CommentLuv- The Revolution of Commenting

CommentLuv (also known as Comluv) is a plugin that has changed the way we comment. Who knew that a piece of code could change the state of blogosphere. The unique way it gives appreciation to the reader’s comments with some link love is something great. In a span of two years it has gained more than 20000 users. That is a huge achievement!

Now some people have become comment freaks (they comment like addicts)  due to this and Andy Bailey has to take the blame for it ;).

Before I explain more about commentluv, let’s take a stroll through the memory lane.

In September 2008 a new generation of CommentLuv became available utilizing AJAX and platform independant technologies which brought about support for Blogger, Typepad, GoDaddy Blogs, Drupal and Expression Engine.

A support site was released at the same time to provide statistics for CommentLuv members and an easy way for a new user to register and verify their blog (enabling them to have the last 10 posts from their blog returned to them when they comment)

The site got busier and busier and during the month of April 2009, it received more than 9,000,000 hits!! (8 mil the month before and 6 mil before that)

Concept of CommentLuv

The reason why commentluv has become so popular is because of it’s unique concept. Andy Bailey came up with this ingenious idea and Kudos to him for that!. Commenters are usually composed of two types of people – bloggers and non-bloggers. Readers usually comment if they have a query or they want to discuss something. Commentluv’s concept is to encourage these bloggers to come forward and comment on a regular basis.

Each blogger gets the option to post a link to a recent article of his blog to his comment as shown below. The latest version of commentluv allows the ability to choose from the latest 10 articles (as shown in the figure below).


After you choose a particular article, it’s get added to your comment below your comment text.


Advantages for Commenters

1. They can get more traffic to their blog: If somebody finds the title of a particular article interesting or appealing, then he might visit your blog. So, if you are commenting on multiple websites, then your comments might bring you some serious traffic.

2. Extra Link Love: If a blog is dofollow, then you might get two link backs for just one comment. That is a good return of investment (Here, investment is your precious time that you spend on a particular comment). This might help you in your link building strategies.

Advantages for Bloggers

Bloggers are addicted to comments. It’s a daily dosage that they require to survive or else they might quit blogging. Commentluv encourages more comments. So, if a blogger installs commentluv plugin on his blog, he will definitely get more comments in return for the display of links in comments.

Also, if you are an active part of comluv community, then you might get some bonus traffic from the comluv website.

The comluv has a daily leaderboard which lists the following:

  1. Top 5 CommentLuv sites by comments received in the past 24 hours
  2. Top 5 CommentLuv members by comments made in the past 24 hours
  3. 5 Latest sites with CommentLuv Installed (updated every hour).

So, if you are an active member of commentluv and if you comment often, then there is a high chance that you will get rewarded for your effort and you might see some bonus traffic from comluv website.

Most of bloggers whom I know have already installed comluv. I have been using it for more than an year and I love it. If you haven’t added the plugin, then you should do so immediately.

If you haven’t installed it yet, then you are missing on something good.

If you are commentluv user, then share your experiences here. Tell me how you have benefited from it.

Happy Commenting!!

  • Great piece on CommentLuv Gautam.

    I can see the many benefits even though I am a Disqus guy 🙂


    • Ryan, I like disqus – It has the benefit of decreasing the server load and plus you can start a real conversation there. But, if you have a wordpress comments section, then commentluv is a must have.
      I think it was and is the most ingenious idea!

  • Hi Gautam! You have stated all the features and advantages of CommentLuv plugin. Similar with you, i also like this plugin a lot! Thanks for the creator! This plugin encourages the blogging community to link up again! 🙂

    • Yes, I believe it does and hope this trend continues :). I believ that if the commenter is good and adds to the discussion, I see no point in giving the link backs. The only thing i don’t like is the comments that are just used for advertising and are just spam!

  • Yep, a good plugin to encourage commentators. Nice post Gautam

    • Thanks Shah, I hope you have installed it on your blog.

  • Glad to read this Gautam,

    I think very soon commentluv adn will witness a revolution, with Andy Bailey you never know what could happen after a few days from now lol!

    I have just started to buy credits to increase the list of my recent comments, great way of promotion and marketing if you want to link to specific articles from the past!

    nice work!

    • Hesham, he seems to do real great work. I think we might see something new with blog articles or something really different. Andy is a real surprise package

  • Well ironically when Commentluv first appeared I was one of those who refused to use it only to get convinced later on, lols.

    There’s literally just no reason not to use it.

    • Melvin, many bloggers suspect it. Commentluv has been seen with an eye of suspicion. But after two years of mind blowing success. I think it is here to stay 🙂

  • this an excellent article Gautam!
    I’m surprised you didn’t enter it into the comluv contest.. I would have given it some points 🙂

    Instead though, I’ll credit your comluv account with 20 credits..

    • Hey, Andy I am a part of the contest. You might have not noticed it, but I’m actually there –You’re only as Good as Your Comments. You might like it.

      I was given an option to review and what better to review comluv which has literally changed how we comment.

      Before social media, it was my number one traffic generator, so I am happy to talk about it.

      And thanks for the credits. I will use it 🙂

      • oh silly me,of course I saw your entry! I didn’t realize this was the bonus post about one of the sponsors because I forgot I was one of the sponsors!! lol .

        I must be working too hard!

        • Andy, you might need to slow down a bit. I think you have been really working hard 🙂

  • It is more than a revolution. I doubt not follow the way it goes. I really hope that in the Hispanic market take out an equivalent, or alternatively, that CommentLuv released its Spanish version. Thank you very much for such good content. Greetings!

    • You should ask Andy about it and he might take your suggestion and who knows, you might get a spanish version of commentluv

    • I will ask for a Spanish translation soon, there must be someone who can do it.

