What Would You Do If You Had 10000$ in your Account

What would you do with 10000$

Some of the bloggers out there are only for money and some are still finding out how to blog. They also want to buy certain blogging products but they aren’t able to do so because of the huge money crunch. But, what if you had hit jackpot and got 10000$ in a instant of time. Wouldn’t that be a great feeling.

Having 10000$ and the freedom of using it the way you want. That is situation that I want you to consider.  I know you could a lot of things with that huge sum of money, but I would like to know, how would you use the money to improve your blog in any sense. The possibilities are endless and that is why I would like you to comment and tell me, how you are going to spend this huge amount of money.

I would start off with myself. If I get 10000$ hard cash, I would buy a great pc (more of a dream machine – the most expensive of all pcs and laptops) – so that blogging becomes more fun. I would like to buy an Xbox so that I am able to avert the writer’s block.

I would try to remove all the activities that consume a lot of my time. I will outsource the blog promotion work to others. Also, I would like my blog to grow at a faster rate, so, I would spend a major chunk in advertising my blog at big sites.

I would like to hire a designer, so that I don’t have to do every little modification to my blog and waste a lot of time correcting my blog design. I would also hire a blog manager so I am only responsible for managing these people and writing content, rest is all outsourced.

If I still have some money left with me, then I might use it for personal reasons but that would be my least priority because I love my blog.

Now it’s your chance to spill the beans, what would you do if you had 10000$ in your bank account and you had to spend it on your blog?

  • Good question. If I *had* to spend it on something blog related, I don’t know actually. I would probably outsource some articles and see if I can grow the blog through that way, since I don’t think it’ll be worth spending it on advertisement, if I can’t provide more content anyway.

    But I don’t know to be honest, never really thought about it.

    • Klaus,
      I think 10000$ is a good amount to invest and outsourcing content can be a top choice and you can then concentrate on marketing your articles.

      You will get your money back by adverrtising and then it would become a cycle and you would end up getting profits for your blog

  • Well, the last thing I would do is buy an XBox, unless you intend to resell and win some extra cash. The truth is that if we are focusing on niche blogs, then the first thing that would, in the following order, would be: Buy a dedicated server for a couple of years (what you’d spend at least 4000 USD), then a contract graphic designer to make me a design to my taste, my way (spend around 200 USD), then obviously buy advertising on many blogs that help me get more traffic and new readers / followers (could invest 3800 USD, because is a very important). I still have 2000 USD, which could hire a couple of months some bloggers to write quality content for my blog.

    Everything is included in an investment that will ultimately bring us all know that sometimes very much more than 10000 USD. Just have a lot of faith, perseverance and ability to choose your suppliers.

    Something that would not do anything for my blog is to write original, with which I began in this world. Particularly I have a sentimental attachment that forces me to keep it always up Instit.

    It is my humble opinion.

    PD. Perhaps, if I buy an Xbox for resale, this could double the money, and buy a PC and leave money for the blog. It is a way to monetize and maximize the money we have in hand.

    • Kevin, I thought of buying an XBox because it can help me get rid of the writer’s block, which is a condition that I face each day. I am not looking for a resale.

      I think your plan is good and it would be good to buy a dedicated server, so that you don’t have a problem with high traffic.

  • Well, hmm nice question. 10.000 are not enough to quit working or dropping out of school so I would use it to bring myself into a position to do that in the future. Advertising is a good idea but I would invest it longterm not all at the same time. If I didn’t had that already I would buy at least two big screen displays to have more screen real estate (it really makes working on the computer so much more productive).

    Other than that I don’t know.

    • Sebastian,
      I think 10000$ is not a mega prize, but it is big and you can start a profitable business with it, if you are ready to invest your time and money in the right places

  • I totally agree with you Gautam! I’m sure will hire a designer to help me to design my blog. At the same time, i will buy some blogging software to try and use. I’m sure this will make the blogging more fun. 🙂

    • KS, I would love to buy some products which are wa expensive and I would like to learn some more.

      Design is not my thing, so hiring a designer would be my first choice.

  • Gautam, if I had that kind of money and was going to spend it on blogging. You pretty much do what I would do. Even though I am a designer. I would prefer designing for my clients, and outsource to design to a high end wordpress designer. I would also pay a marketer / copywriter to help with marketing the blog maybe even pay for a staff of bloggers to write some killer posts.

    • You have an upper hand on the design part, so you don’t have to hire a designer. But, content and marketing are two things that you have to spend your money

  • Gautam, I’m right there with you~!

    First: I would DEFINITELY buy a new laptop and make sure everything is backed up properly on an online host.

    Second: I would buy the Thesis license for multiple sites. I really am curious about the SEO benefits people are gaining by using it. I am, too, tired of the design/redesign of my blogs.

    Third: Advertising~! I would buy an ad on your site and a few more =)

    Just bought a Wii Fit Plus for diversion & weight loss…I think I better blog about it =)
    Great post, Gautam~!
    Anita @ModelSupplies

    • Anita, I think laptop or a dream machine is the first thing on your mind.

      I have a suggestion for you – Use thesis only if you have a designer or you can design your blog – else it would be good to buy a premium theme. Thesis will not look good, if you don’t design it properly

      • Thank you! The last thing I need is something else eating into my already splintered time! I thought Thesis helped cut through that! If you have any specific suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated since you know my blog. I will soon post my writer’s block post. lol Thank you SO MUCH for helping me avoid a costly mistake, Gautam!
        Anita @ModelSupplies

  • I would use the $10K and use it for living expenses for 5 months. That way I could quit my job and focus 100% on my blog and my blog only.

    This leverage of time I think would pay huge dividends long term for my blog. That’s what I would do!

    • Good one, use the money to sustain a living and then work hard on your blog and then make a business out of it. this would be a dream scenario.

  • I will buy the entire tool that support to accelerate my blogging — including the outsourcing of course.

  • Whoa cool question man.

    I would spend the money on advertising my website. I would also outsource some work. I would also get some work done on designing.

    I would also buy a high end notebook (currently I have an inspiron 1564, which PC do you have Gautam?).

    I would buy a high end mobile too.

    By the way Gautam, I do not think you can get that much done by $10,000 (blog manager and all).


  • Great question there.

    I’ll get a dedicated server for my blogs and start advertising! 😀

    • Dedicated server is on my list too, I forgot to write about it – but it is definitely a must buy if you have that kind of money

  • Good work Gautam! I’ve been following you for some time and finally added you to my lists today! 🙂

    I’d spend 30% on charities I support. May be upgrade my computer. Get myself a new digital camera. Bring my mum to Japan or HK for a holiday. The rest is to save for rainy days.

    • Kelly,
      Giving money to charity is a noble initiative and I fully support it. I want to do the same, but I would like to wait when I become a six figure blogger, then I would contribute towards charity

  • great question..

    I will grab a great pc with GT-25 steering.(So I can play car game in free or boring time).Another importing thing I will do is advertise at popular site and make a contents to gain more traffic and subscriber..

    • Now, that is what I want to hear, some odd gaming, so that I you are able to get over the blogging stress. Atleast someone agrees wit me 🙂