5 Reasons Why You are Not Making any Money

Are you not making any money from your blog?

“Making money online is an art” and I would totally agree with this statement. People who think that effort equals money are totally wrong. If effort is not applied in the right direction, then, it is of no use, as it will not bring in any money. But, if effort is used in the right amounts in the right places, it can really bear fruit and make you some money. So, the right mantra is “directed effort equals money”.

Many bloggers have a goal of a six figure income from their blogs. They try really hard to make a buck, but they fail miserably because they are using a bad monetization strategy. This is because they don’t know about directed effort.

Here, I would like to discuss on the 5 reasons why bloggers are not making money from their blogs.

Focus on Quantity

Bloggers who are money centric (i.e people whose main focus is on money), don’t care about their content. what they really care about is the quantity of their articles. Because more articles will get more traffic and which will increase the chance of making more money. But the problem is that if you don’t concentrate on quality, then you will not able to earn money from it. Quality content builds a reputation which will further help in building a community. Once you build a community, then you can think of making money from it.

Too Many Ads

Too many Ads on your website is a complete no-no for any blog. Too many ads decrease the appeal of a website and they also deteriorate the design. The result is: Readers are unhappy and they have an impression of the blogger as a really greedy person who doesn’t care about his readers. And, instead of making more money, the blog doesn’t make any money!

You would not like this to happen to your blog, right?

So, you should try to have an optimum number of ad spots targeted in a fashion that they really blend well with the design and they don’t become eye sores. Once you have that established, you will be all set to make money from your ads.

No Traffic

You’re wishing that somebody would click on your ad and you will make money. But, that will not happen if you don’t have traffic. Sometimes, bloggers think only of content and forget about marketing it. This is a big mistake on their part. Marketing is really important to get traffic. The number of clicks is dependent on the amount traffic. So, if you get more traffic, then your chances of making money are higher.

Sponsored Reviews

Sponsored Reviews are a great way to make money, but at what cost? Sponsored reviews that are completely off-topic and have no use for your readers can be really harmful for your community. You would be making money on your first oppurtunity, but you will be losing out on your reputation.

It would be far better if you write sponsored reviews on topics related to your niche and add your honest opinion to it. By that technique, you would be writing a sponsored post without hurting your reader’s sentiments.

No Email Newsletter

I was not aware of the power of email newsletters and so do many bloggers. Most internet money makers like Shoemoney and Darren Rowse believe that email newsletter services like Aweber are a must have, if you want to make money from affiliate networks. Chances of conversions increase if you have an email list. Not having an email list will limit the money making potential of your blog.

These are some of the most common mistakes made by bloggers. But, there are ought to be many others.

If you have something to add to this list then please comment.

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  • Yeah! i also agree with above statement, It is an art which only few artist know. and its there secret..

    • It’s and art, but it is well known secret. So, you can become rich if you try to follow the right path and you don’t make major mistakes

  • Frankly, i’m not doing well in make money online Gautam. I think it is because the low traffic of my blog. I’m trying to optimize some keywords for search engine now. Hopefully i can get tons of visitors after this. Thanks for your sharing!

    • Seo takes some time. Meanwhile, you can concentrate more on other traffic sources like blog commenting, article marketing and social media

  • I just subscribed to your newsletter, so now I’m curious to see how you use your mail list 🙂 I’m working on setting up a mail list myself but I don’t know exactly how to use it for my blog and how to encourage readers to sign up for it, yet.

    • The best way to build a mail list is to give a freebie. I am also building one for myself. Once you have a email list, you can use it to give exclusive content.

  • Great points Gautam.

    And I agree with all 5 reasons. You are right. If the effort is made towards the right direction, then you will be making money.

    Too many ads: Yup. This is a huge put-off to visitors, and also this looks spammy.


    • Nabeel, I think you are also doing great on the front of making a good reputation for your product

  • I absolutely agree with you Gautam, that blogger need to keep its eyes and efforts on every side of his blog to make money.

    Compelling 5 Reasons & the most interesting thing about your writing is that it’s very easy to understand. 😀

    • Arjit, I am happy that you find it easy to understand :). I try to make to make it as readable as I can.

  • I second that, “quality over quantity is a must”. Great article.

  • Hey gautam let me know dude….
    is it required to install thesis theme..:?
    to get suceesful traffic:?
    Could u see my blog n suggest me a bit:?

    • Shashank, if you need any advice on blogging products, you can contact me via the contact form. I would be able to suggest the best product for u

  • I agree with your post Guatam. To gain money is not just easy even in the internet. Anyone should work it right so that your visitor will trust you. In our term, it should be always in a leagl basis. Your post is very Informative. Thank you…Hope this will help enlighten other bloggers.

  • I’m completely agree with all 5 points.

    I’m the example of this. In Nov 2008 to Apr 2009 I earned around $150 only via sponsored review from my old blog. but cause of some reasons i stop posting in my English blog n concentrate on my hindi blog now my earning is nil

    • Actually, building a new blog takes time and hence making money from it will be difficult. So, in order you should try to esatblish your blogs first. You Hindi Blog will earn money, but it might take some time

  • I haven’t made a lot of money yet, but I have been gaining traffic by using Facebooks ability to import your blog and then Facebooks utility for posting it to twitter. Your blog posts, in 3 places from one post.

    • Ryan,
      I know you might not be making any money as of now. But if you are aware of these small mistakes, then atleast you will not lose any money that you could have earned

  • Ryan

    I keep learning more and more everyday. I’m assuming the more I know when I get to that point, the better. I have 3 blogs now and starting a 4 th soon. My goal is to make as much as my day job withinh 1 year. ( I have other websites and ventures as well) but i would be happy if I could make $1000-2000 / month from
    Blogging. Gotta have goals.

  • Yes Gautam I partially accept with what u say. Quality is definitely important. But at times if we keep on spending lots of hours for a most and if no traffic flows it becomes little frustrating. So what I feel is Quality is first but we must have monthly target say for eg 15 or 20 posts so that side by side we can maintain quantity also. Other than that all other points were really good. Nice share.

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  • One of the tips articles loved the 4th and the 5th point

    Thanks for this article and the blog bookmarked 😉