The Art of using #FollowFriday Effectively

If you are an active twitter user, you will be aware of #followfriday, a hashtag that is used to recommend people you like, so that your followers also follow them. As this trend was followed on Fridays, that is why it was named as FollowFriday.

The problem with the #Followfriday used nowadays is that people don’t care whom to give recommendation or not. They list a bunch of people and they add a #FF hashtag, so that people could follow them. As these #ff tags are usually devoid of any information and careful reasoning, the total value of a followfriday recommendation gets nullified.

Recommend Selectively

Your recommendations should be selected by careful thought and reasoning. These recommendations should include people you actually like and the ones that deserve your recommendation

If you recommend people just for the sake of it or if you have an ulterior motive of making a bond with that person, then you would not be doing the right thing. If the person you recommend is not good, then the people who follow him/her will also have to suffer, which in turn will decrease your reputation in twitterville.

Also, try to use one tweet for one person. As there are only 140 characters in each tweet, there is huge scarcity of space for recommendations. And if you add more and more people to the recommendation, then there will be very little space left for your reasoning.

If you want to give followfriday recommendations to many people, then you can use your website as a medium to do that. Below is an example of one such recommendation:

33 super engagers to follow

Be Precise and Effective

Your followfriday recommendation should be constructed in such a way that you are able to convince your readers to follow them. The words used should be similar to that in a text ad.

In text ads published in newspapers and magazines, you are literally paying per character. Each character occupies a definite amount of space and if the number of characters is more, then the space required for it will be more and therefore, the cost of ad will increase proportionally.

Professionals who create these ads, use methods to convey their point in minimum words. Your recommendation should be made on the same lines. In 140 character space, you should be able to give a compelling reason to your followers, so that they are convinced to follow the people you are recommending.

The best method to do that is by listing the qualities of the person and also the type of tweets. For eg. if somebody recommends me as a good blogger on twitter. Then, some bloggers might get interested in following me for networking and knowledge sharing purposes.

Some Good Examples of FollowFriday Recommendations:

  1. #FF @2morrowknight: An Opinionated Blogger, A social media champ. A very kind hearted person and a very engaging tweeter
  2. #FF @TweetSmarter: Originally @Twitter_Tips. The ultimate destination to find the best tweets related to twitter and other social media
  3. #FF @2cre8 Kathy’s stream is full of informative tweets. She is a technology enthusiast and a great blogger.
  4. #FF @anddjournal Aditya is one of the young gunes. Full of enthusiasm, his tweets speak of his youth and love for technology
  5. #FF @arkarthick: Karthick’s tweets are the like the summary of best tweets. They are loaded with info and mixed with a little bit of humor
  6. #FF @AskAaronLee: If you are not following Lee, you are missing out on something. Lee is an influential blogger and a truly interesting tweeter.
  7. #FF @v_shakthi: Shakthi is a awesome blogger and a great writer. A positive personality with an infectious charm
  8. #FF @HowellMarketing: Amy is a loving person. She spreads happiness around her. Also she is one of the social media-holics
  9. #FF @douglasi: Douglas is a thought provoking blogger. His articles and tweets have a twist to the conventional social media
  10. #FF @xanpearson: She promotes happiness and Joy. Her optimism makes you want to engage in more and more conversations with her.

Now you might have got an idea of how to use #FollowFriday recomendations effectively. So, go ahead and try it and share your experiences and opinions on it. (P.S. All these 10 twitter users are a must follow)

  • Just one user per #FF tweet might be the way to go, cause I’ve never noticed that I received any more followers if I was included, among many, in a #FF tweet. I don’t do #FF anymore myself though as I doubt the value.

    But your idea with only one user per #FF tweet and then a good reason, might work!

    • #FF’s don’t work because enough time is not spent on recommendations and you just tweet out lists – which is kind of annoying to your followers and hence, you don’t get any followers through it. Using this approach might get you some targeted followers

  • Hi brother,

    A first and fast thanks for including and recommending me. I really appreciate that.

    Besides thanks, I would like to take out some time to say something to you – Sorry. I always wanted to interact with you but never got ample time. I am more inclined to internet marketing than blogging and so I hardly go for blogging convos. I always wanted to sincerely thank you for your Twitter support and other things.

    Regards and blessings!!

    • Anytime my friend 🙂

  • This is a great post and I have to say I completely agree with the examples you posted for #FF. Posting in this fashion will take more time but add quality to the recommendation.

    • You know there is a saying – time bears fruit. If you spend time on something – you will get the benefits out of it.

  • Nice post
    i am new to Twitter and i admit i didn’t know about #FolloFriday

  • Foremost, thank you for including me in your recommendations. I am honored and humbled by your kind comments.

