Subscribe and Tweet to Win 100$ in Cash Blogging Contest

It has been a long time that I have organized contests at Blog Godown. I love the energy and excitement around the contest and so I love to organize contest. This time the contest is pretty simple to enter, so you all have an equal chance and anybody can give it a try..

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How To Enter

As I said, this contest is pretty simple. You just have to do two things

  1. You have to subscribe to this blog by email. To make this simpler, I have added a signup form below:
Enter your email address:

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Note: Make sure that you confirm your subscription via email

  1. You have to tweet the following

Subscribe and Tweet to Win 100$ in Cash #Blogging #Contest

After you have subscribed and tweeted, please comment with your twitter status to confirm your participation

That’s it.

How Will The Winners Be Decided.

A person will be selected randomly using from the contest participants who will be awarded the cash prize via paypal.


The Prize is a whopping 100$. 100$ just for subscribing and tweeting. So, why not try your luck and you might take home a grand prize.

Contest Deadline

The contest is a month long and so, the contest will end on 20th August 2010.