3 Elements to Write Like a Problogger

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No matter what the intention may be when first starting to blog, it always seems to end up with wanting to become a pro blogger, possibly because it’s a challenge but most likely because it’s addictive.

I, like most other bloggers have made my share of mistakes along the way but from them I also learned some very valuable lessons. So if you want to make it up there as being known as one of the blogging guru’s, then there are three key ingredients that you need to start to master right from the start.

1. A Picture is Worth a Thousands Words

It doesn’t matter how interesting a topic or post may be, you need to break it up a bit, and the best way to do this, and it makes it far more interesting, is to have something to glance at. You really want to put an effort into finding pictures that pertain to the topic you are blogging about.

One of the mistakes I made when I first started blogging is when I was talking about how we need to clean up the environment.  I posted a picture of my most beloved cocker spaniel along side my article. Cute? Yes. Applicable? Probably not as it really didn’t have anything to do with the serious topic at hand. Although with a stretch of the imagination I guess, cleaning up after your dog would be applicable to the topic. Pictures and images are powerful and attract the impatient user to read your post.

2. Link Your Way to The Top

People that are reading your blog are interested in your topic otherwise they won’t go beyond the title. To be a pro blogger you need to make what you have to say worth reading, and have lots to offer the reader. You can only write so much information, but you can certainly provide tons of meta data through the right links. This means doing some work on your part and researching appropriate information that has value to the reader.

I don’t think there is one post I have seen with tons of links that is not useful in some way.

3. Ideas Tend to Shine

Nothing is more irritating to a reader to start off reading a blog with two or three great paragraphs then spend the next six reading everything you have already said. You are insulting the reader’s intelligence when you do this, making them think that they were not clever enough to understand what you had said the first time.

There is no hard and fast rule that says your blogs have to be 500 or 600 words long. If you have run out of interesting content, then stop. Make it short and sweet if you have to, far better than repetitive rhetoric.

Pro bloggers tend to discus many similar but different aspects of an idea in their post and therefore keep it interesting. When you write your post follow with your associations and keep it interesting!

  • I must admit that when I’m writing a new blog post, I often forget to add a picture, sometimes I’ll come back to a post and edit it later with an appropriate picture 😉

  • Though picture is really worth, most of the times I am not able to find the right picture. Linking is definitely needed but many bloggers just link to their own articles which sometimes is not much related. Focusing on these 3 elements will definitely make us a problogger.

  • Yea, I agree about the picture part most. I, myself, when browsing through a blog, look for a post that grab my eyes by its picture, but when I want to post usually don’t use any image because I don’t want to lose any time on finding an appropriate image and want to publish it fast…

  • Nicely described each points to write like a pro-blogger.

  • I normally don’t include a picture with every post I write. Also, I don’t have a set number of words, my posts “have to be”. I try to write things as clearly as I can without being repetitive as you stated. Great post!

  • Right, images is really something that makes a post more meaningful. Lately I’ve been using images on my posts to make sure that it conveys more what I want to express

  • Super duper new at blogging. I enjoyed reading this and will take this suggestions into account. I have been anti-blog for so long and since starting my web design business I figure blogging is a good way to express myself while getting the word out about my business.

  • Nice points Lior one important thing is finding your writing style. Every pro blogger has their own writing style, let it be Darren, Daniel or any one..
    Meanwhile I second your opinion on Image… One image speaks hundred words and more over make your post presentable…

  • i really like the second part of the article 🙂 keep it up bro..

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