Learn how to increase the profitability of your Website with Andrew Rondeau

Today I want to introduce you to Andew Rondeau of We Build Your Blog. He has been blogging for almost 3 years now and he is earning a living from it. He recently started his Income Blogging Guide in order to help bloggers who are not able to make any money out of their blogs. In this Interview I would be asking him about his blogging experience and also some questions regarding his new guide.

The Interview

Gautam: Andrew, I would like to know about your blogging journey. What inspired you to start blogging? Which was your first blog?

Andrew: For the first 30 years of my career I worked for large corporate companies. The corporate world allowed you to work hard and get well rewarded – which I was. I ended up managing large IT departments.

But I’ve always thought about making it on my own. Over the years I was always looking for something that would make me more money!

I thought that if I worked as hard on my own business as I did in the corporate world – I could make it work.

Then, ‘out of the blue’, someone said to me, why don’t you write a book on Management and sell it on-line?

I started to investigate and quickly got excited. I knew I could write the book due to my experience and I naively believed the hype and thought I’ll make millions on-line by selling the book and retire!

This was 3 years ago.

I found a mentor, online, (I knew nothing about being on-line), and he helped me. He told me exactly what to do, and I invested my earnings from the corporate world into it.

I created a website and a free management guide to start building my own customer list, and then my management book. I did all this in the evenings while staying away from home in the hotels and while traveling in the corporate role.

I finished the sales page and launched, expecting hundreds to sell. I sold about five in the first week, but I was expecting 5,000!

I quickly sucked the mentor dry – he couldn’t help me anymore – I had all his knowledge now, so I found a more experienced mentor, and he helped me in the marketing and we created two more products to sell.

Then I got into blogging and created several blogs and more products.

So now I had a variety of products to sell and my knowledge of making money on-line was growing. I invested thousands of dollars in my education, and it was taking over – I really enjoyed the excitement.

Eighteen months ago, I decided to leave the corporate world and decided to take the plunge and work for myself, full-time.

Since then I have created my own course helping others to build their on-line business.

Gautam: As I can see from your experience, though, you had a great product to sell, you weren’t able to make that much money in the start. Many bloggers and online entrepreneurs think big, but they are not able to reach their expectations. What major mistake do they make?

Andrew: Major mistakes they make include believing all the hype about ‘how easy it is to make money on-line”.

It isn’t easy. It takes hard work, passion and knowledge.

They create products that they THINK will sell rather than do some thorough research and what people want.

They try and do it all themselves. You can’t. Find someone to help you who are better than you and more knowledgeable than you.

Gautam: Andrew, you recently came up with the “The Income Blogging Guide“. Before I ask about the blogging course, I would like to know whether you are generating a good income from blogging?

Andrew: I suppose that depends upon your views of ‘good’!

I generate enough income to live comfortably but it is not just about the money…it’s about the freedom. I love the fact that if it is sunny outside I can choose to go and enjoy the sun – play Tennis or whatever. I work when I want to. Sometimes that might be late at night or 5 am in the morning. That freedom is worth a lot more than a huge amount of income…for me anyway.

Gautam: The best thing I like about your guide is the sales page of your guide. It is simple and crisp with all the information that is required. Could you tell me, who all would benefit from your income blogging guide? What can they expect from blogging guide?

Your Income Blogging Guide is a blogging course, but how do you think it is better than other blogging courses already available in the market?

Andrew: In my experience many of the other course include these types of problems:

They take certain things for granted…like your ability to create a blog or generate traffic. You need to have to be technical savvy in order to follow their “steps”. If you’ve never built a web site before, or have very limited experience, this can be one of the most daunting parts of starting a blog.

Many of the courses say, do this, do that – which is all well and good but our course tells you the ‘how to’ as well.

You may be told to “set up the pages for you to sell your products”. What you are not told is the “how to”. We show you’re the ‘How to’ via videos and screen shots.

Very often you buy the product and then you’re on your own with the information. If you don’t understand a part of it, you can usually submit questions, but there’s not a “go to” resource for figuring out part of the process.

Many e-course designers or marketers are more than happy to help…to a degree…but don’t have mechanisms built in for very involved technical help.

At times, you may even be referred to alternative courses designed to help you tp complete these steps. Who wants to spend even more money when the course was supposed to be step by step?

BEFORE, we created the course, we asked our visitors and customer lists what they wanted from such a course.

51% wanted the course to be easy to follow and use. We provide everything you need to build your own on-line business built around blogging. It’s not just about blogging…it’s about getting traffic, building your own customer lists, creating your own products, copywriting and outsourcing.

You don’t have to buy any other course.

Plus, 26% of the people who completed the survey wanted support mechanisms in place. As my business partner, Joel is the technical blogging mentor to some of the most famous bloggers in the world, we decided to go over-board with the support.

So we have a weekly live teleconference, a private members forum AND members can write to us directly (in case they want to keep things private).

77% of our members have stated that the course far exceeded their expectations and our refund rate is very, very low.

Why? It’s all about customer service. If the member gets really stuck, we go in and make the changes for them or have a one on one skype chat with them.

We want our members to succeed on-line and therefore we help as much as we can.

Gautam: Thanks Andrew for taking your precious time out to participate in this Interview and I think Bloggers would find your Income Blogging Guide Really Useful.


Andrew: Gautam

It was a pleasure. Thanks.

If you are interested in the Income Blogging Guide by Andrew, Take a look at it.

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  • Great interview!

    It shows that time, patience and work is needed to be successful in a web business. And proper research is needed to successfully cater to the needs of your customers online.

    All the best to Andrew!


    PS: Typo in beginning:

    “Today I want to introduce you to Andew (Andrew) Rondeau of We Build Your Blog. “

    • Thanks, Nabeel.

      It certainly takes a lot of hard work to make it on-line…well it did for me!


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  • Yes, i heard a lot of things about Andrew since i joined the blogosphere. I know he is making a decent income via online. May i know how much the Income Blogging Guide cost?

  • I have been following Andrew’s blog and I have learned from him. Your interview with him has given me much more knowledge about the ways of a successful blog. Thanks for sharing it here. 🙂

  • Gautam,

    I want to say thanks for the interview…I really enjoyed it and I hope it helps get across that making money on-line is no easy thing…but it can be done.


  • Hmmm, why pay money for something when writing good content and promoting your blog can achieve just as good results?

    • Dean,

      Are you referring to our blogging course?

      If so, I agree – if you know how to do it all…there is no need to pay for such a course.

      Our course is aimed at those who are unsure of what steps to take to make money on-line or want their hand held when it comes to the technical side or want to know how to create / launch / market their own products, etc.


  • its a nice interview Gautam….

    inspiring & quite motivating…..two things can make u successful in blogging…its your knowledge n experience…..if you too good in your field n you are hard worker so no one can stop u.

    thats what Andrew life says…..its a perfect example

    • Kashif,

      Knowledge is important, I agree. Best way to gain more knowledge is to ask…never be afraid of asking for help…it’s a strength.


  • Thanks for taking up the interview,got lots of learning from it 🙂

  • I’ve just started this online thing as well, and it’s taking far more work than i thought. It is good as long as i’m learning. Thanks! i’ve enjoyed this.

    • Francis,

      You may wish to download my free guide. Gautam has a link to it in the article.


  • Great work Gautam. I read the entire interview conversations. Both you and Andrew shared good points. I am going to download and read that ebook. I am eager. Wonderful article.

  • nsmuk,

    I hope you like the guide. Your feedback would be welcome.


  • rnd technologies

    Good blog.