How Can Different Designs Affect Your Online Business?

If you think of your website as an online business, you have take care of the design, because it is an important part of branding and increasing visibility. This is a guest article by Ben of logoinn. You can be a part of this amazing community by following our guest blogging guidelines.

When you run an online business, you come across different types of designs that work together to make your business a success. However, if you lack in creativity and originality, the same designs will cause extreme damage to your business. These designs are: Logo Design, Web Design, Brochure Design and Banner Design.

Each design plays a significant role in enhancing your brand image and, thus, each design is crucial to your business success. You may not need all of them initially. However, whenever you create any, ensure that it depicts professionalism and creativity.

So, let’s now discuss how these designs can make or break your online business.

Logo Design

Logo Design is also known as brand identity design and, thus, it helps you create your brand identity. In simple words, it gives your business a face through which your business gets recognition. If you create a low quality design, you will make your business look unprofessional. If you create a high quality logo design, then you will make your business look credible, trustworthy and professional. Thus, it is crucial that you get this design right, because it’s not something that gets changed often.

Web Design

If you own an offline business, then you will work hard to organize your office or decorate your shop to attract visitors and win their trust. The same approach should be adopted when you create your business web design. It’s your web design that represents your online office as well as depicts your taste for quality. If you don’t create your web design professionally, then you will only make your visitors leave your website and go to your competitors. So, ensure that your web design clearly depicts your business model and builds your credibility.

Brochure Design

Brochure Design is the best way to share your business story with your market. You can create one design and use it both online and offline. However, to make your story look effective, you need to make the design look elegant and professional. If your brochure is sitting on a rack with a bunch of other brochures, then it’s the role of the design to attract your market and have them pick it up. Only a high quality brochure gets picked up and read. So, ensure that you don’t take quality lightly.

Banner Design

In today’s world of marketing, we mainly hear about SEM and SMO. Even though banner advertisement doesn’t get much coverage nowadays, it is still a powerful way of bringing traffic to you site. Find a relevant portal and ask them to display your banner there. However, people will click it only if they will think that your banner looks professional. If you don’t design your banner professionally, it will be hard to win the trust of your market and make them click your banner.

So…How Can You Create A Top-Notch Design?

If you want your business to look professional, then you must hire a professional designer. An amateur designer won’t be able to give a professional look to your business. Thus, don’t take any risk. Hire a professional designer, always.

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  • Hi,

    Great tips and I agree.

    Logo Design, Web Design, Brochure Design and Banner Design play an important part for a business. Thus it is important to have them made professionally and with care.


    • Actually whether using a professional design or not depends on whether you can do the design yourself or not.

      If you are able to manage to get a great design for your business by creating it yourself,then why waste money.

      But, if you are not good at design, then hiring a professional is a better option.

  • Design, logo and slogan is the brand of any blog that make it exclusive from any other blogs in the same niche. That is why I have hired designer to design theme for me 🙂

    • Tinh,
      I think you have made a wise decision, branding is really important and design is an essential part of branding.

      A professional design stands out – and makes a mark

      • That is why I hire designers to make out thesis unique 🙂

  • You are absolutely right when you say that designs for your main corporate identity should be done by professionals. Many small businesses and start-ups don’t care much about this aspect and as their company grows they appear to be sloppy and not creative enough.

    • Gourab,

      This happens because these startups don’t give enough importance to design and that is why their websites lack appeal. Thus, it affects the whole reader experience and they lose on a lot of business

  • Solid tips. I have been procrastinating about a logo design for a while no and have given it a go recently by hiring a designer. So far, I have received 2 different versions of a logo but up until now it is still not what I am looking for. All in all, I agree that all this “branding” methods are required to establish an identity and increase visibility. The more professional the better.

    • If you are not happy with your logo, you can try design contests – crowdsourcing. Sometimes, you might get a better output out of the competition.

      Also, you can try some designers on twitter. Many of my friends are great designers and their work is better than many designers out there

    • Ben

      Taking Revisions of the Logos show that how much keen interest you have in portraying or launching your brand in market. I suggest asking for revisions from your designer until you are fully satisfied with the output.
      Getting your Logo Design from a better company is always a great approach as you will get different logo concepts as big design companies keep a variety of designers like we do here in Logoinn.
      Hiring a freelancer doesn’t work most of the time as he won’t go in contrast of his first concept, he will always give you the variations of the same design again and again, in result you will lose your limit of design revisions.

  • Great point. “Branding” (blog theme, unique logo, color pattern etc) can play a big role in creating unique identity among the crowd.

  • Logo design is important I feel. It creates an identity for the site. These days make the site to look professional is simple with availability of lots of web templates and blog themes. The Brochure design topic was interesting to me. Like the post. Well Done.

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  • Ben

    Themes are fine but only when you talk about a Blog, In contrast when it comes to a commercial/business website, you always need a customization some where and applying any template never works because of the limitations and boundaries by the theme or template.

  • Very true. I try to use the same colors and consistent design elements across the board. Thanks.

  • this is great,, many of organization they are great, are dealing with these things,, and many of them can be identified through their logos, or their other design….

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  •  wow, I love your blog, its very informative and useful to used, thanks for sharing this one, great job, keep up the good work.

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    Thanks for those
    very usefull article 🙂

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