Online Social Networking – How to Get the Best Out of It

Building a reputation in Online Social Networking Sites takes time. Ben Johnson of Logoinn explains how we can take maximum advantage of social media using simple social media marketing techniques. Join in the awesome guest blogging club and take a look at our guest blogging guidelines.

New resources are created and new things are invented on the internet and people/smart businesses utilize them to make millions of dollars online. There was a time when everyone was talking about making millions using mini sites. Now, social networking is something that is helping people generate more sales than they had ever imagined before. If you want to give your business a powerful push and increase your sales significantly, you need to start networking now.

How Many Days will it Take You to Succeed and See Results?

Remember, there is no shortcut to success. You have to remain consistent in your efforts. Businesses that have succeeded online didn’t become successful overnight. If you rush and start adding friends and sending messages haphazardly, you will soon destroy your image. It is important that your reputation remains intact on social media to enjoy business growth and success.

Let’s now discuss some important factors that will help you get the best out of online social networking:

Communicate with Your Network – Tell Them You Really Exist:

Let’s say you were having a good time with some of your friends. However, one friend is quiet. When you asked him what happened, he began to talk about the greatness of his business. Well, you were least interested in his business as you were there to relax and have fun. However, your friend just kept talking about promotions and advertisement.

Sounds irritating, right?

Well, this is how your online network will feel if you will continue to post links to your products and discount offers. So, avoid spamming, always! The purpose of online social networking is to meet people, get to know them, understand their needs and offer help whenever possible. So, you need to talk to people and let them you know you exist and you are not a link posting machine.

Listen to Them – They will Listen to You in Return:

If you want to be heard, you should start listening to what people are saying. When anyone communicates or posts a picture, you should reply or write a nice comment. After all, this is what social networking is all about, right? If you will listen to them, they will listen to you as well and take interest in whatever you will write.

Observe Your Network:

You need to observe the behavior of your network in terms of what sort of content they post. You need to also post similar stuff to get them interested in your content.

Never Hesitate to Offer Assistance:

A lot of people tend to ask questions, instead of searching for solutions in search engines. When someone asks a question and you know the answer, this is a great opportunity to interact with them.

Start Promoting Your Products Strategically:

Once you become familiar with your network and after people get to know you, you may slowly and strategically talk about your products. If you have managed to win their trust, they will check out your products and recommend them too.

Be Cool…

You have got to stay calm and cool when you start online social networking. It might take some time before you see some results, but you will be more than satisfied with the results if you manage to build a network of friends that trusts you.

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  • Thanks for the info.

    I see many people promoting products on twitter, and the tweet stream is filled with only links and nothing else.

    I think that makes a bad impression on others. I also read on a blog, that even in contests, you should engage with other people rather than just promoting the contest, and people will take it in their own hands and promote the contest if they like it.


  • Have to agree! Good social networkers ►Communicate ►Listen ►Observe ►Help ►Promote ►Stay Cool!

  • Dave:

    Have to agree! Good social networkers ►Communicate ►Listen ►Observe ►Help ►Promote ►Stay Cool!
    Dave´s last blog ..Facebook admits blocking Twitter- but who’s REALLY to blameMy ComLuv Profile

    Great way to represent it.

    This should be the mantra of social networks.

    Communicate – To give your opinions, put your point forward

    Listen – To what others are saying

    Observe – What is trending in social media

    Help – Try to help people who are in need of of it.

    Promote – your business – in a way that is not considered spamming

    Stay Cool! – Or else you will end up in verbal fights

  • Hi Ben,

    All great pointers here.

    The “staying cool” piece of advice is valuable. Even if practicing all the right networking techniques without a calm, cool and collected mindset you will struggle. The web is full of skeptics who need to trust you before they decide to check out what you have to offer. A calm mindset takes the trials and tribulations of going out on your own in stride.

    If you are going to be a link-producing machine, kill ’em with content. If someone hates your content don’t worry. All genius is condemned before it is recognized 😉


    • Ryan:

      The web is full of skeptics who need to trust you before they decide to check out what you have to offer. A calm mindset takes the trials and tribulations of going out on your own in stride.

      Ryan, that is why it is difficult to do affiliate marketing. It takes lot more than a link , more than a post. It requires trust to sell products online. Same is the case with websites

  • Nice edition Ryan 🙂 Love the way you expand, Special the line: If you are going to be a link-producing machine, kill ‘em with content.
    And very informative flow chart from Gautam and Dave, Gautam your Blog is very attractive, Informative and rich in looks, Hopefully will write more in future.

  • What good content that you develop. Each issue is more interesting than the last. Thank you very much for your advice, I hope not to relax your content production. Greetings, and keep on achieving success…

    • Thanks Kervin. I hope we are able to deliver good content so that you are able to lean something from it.

  • As Ben says succeeding in online biz cant be done over night. Sometime I feel that online biz is even more hard than regular biz. Most of the time I register in social networking sites and jsut use it for posting my blog links. After reading this post I feel that I must participate in discussions in social media sites and get an identity. A quality post. Well done Ben.

  • You got it mate 🙂 Thanks Mukundan, yes try to be personal with your Niche. It will help you to win their Trust and lead you to successfully deliver your Pitches or creating a Buzz for you Blog.
    But one more thing try to stay relevant 🙂

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  • A good reminder:

    Remember, there is no shortcut to success. You have to remain consistent in your efforts