3 Tips for Writing Converting Email Campaigns

This is a guest article by Corry Cummings,the owner of Content Customs. If you are interested in getting front of our readers, take a look at our guest blogging guidelines.

One of the most effective uses of engaging Internet content is in an email campaign. Since emails are short in length, they are typically cheap to have produced by a content company. In addition, their length allows the do-it-yourself content marketer the ability to launch a full scale email campaign in as little as a week. However, emails are notoriously associated with spam – it can be difficult to sell products or services unless your emails are absolutely solid. Provided here are 3 tips for writing converting email campaigns.

Planning Your Content for an Email Campaign

When you begin planning your content for an email campaign, consider your target audience first. Ask yourself what their common needs, goals and ideals might be. Once you have decided what your target audiences are, you can begin planning how you will get your emails to those people. For example, if you find that your key demographic is mostly elderly people, remember that many might not have access to a traditional email address due to generational concerns. Are you certain that email should be the best method to reach them?

As a general rule, your content email campaign should consist of at least 10 different emails that target different types of people at different points in your campaign. For example, you might have an email for people that have not yet utilized your services and an email for those that have not yet ordered but have expressed interest. Use the later emails in your campaign to up sell or secure further or long term orders.

Engaging Your Reader With Your Words

It is very important, especially with emails, to avoid sales pitches as much as possible. Emails have a very unfortunate reputation for being spam. If the title of your email is something like “Buy [product name] now!” you will fail. Think about which emails people will likely read. For example, use a title like “7 Myths About ______” or “Why You’re Wrong About _______.” People tend to love controversy. If you can create some, you will be much more likely to secure readers.

Using the Slippery Slope Approach

The slippery slope approach is a technique used to create urgency in product orders. When you think about the phrase – being on a slippery slope – you likely think of being in big trouble. You should design your content to address a problem that your audience has that your product or service can solve. Any number of problems can be identified that you can use to craft your emails. By creating urgency in your content, you can increase the chances that your readers will view you as, if not the only solution to their problem, the best solution to their problem.

If you are having trouble with your email campaigns, then you might want to consider hiring content writers to help you write more powerful emails. This is often a good choice, as most companies charge per word, and the content needed for email campaigns is typically short. In other words, outsourcing is usually very cost effective.

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  • What you say with a newsletter is incredibly important. If your readers are coming to your site to read awesome content and they’re signing up to your newsletter for awesome content too, don’t let them down with a rubbish copy and paste marketing paragraph.

  • I love the description of the title of the email. You are right! Even myself will just delete the email with the title like “buy” or “sell”. Thanks for your sharing!

  • Hi,

    You are right. Emails are bound to be suspected as spam by people, since spam email is very common.

    Therefore, it is necessary to craft your emails properly and build a relationship with your visitors first. A great way to do this is to have weekly newsletters, I use them, and it helps me greatly in building a relationship with my list.


  • I’ve just started running an email newsletter and I think that thinking baout the subject header of the newsletter is just as important as the content.

  • Yes the newsletter content plays an important rolse. The readers who like ur site would expect the same quality in the newsletter also, so they should be satisfied. As u say proper title is a key factor. The whole article was really helpful to me as I sell some products thro email marketing.

  • Nice post Corry and one more tip from me: Follow a routine when you send Email newsletter. If you one of those who send Email newsletter once in a blue moon, probably people will treat it like just another Spam Email.

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  • Good and concise info. Thanks.

  • Email marketing is inexpensive and it can produce rich rewards. At Dmarkable! we are used to writing emails that get read and not deleted…….. There are usually many positives and negatives when it comes to creating email messages that convert !!!

  • Controversy is a funny thing. I remember it mentioned that in Howard Stern’s prime, people either loved him or hated him. Those who loved him listened to him for like an hour a day, those that hated him listened to him like 3 hours a day. Not always the easiest thing to create or capitalize on though.

  • rnd technologies

    Good think.