  • Hi Gautam, superb write up on ComLuv, It’s a superb plugin that I personally think that every blogger should be using 😉

    • Karen, You are loyal user and thanks for stopping by. I think comluv still needs some advertising reach each and every blog

  • I use comluv through IntenseDebate and it’s created regular followers who see the advantage of sharing their blog entries through my site.

    My favourite of all the plugins I have on my blog.

    • That is fabulous Jodene, Intense Debate is a great commenting system.

      comluv has proven to bring bloggers closer and I hope that the trend continues 🙂

      • Is there no Intense Debate community where we can follow each other’s blogs because I love the score system but I don’t have nearly enough fellow bloggers?

        • I donno abt that, but you can surely find blogs that are using comluv in their disqus comments. Also, Ileane is also it and she commented just after you, so, you can connect with her

  • Gautam, first I want to wish you lots of luck with the contest. If you don’t know it already you have some pretty though competition. However this post and the other one combined are a home run and give you a nice edge 🙂
    Just like Jodine, I’m using the Intense Debate plugin version of CommentLuv and it has made a big difference in the interaction on Blogger blog. I’ve added an extra blog and default URL’s to my account. I Luv it!

    • Thanks a lot Ileane :), I would love if you could just stop by and comment with your opinions. It is always good to discuss certain controversial issues.

      I think we all luv commentluv. P.S. It helps in building networks of bloggers

  • Great post.

    Yeah I think it helps bloggers a lot.

    But what would you say about KeywordLuv? Does it have the same advantages? How about doing a post on KeywordLuv too?


    • I don’t use keywordluv, but I think keyword luv is just to bring seo. commentluv does more than that. It increases audience and brings more traffic

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  • Comment luv is surely a revolution in blogging. It create the enjoyable comment form.

    • Dana,

      Yes it makes commenting fun and that is what I like about it. Fun with commenting – deadly combination

  • Yes, I used that on, I like that plugin, I was using Disqus before that, but I am looking to install this plugin om my Blog, Is there any suggestion which one is better.

    • Ben, you can just add the comluv plugin and then edit the settings if you have a wordpress blog. For the rest – ask Andy 🙂

    • Ben both are good but disqus gives a more professional feel to the blog. My pick is commenluv as its really good for building traffic

  • Yes, Looking to add the Plugin 🙂 will do that on

  • I have started using commentluv in my blog. I have read articles about commentluv but I never used it in my blog. I comment in bloggodown often where I saw the commentluv. This blog made me to use. I must first thank for that.

  • I love comluv and can’t hype it enough. Comluv plus dofollow allows me to reward my readers who blog, as well as adds more to the conversation. My readers who blog are now not just abstract entities who’ve dropped a comment, but fully developed personalities, and sometimes what they link to reveals their priorities.

    I agree: comluv is a revolution.

  • comment luv is great this.I installed it on my wordpress blog but how can I use it for powered blog?

  • Commentluv makes commenting fun and that is what is so great about it. Also it really increases trafic.

  • comment luv is great cause it helps you get the back links that you need, so your website gets more traffic directed to it. and also it helps increase your page rank

  • CommentLuv is really a great tool for blogger and commentators. I am really thinking to add this to all my blogs. Your article has lost of info I was searching to know about ComLuv.

  • I have heard the term “Comluv” before but did not know it was the same thing. I do like the plugin and I hope that is gets developed even more, that would be good. It is nice to see bloggers like yourself using it.

  • Great post. I have a one question about keywordLuv and commentLuv. Question is that what is the main differ between KeywordLuv plugins and commentLuv plugin?
    Please answer I really need this answer for my job interview.

  • i really love commentluv 🙂 but im still using diqus..i will change it to comluv soon 🙂

  • Thanks for the nice stuff.

    Using commentluv gives you lots of benefit like it gives you fresh content and quality content as well.

    On the other hand, commentators give you lots of ideas, tips, views, advice etc. to improve your blogging skills.

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Comment Luv.. it is really interesting and useful as well.. I would like to read more from you.

  • this is such a great plugin! Thanks for making it. I wanted something just like this and my sis suggested CommentLuv and it actually works. Keep up the great job! ^^

  • Hey i am fan of CommentLuv!
    this plugin is awesome.Beneficent for both the blog owner and the reader.
    And it has enforced the spammers to change the attitude towards blogging and blog commenting.
    Every blog owner should utilize this..

  • Yes, commentluv is very useful to blogger and blogging community as well.

    As commenting gives use so many ideas, tips and advice to improve blogging as well.

  • You CAN encourage your readers to interact and create a community. In my limited experience this really works and those people who DO regularly comment on my blog appreciate the links.

  • hello,
    I would like to know is it possible to install ComLuv plugin inside blogger as I would love to have it on my blog. If not, is there any alternative.

    Thank you


  • Hasn’t increased my spam, so I’m for it! And it adds to the the blog’s interest.

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  • ComLuv is a fantastic tool which I have been using for my sites keyword link building campaigns. Your sites receive great quality backlinks from high PR sites just like this one. All links are Do Follow and what is also great it that most site cache you link so that your link doesn’t disappear in a couple of weeks.

    Well Done and a big thank you to Andy Bailey CommentLuv founder.

  • Comment Luv has been a great help with my blog. I do receive a lot of automated spam and wish that would stop. Other than that, my traffic has improved. Thanks for the great information

  • Allowing commenting on blog would give many benefit the main benefit is it gives dynamic content to the blog, it would also gives lots of ideas, tips and advices to improve the blog and commentlu is enabled then your blog would be searched by blog commentators easily.

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