    Great post! I agree completely. Most people ignore the mass #FF recommendations and become frustrated with seeing cluttered posts in their stream.

    However, when one takes the time to recommend a few people and give the reason why, it grabs my attention. I have discovered wonderful new tweeters this way. Personally, I try to stay with fewer than 3 people per recommendation, and I don’t necessarily post it on a Friday. It’s just my way of acknowledging someone who has added value to my stream and introducing them to my followers.

    Thanks again Gautam! ~Xan

    • Xan,
      I think I call it #followanyday recommendations – after all these people are worth following even if it is not friday. So, I totally get your point.

      Also, less than 3 people in recommendations is better than many people – at least you have some space for recommendation

  • Very useful article and totally true about using #ff usefully.

    Sam @ Actionly (

  • Hello Gautam,

    First of all, thanks a bunch to suggest me in your art of FollowFriday suggestions list. It’s pretty difficult for me to mention single FF recos in Twitter as the number of friends I’m getting is huge. By the way, I used to recommend people in sets of 5/6 per tweet earlier and knew that didn’t work. Now instead of that, i create a list titled ‘My Tweet Hearts’ with all my #FF recos (adding the new ones regularly) and tweets that list message on Fridays. It works good time. I’m also planning to do a blog post on my follow recos soon.


    A.R.Karthick (@arkarthick)

    • Karthick,

      That is a unique idea and I like it. Blog Posts are even better than list though and that is why i prefer them over many others

  • I use my blog, as you have shown in your example, for my FollowFriday recommendations, though I do also tweet those out to the twittersphere for those using twitter to see who I have recommended. On the plus side if you do tweet out your FF’s there are several site that will pick up on those and then list them 😉

    • Karen,
      Good technique and sometimes, if you start a train of #FF – you can be listed on some follow friday websites ( you’re totally right)

  • I must say that I don’t use Twitter very much, as an affiliate but the tips in this article are great. I know I should give Twitter a try but I never had the opportunity to do that before. Loved the 10 examples listed here, makes it all clear 🙂

    • I think you should give it a try – If not, then you are missing on something huge.

  • Do people still do Follow Friday? I have not seen a mention of it on Twitter for months now. (I’ve got about 3000+ followers so I’m sure I’d see some)

    • Yes, they do. I don’t know how you missed them, but #FF recommendations have been a part of twitter’s streams on friday

  • I agree that endless lists of #FF’s are irritating and not very effective. I have a FF list which I will continue with but I am going to adopt Xan’s idea of short recommendations spread out over the week.

    I think my first will be @xanpearson as she is obviously full of good ideas!!



    • Yes @xanpearson – is full of awesome ideas. Short and sweet recommendations are the way to go

  • Thanks for these tips, really useful

  • I have never understood the Follow Friday principle… still don’t 🙁

    • You should check out the link I mentioned in this article and if you have any queries then reply to this comment

  • Great tips. Thank you!

    Well, we developed an app called FollowFridayHelper which can help you write more personalized #FF tweets faster.

    Say you want to recommend a person with a blog, you can click on his bio and website to add to the tweet then edit it to make it even more personal.

    I’d love to hear your feedback.

    • I liked your app, and it is easy way to reciprocate but somehow it is still not good as a truly personal recommendation

  • I use lists, but themed. Today I recommended museums that participated in #AskACurator on Wednesday (and a few I wish had) grouped by location.

    Recommending one per tweet sounds great, especially if I have particular reason to recommend. I use HootSuite, so perhaps if I find a really great person to follow on Twitter I’ll schedule a #FF for the following Friday, with explanation.

    Oh, and… I saw one tweeter (who shall remain nameless) slip their own handle into a #FF list today. Looked very tacky!

    • People do really strange things in their followfriday recommendations and using your own handle is just a cheap trick to get more followers.

      But actually these #FF which have many names don’t get you any followers, therefore, the whole trickery is a waste of time

  • This post is very use full, Great Post Gautam, I am new to Twitter Probably I will using your method.

    • Imran make sure don’t over do it.. I have seen people giving FF recommendation to every1 on friday to get attention and this looks spammy..make sure be generous…and give FF love to genuine tweeps…

  • Gautam that’s a nice write up but wondering..Don’t you think FF is dying these days?? They are no more that effective they used to be..??

  • tweetiepie

    Although it’s a good idea to only do a #ff for one user per tweet, if you published 10 of those straight away in my timeline, I would immediately unfollow as that is just outright spamming regardless of your intentions. Perhaps 5 or less recommendations in one go might be okay.

  • I learn about a new twitter trend today named as follow Friday. I didn’t aware with this. Well, this is useful in the sense that you can recommend some good twitter profiles to your follower on twitter but harmful in the sense if you don’t be selective while recommending peoples.

  • rnd technologies

    Nice think.