Hypnotic Beginnings

Hypnotic Beginnings - A method to attract your readers like magnets

Living in a metro city has its advantages and disadvantages. The major advantage is that you get plenty of choices on each and every product.  You, as a customer have an upper hand i.e. you have the power to choose. As there is intense competition in the market, each competitor is trying their best to grab the consumer’s attention. You see billboards everywhere around you. Some are good, some are bad and some are really out of the world.

You don’t give attention to each and every advertisement. There are some ads that really stand out and make an impact on you. This impact converts you into a  potential customer.

Magnetic Headlines along with Hypnotic beginnings, if combined together, work the same way and they act as an advertisement for your articles. Visitors are busy people and they might be following many blogs. They are not interested in reading each and every article (they don’t have that much time). They are actually flicking through all the articles. What they read is the first paragraph. If they like the idea, they will read further. If not, then they will move to another blog.

Whether you are able to make it or break it – It all depends on how well you are able to send the message across. If you are able to make an impact from the Title and the Beginning Paragraph, then you have a chance of converting many visitors into loyal readers.

Hypnotic Beginnings are an opening to your articles. Bloggers can use it as a tool to generate interest in the reader.

Have you seen an opening ceremony in a global level competition like Olympics? Isn’t it grand. A big celebrity line-up and many fantastic performances. You should keep that in mind when you are constructing an introduction to an article. Don’t think of good, think of Grand.


Questions are really intriguing and they can manage to generate lots of traffic. Questions are trying to cater to the inquisitive side of a human’s brain. If the reader is able to relate to the issue, then he will surely read the rest of the article. Questions are basically intended to enquire whether the reader has experienced the same thing. Whether it is a burning issue or a major problem. Questions can help establish the connect between the reader and the content.

If I had to start this article with a question, it would have been something like this:

Have you skipped an article just because the beginning was not convincing?


Starting with a quote or saying is a good way to give weight to what you are trying to say. If a famous person has said anything relevant about the same issue – that you are trying to write, then it can help you prove that your article is about an important issue.

Alternatively, quotes are there to inspire readers so that they are set in the right direction when they are reading the rest of the article and they actually follow what is actually been said on those articles.


Yes, summaries are usually at the end of the article. Here, i am trying to say that articles can start with brief points and ideas which will be described in the later stages. It is basically used to familiarise readers with the concept, so that they are able to understand the rest of the article and they don’t end up confused.

Also, readers can make a decision on whether they want to read it or not, based on the summary provided in the beginning paragraph.

These three techniques can be used by the blogger according to his choice. But, bloggers should ensure that whatever technique they use,  they should make it a point of using it appropriately and make an impression which is Grand

  • nice post Mr-Gautam you just rock with your words and articles,each and every paragraph shows your smartness and blogging capabilities.Good job…….!!!

    • Thanks, Jagan. I happy that you think that way 🙂

  • Excellent analogy~! Even though my background is in writing ads, I have trouble with my headlines. Perhaps thinking of them as billboards rather than ads will work better. Thanks for the great post as always~!

    Anita @ModelSupplies

    • Anita,
      I got this idea a few months back, but was not able to conceptualize till yesterday. Billboards are big ads – so basic concepts of advertising apply here

  • Hi Gautam,

    This title drew me in, mission accomplished 😉

    The billboard analogy is accurate. Think of which ones grab your attention. A compelling billboard makes you just have to read it, or remember it for that matter.

    Great insight buddy.

    Ryan Biddulph

    • Hey,
      I guess – mission accomplished – that is the strength of magnetics headlines- that they force you to read

      Thanks for stopping by

  • The title is extremely important – like yours, so catchy!!

    Good inspiration are from famous magazines that have – very clear their titles – to catch the attention of the buyers….nothing new under sun…the only difference nowadays is the internet.
    Quotes create expertise. I like, from time to time, sending some to twitter also.

    Summary: Gautam an hypnotic post 🙂



    • Gera,
      I believe magazines and newspapers have lots of inspiration – you just have to find one for yourself. And you can learn a lot about creative writing from these articles.

      Quotes are expert views so they show that the topic has some importance.

      I see you are hypnotized 🙂

  • Hi Gautam,

    Excellent point you raise there. I agree with you. It is important to have catchy and interesting beginnings, so that the reader can progress further.

    Regarding the summary, I really like Alex’s method over at Blogussion. What he does is provide an intro summary at the top, then a question at the end, then an ending summary, and the key points listed to the right of this ending summary. I really like this, as it makes everything accessible to the reader.


    • Nabeel,
      Alex’s way of providing content is truly remarkable and I agree with you that he is able to make the content extremely scannable and hypnotic

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