How to Create a Social Media Ready Blog

Is your blog social media ready?

Are you taking social media marketing seriously? If your answer is yes, then you need to make a move to make it social media ready and get your blog in the limelight. Social media has a lot of traffic potential for your blog. The quality of traffic depends on the type of social media, but it is definitely lower than search engines. By quality, I mean the visitor/subscriber is low compared to guest blogging. But there is way to increase the conversion rate by optimizing your blog. Social media users are always bombarded with more information than they can actually handle. Therefore, to avoid wasting a lot of time, the users don’t read the entire article but scan through it. If they don’t like the article, they move on and if they like it, they usually share it with others. If your blog articles have a bad first impression, then chances are, that there will be a poor conversion of visitors to subscribers It doesn’t mean that social media marketing is a waste of time. It only means that you have to try to increase the conversion rate by optimizing your blogs and make it social media ready.

Readable Design

Before you kick off and write an article or perform any other type of optimization on your blog, make sure that your design is readable (Although, an impressive design will always be a better option). If you are not a designer, you can always buy a premium theme from a good theme club like WooThemes. A readable design does not strain the reader’s eyes and hence, it facilities fast and strain free reading by having an appropriate line size, font size and type and also a readable theme. It makes it simpler for the readers to judge the article in the little time they have. Some More Tips on Creating a Readable Design:

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Sparky Title & Hypnotic Beginnings

In any social media website, the first thing that shows is the title of the article and after that is the beginning of the article. Hence, the title along with the beginning paragraph is of utmost importance, as it decides whether your article is worth taking a look or not. It is the part of the article, which has to grab maximum attention. A catchy title can bring more attention than the old boring way of writing articles. You need to play with your titles and add adjectives that are catchy and are able to grab more eyeballs. Also, you need to write a hypnotic beginning which is able to glue the readers to your blog. You can try quotes or questions in the beginning so that you are able to generate more interest in the reader. More Tips:

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Structured Content

As these social media enthusiasts are always in a hurry, they prefer blog articles that are structured i.e. the content is formatted in such a manner that a reader can get a brief idea of the article by scanning through it. The article should be formatted into various paragraphs and also have different heading sizes to have a hierarchical structure. More Tips:

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Add a Vote Button

Many of your blog readers are a bit on the lazy side. They don’t want to strain themselves by taking an initiative and sharing your articles. If you don’t add a social media website vote button, chances are, that number of social media shares is very low and hence, it will not be able to drive as much social media traffic as it should. You will see your results change dramatically, if you add a vote button (A vote button saves a lot of time, when you are sharing an article on social media website). A vote button can start a chain of social media shares. People see the number of social media shares on the social media button. If they think that the number of social media shares is high, they might be motivated to share the article, themeselves which converts into a chain reaction. A simple retweet button can increase the number of retweets by ten times.

Be Controversial

Adding an element of controversy to your articles is always a great technique get massive social media traffic . Controversy can be straight out, burning a person or company’s image which can lead to many positive and negative comments. If you can handle this type of controversy, then it is best, you do it more often. But if you want lesser bad effects of controversy (negative comments) and more good effects (Traffic), try subtle controversy. Add your opinion but don’t criticize somebody and participate in healthy debates rather intensive name calling. I, personally prefer subtle controversy than straight out controversy. Which type of controversy you would like to use is your personal choice.


Branding your website is essential to have a higher conversion rate. When you present your website as a brand, people start identifying your websites with it. Hence, when your website articles are shared again and again and they see your brand, the reputation of the website increases. The improved reputation leads to more sharing and this becomes a exponentially increasing trend. Take an example of twitip or mashable, they have become renowned on social media due to massive sharing on social media and also because these websites are properly branded. If you follow these 6 steps, you would be able to create a social media ready blog which will attain a higher conversion rate from social media traffic.

  • More great tips Gautam.

    I aim to make my posts as readable as possible by including headers and keeping them short and sweet. The average reader has a short attention span.

    I generally keep my videos in the 1-3 minute range. Short and punchy to make an impact.

    Ryan Biddulph

  • Great tips Gautam on attracting better traffic from social media.

    “Readable Design: make sure that your design is readable (Although, an impressive design will always be a better option)”

    Yup I totally agree with this one. And we can see that Bloggodown has an excellent design, and so it is my guess that this blog has a better visitor/subscriber rate than other blogs.


  • we’ve to be consistent on blogging, to bring in the regular readers.

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