How Working Offline Can Help Your Blog


Working Offline can be Really Productive

In this guest article, Michael Collins explains a method which you can employ to blog which can make your blogging highly productive. If you want get in front of readers, take a look at our guest blogging guidelines.

When you first start a blog, you might be able to stay committed, and designate a specific amount of time each day to work on your blog. In the beginning, at least, blogs require a large amount of time before they gain a steady flow of traffic. Because of this, many people get burnt out before their blog really takes off. Most people manage their blogs online. Although that might sound like the only way to manage a blog, the internet has millions of potential distractions. How many times have you been writing a post, only to be distracted by a social networking site, or a flash ad? All these distractions add up, and prevent you from working as efficiently as you can.

You might think it will be nearly impossible to run a blog offline. A blog is hosted online, and most blogging platforms have the dashboard set up in a way that allows you to do everything in one place. However, almost all of these things can be done offline, as well. For example, writing posts takes a lot of time, and with distractions, it can take hours to get a decent post done. However, if you just set your mind to it, and use a word processing application to write your post, it will be done much faster. If you’ve never tried to write a post offline before, try it. You’ll be able to see exactly how productive you can be, and how quickly you can pump out a quality article.

If you use SEO for your blog, you can also do most of the major planning offline. That way, when you go online, you’ll have a plan ready, and you can accomplish it as quickly as possible. If you plan on messaging web masters, you can type all the emails out before you go online. You can plan out a link building strategy, and execute it once you get online.

Working offline can greatly increase your productivity. If you’ve never tried it, give it a shot. For starters, write posts offline, and plan everything out before you get online. This way, once you start using the internet, you know exactly what to do. You can copy and paste the posts in, and you can send all the emails. This way, you will become much more efficient, and be able to accomplish much more in every work day.

  • Excellent tips~! This is something I truly struggle with on a daily basis – online distractions. In fact, I’m here as a result of Twitter distraction!

    I tried to do this recently and had a hard drive failure, wiping out my stored blog posts, so I would encourage people to take the time to upload posts to online storage. You never think it can happen to you – then it does =( Otherwise, this is a solid plan. Thank you for putting it into those terms – Great post!
    Anita @ModelSupplies

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  • I have written a lot of my posts offline and you are right my friend, it is a time saver. I don’t get distracted by IMs on facebook and I don’t run off watching family guy online since I am over seas now as part of my blogging niche. I get a lot done offline and I find that those are my best posts too.

  • I know exactly what you mean. At the minute I am writing daily blog posts. In order to do that, while writing I sign out of my Twitter App in Firefox, and try not allow myself to open any new tabs until the item is finished. Even so, I occasionally find I have accidentally logged into Facebook and started playing Bejewelled Blitz! :-/
    I love the idea of writing offline in Word – going to start giving it ago.

  • I agree Michael.

    This is why I write my posts, training materials and articles before going online. Anything which minimizes distractions is worth trying.

    Thanks for sharing your insight.

    Ryan Biddulph

  • Well it also depends on individual will.

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  • I completely agree with you. Generally I write my post first in a notebook and then I type it. I get more points when I sit with a pen and note instead of sitting before system. But there are times when I refer to other websites to get some related content. But on the whole working offline is definitely more productive as u say.

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  • As for me, 99% of the time, I do my writings offline. The coffee shop with my favorite beverage, or sitting outside on a nice day adds to a productive hour or so.

  • rndtechnologies786

    Nice think.