Creating a 5D Blog Experience

Are you a movie buff? Even if you are not, you might have watched at least one  movie in a cinema hall. And the experience is far better than the one where we have to see the exact same movie in our small television set. The huge screen, the sound effects and the environment in the hall make it a perfect place to watch movies. In totality,  it is a rich and grand experience.

The way we watch movies have tremendously changed in the past decades due to rapid innovation in technology. At first, we could only watch 2D movies which were focused on the script, acting and direction. Next came 3D movies which had a focus on  a great visual experience (near reality experience), you would feel that you are actually a part of the movie and which made it even more exciting. But that’s not all, after 3D came 4D and 5D, where not only do you have a great visual experience, but an environment is created that you actually feel that you are part of that movie. For eg. if it is raining in the movie, then they will splash water on you, which will make it more believable.

I recently watched a 5D movie and the experience was out of the world. The fact that i was sensing everything around me as i was in the movie was something that i didn’t consider was possible. It was very exciting and i was totally blown away.

Similarly, if we could provide readers with a 5D experience in our blog, then the readers will be blown away, similar, to what happened to me. As 5D has five different dimensions to it. I will explain the main 5 dimensions of the blog.

1. Great Concept

The importance of a great concept can be compared to the script of the movie. If the script of the movie is not good, then you can’t expect it to be successful. Brilliant acting and excellent direction can’t salvage such a movie. therefore, the idea of a blog article has the maximum importance. An easy technique to get many relevant ideas in small period of time  is to practice mind mapping. Then you can filter out ideas, which you think are good enough for your readers. Remember, even if it takes 1 or 2 hours to conceptualize your articles, it is still worth the effort, because the quality of the article highly depends on it.

2. Remarkable Content

You all might know, that character without substance is nothing. Similarly, an article with content that does not provide value makes an article completely useless. Maintaining a decent quality of articles is important if you want to come near the point of delighting your readers. You can compare quality content with brilliant acting and excellent direction in movies. These two things can make a movie from a hit to a bumper hit. Quality content can do the same by converting an average looking article into a brilliant post.

3. Design

Creating a magnificent visual appearance for your blog has become a prerequisite for the blogs of today. In the race of standing out from others, you have to brand your website and also improve the overall user experience. All this helps in creating a better first impression which can increase the visitor to reader conversion ratio. Also a great design can convert your satisfied readers into happy readers.

4. Discussion

All the three dimensions i have mentioned above have become a common thing in blogs of today, but you have to be one step ahead and that is where the next two dimension come into picture.

A blog can become a great place for learning if it is followed by and intense debate and discussion. The discussion solves many of your reader’s problems and it also helps in your broadening your horizon. As you are exposed to different minds, you gain a broader perspective about a particular situation.

5. Inspiration

Delivering Content just for the sake of it, is not good if you want to become a pro blogger. The content should take your readers by surprise. They should be awestruck. They should be inspired by you to improve something in their own life, which might lead to a great development in the reader’s life. The purpose of blogging in my view is to share knowledge which then can be employed by others in their life. If the concepts you write, cannot be implemented, then they are of no use to your readers.

Now, you are aware  of all the five dimensions of a blog. It is upto you to decide whether you want your blog experience to be 2D, 3D or 5D. The more the diomensions you are able to provide to your readers, the more readers you will get on your blog.

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  • I had never even heard of 4D nevermind 5D. I really need to get out and see a film in a cinema more often.

    Back on topic, I think my blog would be classed as 2D, what do you think?

    • Lol, yep, blogs so far would fit into the 2d category. Will be interesting to see how the 3d technology market will change things xD, 5d, don’t know about, if only when you read blogs it’s like wow and your whole environment changes around you ;P

    • I think you might think of it as 2D, but actually might be 3D. Plus if it is not, why not make it a 5D blog. What do you think of that?

      • Sounds like a good idea 😛 ohhhh, i just realized, 5D and their’s 5 blog tips. xD

  • Yes after reading this post I aiming to make my blog 5d. How u got this 5D idea? Nice one. Remarkable content is the most important Dimension I feel. One more thing The post is dated as August 8th but I saw the post only today. See to it. Anyway one more nice post. Well Done.

    • I got this idea after watching a 5D movie. Sometimes, some things might inspire you to write something truly unique and i hope this becomes a regular feature at this blog.

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  • Remarkable content is needed for any blog as without it ,its just useless

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