Preparing Posts – Advanced Planning

Have you ever considered planning before you write or planning your blogging schedule?

Riches do not respond to wishes. They respond only to definite plans, backed by definite desires, through constant persistence

Napoleon Hill

So, if you want to be a be a six figure blogger or whatever maybe your blogging goals, it cannot happen without prior planning. Planning is really helpful when you are dealing with adversities. At that time you might see your careful planning bearing fruit and helping you out in times of immediate need.

Facing Writer’s Block

Bloggers don’t give importance to planning as they think of blogging as a spontaneous activity and they try to write according to their mood. But what if you get trapped in the writer’s block and you are not able to write at all. This will seriously impact your blog posting frequency and will keep your readers at bay. You cannot predict a writer’s block type of situation, but you can control the situation by planning some basic backup articles (which you might have written earlier) which can be used in times of utmost need (like this one).

Time Management

There will be times in your blogging career where you might have a full day for blogging and there will be times when you have a few minutes.

If you don’t plan wisely and manage time properly, you are going to lose on articles for your blog.

If you have a full day for blogging, why not write 2-3 articles for that day? You might as well use the spare time to some good use rather than just checking out your analytics or the amount you earned (I know that’s important, but content should be your first priority).

You can treat the extra articles as backup articles. I call them backup articles because they prove to be useful when you are usually facing a time crunch.

Guest Blogging – More Free Time

Guest blogging is great!. You get some free content in exchange for the exposure the blogger gets. When you receive a guest article, you have to write for one less day or week. This means more spare time. Why not motivate yourself and start writing.

Listen, more content never goes waste. If you’re articles start piling up, then you can use them as guest articles for other blogs. Or you can start a new side blog of the same niche and publish these articles on the new blog.

Taking Breaks from Blogging

We bloggers are real people, like you and me. We love to spend time and have fun with our friends and family. We love to go on vacations. But, what if we have to go for long vacations? What would happen to our blogs? Will it be totally abandoned?

If we had some articles ready beforehand, we could have scheduled it and still had fun. No one would notice the difference that you have gone for the vacation and you will still be retaining the readers of your blog.


Planning articles does not mean that you have to write full articles. Writing notes on a piece of paper is also a part of the planning process.

Whenever you have a Eureka! moment, you can write your ideas on a piece of paper. The next time you can do the mind mapping and add some basic points to it. Basically, you can follow a logical sequence of writing so that you have a mix of fully prepared and semi-prepared articles. This logical sequence can be your blog posting workflow or any other technique you follow.

The semi-prepared articles can reduce the time to write an article by almost 90%. This means that if you have very little time, you can still think of completing an article.


According to me, planning ahead is a wise choice. But what do you think about it?

  • I do the same thing Gautam.

    When inspired I write as many posts as possible. I keep them saved in my draft folder to ensure a steady flow of posts on a daily basis.

    “Life” intervenes. It’s always good to have at least a few back-up posts handly when you don’t have the time to write each day.

    I appreciate the Napoleon Hill quote….well done 😉


    • Ryan,
      Seriously I was one of those people who thought of writing as we go. But I learnt the lesson when I had very little to post an article and so, I had to skip the idea of doing it.

      Whereas, now, I have backup articles which come in handy when I don’t have any time 🙂

  • Wow great advice Gautam.

    I agree. Planning can help a long way. It also gives direction and purpose to your career.

    Thanks for mentioning the tip for advanced planning for posts. I had not heard this before, so this will surely help a lot!


    • Nabeel,
      It’s the tip that came in handy for me , so it is a bit of my personal experience. I hope it helps you in becoming a better blogger

  • Tia

    I love the idea of writing when the inspiration hits. What I usually do is take that energy and put it into article marketing to increase back links.

    I keep a mental list of what I plan to write about in the upcoming week, and motivate myself with series. They keep me committed to a certain topic, and it ends up really working out.

    • Tia, that’s good. keeping a strategy in mind is always helpful for planning your blog’s success. Article marketing is good for getting traffic and also getting some seo benefits

  • I totally agree with the content / argument of this post. There is nothing better than having a prior preparation and planning our day’s work with blogs. Particularly, if I organize my time blogging, and I’m doing well.

    Like everything in life, the more organized and careful you are, the more successful you will, for sure. Just reflect on this. Not have to be spontaneous, because that is reflected in poor quality of content, lack of motivation, etc. Greetings!

    • Actually spontaneity works for some people who are have a good grasp of the english language and have great writing skills. But for average joe bloggers, spontaneity always leads to poor quality

  • You had mentioned important points there!

    Yes, planning and well time management are really important if you want to be successful in what you’re doing including blogging. Talking about writer’s block, I guess most bloggers have experience in facing it however well planning will help a lot to solve the problem.

    Thanks for sharing Gautam!

    • Nasrul,
      Planning – can sometimes cover the gaps and writer’s block is sometimes difficult to prevent and this planning can work really well at that point of time

  • Great post Gautam,

    Planning is always good. I try and plan my blogging times. I generally do not get a lot of time do blog, comment, or work on the design of my blogs. I generally plan to spend about an hour or two at nights while watching TV. I generally have Two days a week where my work load is very slow, and I get to work on my blog and link building when work is slow. When I get the chance, I generally get to write two or three posts that, I schedule for the following week unless its a post that needs to be posted as fast as possible.

    I also think taking a break from blogging is a good thing as well. I try not to work on my blog on the weekends, unless I get that Light Bulb idea. Then on holidays, I generally will not work on the blog unless its just maintenance.

    • Actually your situation seems to be the perfect example of careful planning – you don’t have much time – but you are able to maintain blog by working 1 or 2hrs and that is a good thing.

      Taking a break is sometimes the only option left for you

  • Time management is important. I also experience the same thing what u have said. Some days I fully site before system and some days i don’t get time. So scheduling is really a good idea. Regarding Guest posting I wanted to ask u one question. How are you able to get some many guest posts. Can u tell the secret?

    • Mukundan, It’s basically because of the traffic and reputation of this blog and also people like to be part of this guest blogging community and share their experiences.

      There is no major secret as such

  • Really great tips for new blogger like me.
    Planing is really important thing and I totally agree with what you say.

    Now starting to planing and make notes+mind map.Really usefull.Thank you…

  • thax buddy but still new to blogging 🙁 but im working hard and hard to become a professional blogger 🙁

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  • rndtechnologies786

    Good think.