Can You Create Your Brand Identity by Starting a Logo Design Competition?

Is a Design Competition worth the risk?

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A lot of small businesses have now turned to crowdsourcing and logo design competition websites to create their business identity at an extremely low-cost.

There might be a few reasons behind it.

1) They can’t afford more than a few dollars.

2) They want dozens of designers to create dozens of designs for them, so they can easily choose one.

3) They don’t know the importance of a logo design.

When small businesses go to logo design competition sites to create their business identity, it becomes obvious that they don’t know how powerful this little piece of design is and how it can make their business look professional and attractive. However, if designed incorrectly, the same design will ruin your business image completely and you may not be able to undo the damage it will cause.

Simply put…Your logo design gives your business a face. If it looks professional, then your business will look professional, otherwise it will destroy your business image completely.

So, here are a few questions you should ask yourself before you start crowdsourcing:

How will You Determine that the Design is Original and Unique?

When you start a competition, dozens, if not hundreds, of designers will participate in it. How will you know that the designs are original? How will you determine that none of the designers actually gave you plagiarized work? There is no way you can judge that. Thus, you may end up promoting your business with a plagiarized logo. You won’t be able to create a unique identity for your unique business.

How will You Determine that the Designer has Not Created a Fake Profile?

If you like a few designs and feel interested in learning more about the designers who created them, then how will you know that their profiles are authentic? I mean, how will you judge that they didn’t copy other people’s designs in their profile? There is no way to judge that either.

Here is an Example of Cadbury:

Cadbury doesn’t need any introduction. It’s a successful company and they have the budget to hire the most creative designers. However, they still started a competition and offered a hefty amount to the winner (it was not a logo, but a design for wrapper). Designers from around the world submitted their designs and finally there was one winner. However, later it was found that the design was plagiarized. So, Cadbury gave the prize to the runner-up.

If a well-known company can face such a thing, then imagine how horrible it will be for a small business that will promote their products with a plagiarized design. Imagine the redesigning cost they will have to bear and then again get their new logo imprinted on new accessories like mugs, pens, business cards, etc. They will also have to discard the promotional items with the plagiarized logo imprinted on them. Just imagine the cost, burden and humiliation.

Plus, all small businesses may not have enough funds available to start all over again.

Is it worth taking the risk? You can very well answer this question now.

  • Hi,

    How can we find out whether the design is plagiarized or not? What is the best way to get a logo designed? And what about freelancing/outsourcing sites like Is that good to create logos?


  • @Nabeel, To evaluate that whether your design is Plagiarized or not you have to do some researches, for instance if you are running a Competition, and you are just about to choose a winner for any designed job i.e Logo, you have to research about the winner designer, does his previous work meets the same standard of skills, check his portfolio.
    If we are talking about a freelancer the best way to hire him is to look at his work how he works usually what he got in his portfolio, what standards he meets normally.
    If his portfolio doesn’t match with the submitted job then try to find the source of inspirations of him. And after all that if you are still having a doubt them do the same thing with the runner-up.
    The best way to get designed your logo you have to hire a professional Logo Design Company, as this process is very cost effective and quick as well, you can get revisions and customize your designs according to your needs.
    I hope you got that 🙂

  • starting a logo design competition is not like any other competition because of one reason

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