Pros and Cons of Do It Yourself Web Design

We all have to admit no matter how seasoned of a web site owner we have become, that first day of deciding of starting at online business we figured doing our own web design was going to be a breeze.

After all we were just looking at a bit of color, a few pictures, some content and fancy fonts, right? Boy it sure didn’t take long before reality set in. Although doing your own web site is entirely possible, and there are many new businesses on the web that have self built web designs that are pretty impressive. It has its pros and cons. Here are a few of pros and cons and a few things to avoid thrown in for good measure.


You save a ton of money:

Having a website professionally designed is certainly not cheap especially if you are going to be establishing an ecommerce site. If you are a computer novice and feel that you are a fast learner, then setting up a basic business site may be a good start, however it would not be wise to tackle a complicated website as a starting point.

You keep the control:

When you build and design your own website you have total control over it. This means anytime you want to change or add to it then you are capable of doing it. It is always wise to keep your website fresh by constantly adding new material  and features. You have the freedom to do this when the keys are in your hands.

Grow when you want:

You have the opportunity to have your website expand. If you are doing well in a specific product for example, then you can do the expansion yourself and not have to put out money for a professional web designer every time you want to add more features and pages.

Change your mind:

If something is not working then by having designed your own site, you can totally restructure it. If you were in a maintenance program with a web designer you would be facing extra costs for this and might be waiting few days for the designer to be available for you.



You need a whole bunch of patience. Building and designing a website is a learning process that never ends. If it were as easy as what one first thinks then there wouldn’t be so much web design companies on the web.


Going it on your own is a trial and error experience. Relying on professional web designers means that you are benefiting from their past mistakes. All the mistakes you would be facing on your own, they have already made and learned from. They have gained a great deal of experience of what to do and what not to do. In addition to this they have also learned what works and what doesn’t.


Most important though, professional web designers and developers usually know a bit about what it is going to take to get your site up in the search engine rankings, and this is critically important to you. Perhaps in time you too would be able to do this with your own site building. You have to remember though, time is money in business, and can you afford the time?

A few extras…
If you do decide to design your own web site, then at least try and follow the lead of the Pros. What you may think looks great as far as graphics, colors and fonts, just may not cut it in the world of the web 2.0.

The same applies for your content, what may be interesting to you just may not be what someone else wants to hear. A mixture of professional web design and SEO Companies can make the difference between a business succeeding or failing in the world of online businesses.

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  • Hi,

    Great comparison and great counterpoints on each side.

    I would agree that both have their advantages and disadvantages, and like everything else, you must consider your own situation.


    • Yes, Nabeel, that is the exact point. If you have less knowledge about design, then it is better to step back and do things which you are good at, rather than messing up your design

  • It is not easy for us t design the website ourselves. We need a lot of knowledge about html code and javascripts in order to make a good design for our website. I have chosen Thesis theme for my WordPress blog. This theme enable me to design my blog effectively.

    • if you have a little clue about web design, then a web designer or a premium theme is always a better alternative.

  • I always like to design on my own. Though making design on our own has many pros the important problem is the search rankings as u have said.

    • It is a good technique if you design your blog by yourselves. I am not very good at design and hence i prefer a theme which has been made by another person

  • HI Gautam In Pros section under headings (You keep the control and Grow when you want) there is one additional line space -remove it.

  • I also think one of the con’s of doing your own web design is that you are never happy with what you have and you will always be tweaking something here and there just to make things better. If you do your own web design then you will avoid being happy with what you have.

    • Peter,
      That is a possible situation DIY designers face, but they have to get used to the fact, that they should change the design, only when they have some concrete design changes.

  • Another bad point is errors in the HTML code. I do this pretty much all the time!

    • Dean Saliba,
      That is a major problem and it can totally ruin your design. A better option to avoid this would be testing the html code before implementing it on your website

  • Designing your own website is not easy, could be very time consuming and also frustrating. All in all, if you have the drive and patience, with a little bit of research and a lot of hard work, I think it is possible to create one without recourse to expensive designers. This is particularly true if you are just an upcoming blogger and just starting your won small online business.

    • Well said! You have to have the drive to design yourself. Or else, you will ruin it completely and it should be done only if you starting a new website or if you are pro designer

  • I use cms on almost my sites.
    This means i just need to buy a good template in order to have a good looking design cutting the expenses.

  • Designing website on our own or not depends on the type of website. If we are making sales website with lot of money transactions then I think we should definitely outsource designing as it involves lots of security problem. But if your just making a simple content site or blog then designing on own is better. It’s not worth spending for designing. Just go for some ready made themes or templates and make modifications as u need. It will help you to learn.

  • Sorry, but I don’t agree with most of the cons. Yeah, designing yourself requires some knowledge and hard work, but it need not be any way inferior to “premium themes”. SEO isn’t tricky for web designs, it’s the content part that is more difficult. And, there are a large number of free themes that are far more superior to free themes. Mystique, the theme of this blog, is one of the good free WordPress themes.

    • Using a premium theme as a dropback, you have to know how to modify the theme, or else you will be wasting your valuable time in customozing the theme to your needs. premium themes have free support, so you can easily get help about any customizations you want for your blog

  • Some good points have been raised in both the original article and also the comments. I would say that a lot of this comes down to two things need and budget. If you are looking to build a business site then you really need to get it right first time. Users may visit you once, if they don’t like your site they won’t come back. Then you have to consider your budget, how much can you afford to spend on your site? If the answer is nothing then you may well be onto a loser as you will be competing with others whose budget means that they can produce something prettier.

    You also need to ensure that your content is fresh, readable and desired by others.

    Owning and running a website can be a lot of fun but it also can have a lot of problems!


  • good template in order to have a good looking design cutting the expenses.

  • rnd technologies

    Nice think.

  • jay

    I did it wrong the very first time. and knew the right way.
    Either way I got benifitted

  • would like to thank you for sharing very helpful topic to designers and who are working on design field. These tips are very helpful to me.some topi are very good.

  • Exactly, you have to manage your time in order to have success.