How to Achieve Reader’s Delight

Reader’s Satisfaction is giving the readers what they want i.e. trying to match with their expectations. Achieving reader’s satisfaction is not as easy as it seems and it requires more than just publishing content on the blog. A blogger needs to work really hard to get readers on the blog and he has to take the extra mile to create a blog that is able to solve reader’s problems.

But, reader satisfaction can be achieved only if you are aware of the reader’s expectations. If you don’t know what your readers are looking for, then your blog will fail terribly on this front.

In order to gather some information about reader’s expectations, we can use certain metrics explained below:

Comments : Blog’s Discussion Forums

I have always said that comments are much more than just a thank you, they act as a big podium to discuss and put forth your queries and questions. They can act as feedback forms and you can judge your blog’s reputation by the comments it gets. If people are satisfied with the blog, they will be more interactive and the comments will convey reader’s satisfaction quotient.

Search Engines

As a niche blogger, you are always targeting a specific set of keywords for your blog. You can use the google adwords tool to find out related keyword searches to have a little information on what readers are expecting from bloggers in your niche. And then you can base your articles based on these keyword titles.


Forums are the places where people interested in the same topic discuss their experiences and get their queries and problems solved by others. If you are an attentive forum member, you can find out what questions are asked by them (you can also see the frequency of these questions) and you can note it down on a piece of paper, as these questions will be the ones that will be asked by your readers as well. So, once you have all the questions, you just have to find an appropriate solution to it.

Polls and Surveys

If you are still not sure what you reader’s expect from your blog, why not conduct a survey/poll to find what your readers really think of your blog. Make a detailed questionnaire for your readers that will help you get a 360 degree overview of what readers think about the blog, what they would like to be improved and what all new ideas can be incorporated into it. This will ease out the process of finding the reader’s expectations.

Post Ratings

Post Ratings are anonymous ratings where readers can rate the quality of the post based on their discretion. These type of post ratings can help you find out which are articles are liked and which are not. Based on the number of likes, you can figure out what articles will be the most suitable for your blog.

After establishing what your reader’s expectations are, now you have to think about your reader.

What do a majority of bloggers focus on?

Reader’s satisfaction – matching with reader’s expectations. But, I want to ask this question, is that enough? If you are looking for a blog which is growing at a steady pace then reader’s satisfaction would be the way to go. But, if you are targeting exponential growth, then you can’t just stop at reader’s satisfaction. You have to take one more step and give readers something more than their expectations. Something that has a “Wow” effect on your readers. You want readers that stay as your readers for a long time and that can happen if you make them happy.

How are you supposed to do that?

That’s a simple question: Give them what they expect plus one. So, you have to come up with something that has the desired “Wow” effect on your readers. This “Wow” effect is reached when you aim at delighting your readers.

Also, by giving something more than expected, you are raising the bar. The next time the reader’s expectations will also grow by plus one and you would have to come up with something that adds a 1 to these new expectations and this process is a continuous one. So, the most difficult task is to  come up with this plus one everytime.

Here’s how you can give your readers the plus one:

Out of the Box Thinking

You have to think different. New and unique ideas for your articles will pump up your readers and boost their mood. Out of the Box thinking is thought provoking and sometimes the one that amazes people. This amazement leads to the massive popularity of the blog. Building an out of box thinking requires you to sharpen your mind. Games that require you to use your mind to it’s full potential are games you should play. Puzzles and Sudoku are some of the tools which can help you keep your mind sharp and active.


People try really hard to do the conventional. But, who wants conventional articles, there are plenty of them already available on the internet. You have to change the scenario by being unconventional and innovating with your posts. By innovation, I don’t mean that you have to completely change the course of your blog, but you can make slight changes and bring something new to the table, something that your readers will cherish for atleast some years.

What is your focus?

Are you targeting reader’s satisfaction or reader’s delight? if you targeting reader’s satisfaction, you need to step up and target reader’s delight in order to be good at blogging arena.

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  • Hi Gautam,

    Excellent piece of advice.

    I really like how you categorized comments as ‘Blog’s Discussion Forums’. This is so true. Just like Forums, people can discuss the topic in comments.

    If you want to get your visitor’s and reader’s attention, then there is no better way than to exceed their expectations! Seduce and dazzle your visitors.

    They will be coming back for more once you give away more than their expectations!


    • Seduce and dazzle your visitors. Lol, that would be an awesome technique 😉

  • Hey Gautam,

    Great Post. Some great points.
    Poll and surveys are really great way….!!
    I like the point “Out of the Box Thinking” Greattt…

    Thanks for sharing this great Post mate. keep up the good work.


  • Great piece of advice. Readers are the core of any successful blog and to know how to please them can be the challenging.

    • Yes, it can be a daunting task to find what readers are looking for. If you hit the bull’s eye- you will drive massive amounts of traffic to your website.

  • Hello Gautam

    Really Great post
    I never thought about it before that we can add more things to reader’s expectations.
    But getting the ‘wow effect’ from your readers is difficult and the only thing coming in my mind on how to get wow effect is running a big contest… 🙂
    I know there are many ways but I am learning slowly……..

    • Running a contest- can be a wow thing – but i am thinking more about blog posts. Concentrating on your content to get the “wow” effect.

  • Hi Gautam U have made some nice points. Satisfying readers is the key to the success of any blog. After reading this post I have to make my blog posts more attractive and much more informative so that I can achieve readers delight.

    • Yes, try to focus on reader’s delight than reader’s satisfaction

  • To get a good amount of readers can be difficult if one does not know the tips and tricks

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    Nice thought.