The Process of Becoming a Good Blog Writer

Think of Blog Writing as a Continous Process

Good Blog Writing is one of the essential attributes of a great blogger. You can take any A-list bloggers for that matter and you will see that there style of writing might be unique but the quality of writing is up to the mark.

It doesn’t mean that an average or poor writer cannot be good blogger. This is a fact, some good bloggers were not good writers, but they improved in their blogging journey. Blogging is a process which evolves us as human beings. If you are an experienced blogger, you might have noticed that blogging teaches you many lessons. These can be life lessons as well. Blog Writing is one among the many lessons you learn from blogging.

I know I am not a very good writer, but the scenario 3 years back was grimmer than it is now. I had to waste a day to write a 100-200 word article and that was the best output I was able to get out of myself. Also, my writing was not good and at that point of time I didn’t care about any grammatical and typographical mistakes. But, now the situation has completely changed and I am able to write long blog posts in a matter of few hours and which are almost free from errors.

Now, you can see that I have evolved as a writer from blogging and I am still evolving. This can happen to you too!

Similarly, blog writing is a process and each and every person is capable of becoming a good writer if he or she takes the right direction. If bloggers follow the right techniques, they will become better writers in a short period of time.

Improve Your Vocabulary

Most bloggers have a very limited set of words that they employ in their writing. This is because they have poor vocabulary. A great way to increase your vocabulary is to perform a simple technique while reading. Whenever you find a word that you haven’t seen before, note it down on a piece of paper. Once you have a list of some of these words in the end of the day, you can refer to the dictionary and find the meanings of each word. I personally use Oxford Dictionary for English vocabulary, but you can also use refer to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary which is equally good. Also, you can note down the words and their respective meanings in a workbook which you can refer each day and then memorize each word. This daily habit will help you build your vocabulary.

Correcting your grammar

Learning grammar is really important for conveying your message. Grammar helps to create a flow of writing. An error in the placement of a full stop or any punctuation can entirely change the meaning of the sentence. I don’t mean that you have to become a master of grammar, but you should try to learn the basics. If you are able to manage that, you will be assured that you are able to convey your message properly. You can refer any good online resources for improving your grammar.

Read Other Blogs, News and Magazines

Learn how to write by analyzing how other renowned writers write. The first place to find great pieces of writings are newspapers and magazines. These articles are free from any errors (They are edited before they are published) and they can teach you how to structure your thoughts and convert it into a presentable piece that is understood by your readers.

Also, you should refer to other blogs and analyze their writing. Compare it with yours and see what you are doing wrong and you have to make sure that you take a corrective action.

Experiment with your Writing

I know it might sound a little odd, but experimentation is really important to find the writing that works for your readers. Each blogger has a unique style because each of them has a different audience. You have a different reader base too, so you should try to vary your writing and monitor their responses. The ones that work best for you, should be your permanent style of writing.

Following each and every step of this writing process is equally important, if you really want to become a good writer.

What do you think about your writing? Self-Inspect and tell me about your positives and negatives.

  • Two items which go hand in hand are reading and writing. Read difficult books you normally wouldn’t pick up such as heavy text books or technical books. Try to write every day and you’ll find it more easily flows from your mind to the screen.

    • Murlu, you are spot on! The flow of writing is found after practicing multiple times and reading heavy textbooks and reading material

  • I agree with you.Two important thing,writing and reading..
    but I am not good in grammar,so where can I start learning (Online)

    • You can try searching for english grammar in google. You will definitely find good resources there.

      • ok,thanks for the info,I will search at google and improve my grammar..

  • Great tips Gautam.

    I think I need to improve my vocabulary, as sometimes I find it hard to properly write my thoughts. I use to increase my vocabulary.


    • do you think we can also use thesaurus to improve our vocabularies?

      • Yes, thesaurus is just a tool, rest is all practice. I have provided u with some tricks. They helped me increase my vocabulary.

        It may work for you too 🙂

    • Nabeel, that is a good one, using online resources is better than books for some who are comfortable in using the internet

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  • you are write…my vocabulary is getting worst day by day….now m workin on it

    • Vocabulary gets worse when you don’t practice. If you start practicing, you will get over the problem.

  • Hey Gautam
    I loved that post. I am new to blogging and striving to improve as time goes on. I think the more you write, the more you want to write and the better the writing gets! Love your articles.

  • The process of becoming a good blog writer seems to be a big process. We have to keep on updating our knowledge on what we blog about and as u say vocabulary is important. But I have doubt whether English speaking countries really consider a blog of low value if English is bad. I feel that Indian bloggers are giving more importance to vocabulary than required. Experimenting with writing is definitely a great point. I am also trying to improve the way I write but still I am not satisfied. A nice informative post. Great work

  • Great suggestion about improving vocabulary.

    I have a blogging friend who reads “intellectual” business books in their area of experience, and learns new words like that. I think it’s an awesome idea to expand your vocab. It really can make you an original blogger.

    Thanks Gautam 🙂

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  • Love this! I’m still contimplating how good or how bad my writing skills are. I’ll admit that practice does make perfect. The more and more I write the better I seem to be getting, and of course it all comes from reading more and writing more.

    Good stuff!

  • rndtechnologies786

    Nice thought.