Guest Blogging Guide- Part 2 – Article Creation and Further

This is the second part of a two part series of Guest Blogging Guide.

In the first part, I explained to you the importance of guest blogging checklist in order to improve productivity and effectiveness of the guest article. It also covered two important points on the checklist – Blog Search and Study the Blog.

This part will continue explaining the next 6 parts of the checklist.

3. Ideation

After the first two steps, you know the requirements and the outline of the article you have to construct. Now, you have to come up with ideas relevant to the blog’s topic which should create a spark among the readers enabling the content to spread like a virus and make you a blogging superstar. All these are idealistic conditions, but if you try to target these idealistic goals, then you will be able to achieve something that makes you stand out as a guest blogger. A handy tool for the ideation process is the simple and easy mind mapping technique.

4. Writing

Writing is the most important part of the guest article – after all, the effectiveness of your guest article depends on the quality of knowledge that the article is able to impart to it’s readers. Once that is achieved, then you can expect your influence to grow.

I usually try my best to create an article that has has a lot of intrinsic value. You have to do the same. Select keywords from ideas, choose a catchy title and build a write up around it.

5. Proofread

A guest article should be flawless (ideally) and it should have no mistakes whatsoever. Submitting an article which is full of such mistakes is bound to be rejected by the blog owner.

I have received many guest articles and I must admit, guest articles that are full of such mistakes are not at all liked by me. They are really very annoying.

Whether there is a grammatical or typographical error in your write up, your task is to get rid of these errors. The most preferred way to do that is by proofreading your articles, i.e. reading them multiple times and fixing errors as and when you encounter them.

6. Email to the author

The article should be ready before we reach this step. The process of guest blogging is only half complete till now and a major hurdle needs to be crossed. The part where you have to convince the blog author of your credibility (as a blogger) so that he/she allows  you to become a guest blogger of that particular blog.

The art of writing emails is a different subject altogether and it may consume a separate article. But you can easily take some help from sample emails available. The samples can only help in the format of the email, but the ability to convince others is something which is an inherent quality and you have to utilize it in the best way possible in order to be accepted.

7. Follow up

This is an optional email, which is required only if you don’t receive a reply in a week’s time. The email should follow the basic rules of follow up email. The purpose of this email should be to inquire the status of the article (approved or rejected) and also to avoid two unwanted situations that might occur:

#1 situation: You don’t get a reply from the author and you assume that your article is rejected and so, you move on and submit your article on your website or somebody else’s website. You publish the article and the host also publishes the exact same article. The main disadvantage is that two copies of the same content will affect the google search engine rankings and therefore, it may decrease it’s google search rankings. It may also lead to arguments about the ownership of the guest article.

#2 situation: You wait for a long time before you finally get rejected. It is not as bad as the 1st issue but it is still an issue of concern. This is not good as you have invested your time in a guest article and you should reap benefits from it.

8. Promotion

Once you’re guest article gets published, you should try to maximize the impact by promoting the guest article real hard. The best way to promote is by sharing the link on various social media websites. This will help in fulfilling two objectives. First, it would help in improving brand visibility (If you brand your website). Secondly, it helps in increasing your reputation.

Let’s Discuss

Do you have a checklist for guest blogging? Does it increase your productivity?

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  • That’s great said Gautam about posting a good content. We should always check our posts and then proof read them before posting on our blogs so that it can be delivered rightly. Have a great time and enjoy reading here….

    • Prav,
      I get a lot of guest articles, some I like, but some have so many errors that it would not be appropriate for the readers and it will not be worth the effort to proof read on my side.

  • Nice set of information here 🙂 Thanks a lot for the share.

  • As a former Hollywood writer, I’m eager to see if agents enter the arena of representing and promoting guest bloggers. Seems like a fantastic way to further increase the value of content by generating more income for people to write better quality stuff.

    Thanks for posting this.

    • Olin,
      it will be really interesting and i think it should happen – it is for everyone’s good

  • In many cases, the author forget about the guest post after he publish it, and, forget too to response to visitators questions. This is the most common problems with guest blogging.

    In other way, great article Gautam.

  • rnd technologies

    Good think.