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One of the amazing things about blogging is that there is so much information that different bloggers are willing to give away in order to help someone. The sad side to all this is that people don’t take blogging seriously as a great source of knowledge and information. It is something that, although used by millions of companies and people worldwide, is not seen as something trustworthy and so therefore lost amongst the other millions of web sites providing information. Here are some of the best tips and ways towards using blogging as the ultimate guide and source of information on the internet. Forget using conventional means of finding information, blogging offers heaps and is great because it comes directly from real people and not just organizations trying to sell things.

Blogging as a wealth of news:

Although i still use Google as my search provider in Firefox, i changed my home page in my browser to Google blog search. Information that comes from static websites are often old and outdated so using Google blog search I can get information on the exact news that is taking place at the time through the eyes of real people. Because of this, blogging is a great tool for finding out what is happening in the world at the current time.

Blogging as a source for schooling:

The amazing thing about blogging and its web 2.0 nature is the ability to have comments below each post. Because of this, for example if you are doing a research assignment then you can see what is being discussed about the topic at that time and also the readers opinions on it. Blogging can also mean you can get in direct contact with the author and find out more about what they have to say about a topic, which can provide more insight on a topic than an unbiased newspaper article.

Using blogging for work:

Blogging offers endless possibilities when it comes to finding work. Because of blogging being constantly refreshed with new articles you can subscribe to their rss feed and keep updated with new jobs and work now on offer. Because blogging has the ability to leave comments, you may get the readers opinions on what a good job may be or what the job is all about. This can save you heaps of time and it can avoid you the trouble because you can have it directly accessible through the Rss feed and you can get comments directly from the readers and also the author.

Using blogging for money:

Blogging has the ability to allow you to make money in itself. Making money through blogging, although not particularly easy is a great  way to do a work at home Job. Even better, there is so much information and people willing to help you throughout your blogging career. A wealth of information when it comes to other bloggers willing to help you.

Blogging for holidays:

It you have decided to go on holidays then blogging is the ultimate wealth of information. Unlike other websites which rather try to sell you their holidays by saying they are so amazing, if you go and read the blogs people have written then you will get a good idea of the experiences other people have had and whether the trip was worth it or not.

Blogging for training:

Because blogging is organized into separate posts from different dates. It is such a great way to get training or guides towards something. For example, when I started learning Japanese, I found heaps about learning the language a great way because they were written by good people and the posts where organized into specific dates.


Blogging is the ultimate Source and wealth of information: there is so much knowledge you can gain From it. Move aside static websites, blogging is the better way of the web. Blogging’s social and regularly updated content means that we can find out exactly what people think of things.

  • Great post! I’m relatively new to blogging, but I can certainly see its value. Not static, like a website, More current, and with comments, more interactive. I’m a power Twitter user @ptaylor98 and I use Twitter to distribute updated links to my blog posts. I totally agree with your post.

    • I don’t think I’ll be able to go back to static websites after blogging 🙂 They are just so much better and have can do so much more.

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  • Great points you have listed for blogging, sometime I feel blog might had faster information then Google alone at certain point.

  • Interestingly enough, between blogging and twitter, there is no other source of news media needed. I agree with everything you mentioned about blogging, especially the bit on learning. I learn more daily about spiritual, family, business, and health through blogs than anywhere else. Awesome!

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    Good thought.