Split Testing 101 – The Beginner’s Guide

Let’s start experimenting!

In this guest article by Roderick Coleman, the owner of Queryads explains the importance of split testing for websites and businesses. For a website, it can help in identifying the design that is most liked by the user and which leads to more engagement. On the other hand, businesses can figure out a design which drives more sales and as a result help in making more money for their business. You can voice your own opinion by taking a look at our guest blogging guidelines.

How does split testing work

Split testing is a useful and confirmed tactic to boost web based offers. Testing it takes a lot of time and effort and by means of the right tools for the job

What is split testing?

Split testing is fundamentally testing two unlike variables on your sales page to know what gets the most value out of your page by detail, as in every detail of your page whether it is your fonts or font size, the size of your headline, the wording of your headlines, the pictures you use, the price of each product, text in every paragraph and so on.

Split testing is what differentiates the beginners looking just about from those who make money out of the World Wide Web market. The people that earn a lot of money out of this are those who are good and know how to split test. It should be done to make more and more sales while separating themselves from others as the cream of the crop of the internet market.

Why bother with split testing?

Split testing is what detaches the most excellent of web designers from all the others. It is because of the fact that they basically know what are the proper and accepted combination of variations to use, like the use of different combination of headlines, colors, backgrounds, etc. It eventually results in attracting more personalities to check the site and they can ask for a higher rate as a result split testing can help:

  • Make the viewers stay longer
  • Make the viewers to interact with site
  • Make the viewers buy from the site
  • Makes the viewers more interested to browse the site

Who should be split testing?

Web designers are more often than not the targets because of their environment settings and their creativity of running tasks on web sites to catch the attention of more customers to visit the site, build a bond with your customers and make them come back. Just keep your mind set that split testing establishes traffic flow because you need people to visit your site.

How do you split test?

Mainly, the trouble-free way is to split test the whole sales page at once this way makes it more rapidly and without ease is usually known as an A/B split test but the thing to take into consideration is the fact that it is not that efficient as compared to testing entity variables but it is free of charge to set up and is downloadable. You can create a free A/B split test with the use of different software that are available in the internet.

There you can start on purely by creating as many different types of pages you like for instance, you can take into consideration the 5 basic variations

  • Your personal default sales page
  • Default sales page with images
  • Default pages with different font styles
  • Default pages with different headlines
  • Default page with different amounts

Here is a piece of advice for all the beginners out there who are interested to make it big in the internet market. It is important to maintain and keep an eye on your page. Try to modify only one variable on each discrepancy or else you’ll lose track of what is going on. From there you can direct each distinction evenly and see which gets more profit and that’s the fundamentals of split testing and it is ok if you don’t have the money to invest on it yet.

On the other hand by spending a little of your chump change would not hurt to because in return you can have vast list of software that will automate all your testing for you and you would have the supremacy to test as many dissimilar combinations as you would want and it gets improved and enhanced that you don’t even have to know how to split test for the fact that it does all the dirty and information work for you.

This great software is also known as multivariate testing software and is a replacement for getting mixed up with all the unlike types of webpage which are detectable and you can straightforwardly identify the unusual versions of each variable and let the software do the job for you. You also can never find out that it can guess out what types or variety of combinations to use on your page to make you more income.

Variation in Split Testing

There are three major contenders in the multivariate split testing manufacturing business. There is the kaizen track, split test accelerator and conversion chicken. The kaizen track is about $197 while the split accelerator costs about $891. The conversion chicken on the other hand is free for a basic account and is considered the best among the three. Let us know and understand what does conversion chicken provides us with.

Conversion chicken is cheap mainly with no included reason at all although it could be priced at approximately the same value as kaizen track. The main reason that makes split test accelerator and kaizen track for programmers and not for new ones because the known software targets the programmers who have deeper knowledge so that they can play around the configuration files and make good use of the software to anything they aspire to do and achieve.


But after all that was said, the fundamental standpoint and the fact that they produce identical output are important in split testing. You have the supremacy and the will to choose whatever software that you want to make use of. You have to meet the terms of your needs and go with what is best fit for you.

After all it is your own money investing on it and the option is yours alone but if you’re a beginner, it is very much advisable for you to use conversion chicken and work with it for the time being until you get your income.

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  • A/B testing is immensely valuable for any website but especially ecommerce. When you have your entire business riding on the line between making the sale you really have to do everything possible to convert the visitor.

    Even a 2% change in conversion on a page could be thousands (or millions) for the average business – definitely worth keeping in mind.

  • This is new to me and split test works good i hope…

  • I’ve heard of this technique but have never had to use it. Great post, you’ve outlined its relevance.

  • This article covers all the basic aspects of split testing but it takes a lot of time and money to really improve your sales page through split testing. But it works and every sales page can be improved this way 🙂

  • Splitting the advertisement could be one of the most difficult task ,we have to be very careful regarding splitting the adds as people lose lots of money and it doesn’t work if the adds are not proper so we have to be very careful regarding spliting to check which add id placing a better position for which keywords.

  • I didnt know about split testing. It was interesting to read. Split testing seems to be a big task involving lot of time. Thanks for sharing about it.

  • This is new for me but split test works good i think 🙂

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