3 Great Ways to Get Rid of Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block – The term that is used generally for writers who aren’t able to write because there mind gets clogged. It may be due to lack of ideas, or maybe due to a bad mood. Whatever may be the reason, the problem is still that author is not able to write.

The problem with the Writer’s block is that the more you try to write or find ideas, the more frustrated you get and slowly and steadily you get engulfed into a vicious circle. Then the situation becomes pretty bad.

As bloggers do the work of writing posts, therefore, writer’s block is a commonly faced problem among them. This can affect your blog posting frequency and if it becomes a frequently occurring problem, then it can be really disastrous for a blog’s growth.

So, we have to curtail the frequency of this problem, in order to sustain our blog’s growth.

1. Structured Blogging

You might have heard the saying “Prevention is better than Cure”. Structured blogging approach is more of a prevention mechanism. So, we are trying to prevent any situation that might ultimately lead to a condition of writer’s block.

Structured blogging approach starts with a setup of a blog posting workflow. A workflow that divides the blogging task into small parts. This makes the task of blogging a little bit easier as you are concentrating on each small job – one at a time. Hence, you are decreasing the chances of getting stuck up. You can refer to my blog posting workflow and develop one for yourself.

2. Take Inspiration

Sometimes, the problem is about creativity. You are just out of ideas and you need real inspiration to make you work and write an article.

Reading Blogs

You can get inspiration from other people’s work. A piece of writing can really inspire you to write better. So, you can read some of the blogs that you like, and maybe you might get some ideas in your head which might propel you to write.


Similar to blogs, newspapers contain articles that are really well written and they are a full of ideas. You may never know that a blog might get it’s inspiration from news articles.


I have found videos to be really inspiring, because they are filled with new and unique concepts. They are always full of ideas that you might like to add to your blog. A funny video can inspire you to do a parody post.

There are infinite number of places to find inspiration. You just have to find one for yourself and use it when you are really stuck while writing an article.

3. Unnerve yourself

Sometimes inspiration does not work for you and your are really stressed out.  Then, you really need some time to unnerve yourself and take a break to bring back your mind into a stable state.

Outdoor Activity

This technique works everywhere. I used outdoor activity to de-stress myself when I got stuck with a maths problem. It used to take me hours and I still wasn’t able to solve it and once I came back after the activity I was able to solve the problem in a few minutes. It is a recommended stress buster and is a must do in these type of situations.

You can take a walk in the nearby park, or play games like badminton and tennis or even try swimming (Good activity for the summer season).

Lighten Up

Lighten your mood by watching your favourite television shows or listening to your favourite music. The point is to really de-stress yourself.

Comedy Shows

I would highly recommend comedy shows. “Laughter is the best medicine” and is indeed a really great stress buster. Relax and Enjoy and remember to Laugh Out Loud.

Give it a Break

You are totally messed up and you are in no mood to write. This is the time when you should give writing a break and maybe proceed with it on a later stage.

This would be the right time use your previously planned posts so that you will be still be able to keep the same blog posting frequency 🙂

  • Hey Gautam,

    Really Great Post. Those are some awesome ways.

    Thanks for sharing this great Post.


    • Thanks Dev, I am happy that you liked it

  • Yes, sometimes we really need to take a break. I will not force myself to write. But i will set my own target and plan to write. Thanks for sharing Gautam!

    • KS,
      That is why planning posts is a must do, so that you don’t have to worry about affecting your blog posting frequency.

  • Gautam, you gave some awesome tips for avoiding the writer’ block situation.

    I think you missed one .i.e. the meditation such as “Yoga” too can decrease the possibility of the Writer’s block.

    I generally, keep my writings drafted & Complete it later on…

    • Ya,
      I forgot about meditation and Yoga. these are great stress busters and people follow it often.

      And a great way to unnerve yourself.

  • Hi Gautam,

    Great tips to de stress yourself. You are right, sometimes we may not be in the mood to write, or be stressed, and we need to take time off.

    I really like your advice on the planned posts, as these posts will help in these situations.


    • Nabeel,
      Ya planned posts are a real saviour in these type of situations.

  • Ben

    Very nice article, I think rest and entertainment is the best solution to avoid that particular sickness.
    The best thing I usually practice is playing Tigerwood PGA tour on Wii 🙂

    • Ben, that is why I want a XBox, just to de-stress myself when I am in these type of situations. The games and consoles depend on your choice, but any game – gets your mind off your work.

      • Gautam, It depends on the game you are playing 🙂 I didn’t say that you play some arcade or fighting games, or other addictive packages, for refreshing and re-grouping your creative thoughts Golf is the best game I would say. I cannot afford to buy a membership in any Golf Club, and thanks to Nintendo who gave that kind of interactive and Physical training games 🙂
        For Writer’s Block your activities has to be a little bit Physical.

        • Ben,
          but if you want it to be something physical, then why not play a game outside – it is also a great change of environment.

          Ya golf is pretty expensive and yes, it is better to simulate that game.

  • Hi Gautam,

    Writers cause writer’s block.

    When we can’t find an idea it is us who is blocking the flow of creativity which streams continually.

    I like your tips and subscribe to each one myself. Writer’s block has become a less frequent occurrence for me…..I’ve realized it’s simply me getting in my own way, which causes me to laugh, become light and generate more ideas.

    Ryan Biddulph

    • Ryan,
      Sometimes you get so caught up, that you need to relax and take a chill pill – this is the time that you should take a break – or else you will only deteoriate the situation.

      So, in a way, you’re blocking your own flow of creativity

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  • Great Tips! I do get writers’ block from time to time! I sometimes stimulate my mind with some word exercise. For example, I make up a list of words with the word BAN in them. (HusBANd, BANdange, BANana…and on and on). And I find that reading news and magazines can give a lot of inspiration to starting a new post.

    • Kelly,
      That is an interesting concept. Coming up with words from a three letter word can be really interesting technique.

      I, sometimes do a scavenger hunt for ideas and I note it down on a piece of paper for future use

  • Hi there,

    As both a fictional and blog writer, writers block is a prominent feature for me. There are some useful tips here…some I already try and few I’m definately going to.
    Inspiration is a great one and usually I find my ideas stem from other articles etc.
    You could do a research session and write many associated ideas while feeling ‘creative’ and ‘in writers mode’ – then ponder them over the course of a week. Don’t force yourself to think, ideas will flow naturally over time and as you are not restricted to one blog or theme, your mood and situation will dictate which theme appeals at the time.

    Nice tips – tks for sharing ; 0 )
    Tina – CG Online Marketing

    • Christina,
      Writer’s block is common problem for every writer and it is a situation which you have to face in certain phase of your life.
      I think Idea maps are a good starter, so that you are able to write easily – because you will have all the points on paper and you just have to elaborate them.

      Maintaining the right flow is required to writer better and faster than others

  • im still improving my self 🙁 so i need your help guys thx again..

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  • rndtechnologies786

    Nice think.