come up with the killer keyphrases, the second strategy is to put them on the right places. This strategy is one of the best because how well you place those keyphrases as well as how many quality external pages link to you determine the quality of SEO. The strategic places for you to put the key phrases are like the headings, title and the body in each of your webpage. Keep the keyphrase together. Repeat the keyphrases several times in the body text and make them in bold. This will enable the search engines to detect them quickly.

3. Put a Site Map.The third strategy is putting a Site Map. This strategy is best because with the presence of a Site Map, search engines will find it easy to follow, find and index all the pages in your site. Make sure the Site Map includes all the pages and place the link somewhere near the top of the homepage.

4. Text/HTML format. In building the pages, prefer text and HTML over graphics or other editing formats. This is the fourth best strategy because these preferences are more likely to be chosen by search engines. A website with complex editing format will be hard to navigate by the search engines and less likely to rank on the top list.

5. Avoid Flash and JavaScript. The last but still one of the best strategies is to avoid Flash and JavaScript. Search engines do not follow them, so putting them in your website will only make it less likely to be found.

So there you have it, the 5 best of SEO strategies that you can do yourself without have to hire an SEO company. Good luck!

  • i believe in keywords men! im trying my best to add keywords for title, body and for url…and thax 4 sharing dis info 🙂

  • Hi Tam,

    Keyword selection, placement and density go a long way in determining how well search engines pick up your blog.

    As you noted it’s best to stay away from Javascript,Flash and over the top graphics as it hurts your SEO.

    Thanks for sharing the simple yet powerful tips here.

    Ryan Biddulph

  • Google runs JavaScript well. It’s not that you have to completely avoid using JavaScript, just don’t overuse it. You can also use Flash, just not for your whole site. Who cares if Google didn’t index that flashy banner?

    @Ryan Biddulph: “over the top graphics as it hurts your SEO”

    And how exactly that supposed to work? You do know that search engines download only HTML part of the page? You do also know that search engine is not a web browser – it doesn’t render everything there is in html, it just parses (reads through) it. Some of SE’s (like Google) also run JavaScript. They don’t care how many [img] tags you have in that text, they don’t render images.

    Google Image bot does care about images, but it’s his job to index images however many there are.

  • I agree with you that keywords play a major role.

  • nice article , really good tips! thanks

  • I agree with your point Tam.. Social media and referral traffic doesn’t last for ever..It’s your search engine traffic which last for ever and make your blog survive… Good points..!!

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  • jesusq

    Thanks for the post! Got new tips for my ,a href=””>resell rights venture! Good luck to all of you!

  • for some reason google blocked my adsense account i dont knw y im not miss using SEO or other rules (illegal paid traffic), so i need some income methods….im thinking abt…too…if u hav any suggestions guys.. plz let me knw take care…

  • Hello, keyword plays an important role in SEO as you explained. But there are other factors social media networks, web site that helps to improve ROI to the web site.

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  • Content is King. Create a hierarchy of web pages, each webpage should be more and more detailed and focused as it gets to the bottom of the hierarchy. Compliment this with a blogging strategy



  • I believe good and fresh content is an good way to increase our SEO.

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