Why Rejection Isn’t A Bad Thing In Blogging


Don’t be disappointed

Guest Bloggers face rejection if their article is not appropriate for the host’s blog (according to the blog owner). Many bloggers are not to handle rejection well and they eventually give up. Karan of Trafficke SEO Services thinks that rejection is a good thing as it helps bloggers in improving their blogging abilities. You too can join in by following our guest blogging guidelines.

Contrary to popular belief, rejection doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. Actually, in blogging, it’s a great wake-up slap and it helps you improve in a variety of aspects. How will you ever improve as a blogger if you don’t know what you’re doing wrong? You can’t. That’s why it’s important to get rejected once in a while. (but not on purpose, of course :))  Let’s see,  how rejection can actually help you in your quest to become a professional blogger.

Guest Posting

‘These days, I’m putting a lot of focus on guest posting. I submit at least 3 or 4 per week, without losing time for posting on my own blog. In my opinion, this is a great way to promote your website. So much traffic potential, so many new prospects, a whole new community to share your content with, all in exchange with the simple task of writing an article. My posts usually get accepted, but often, when I’m asking A-list blogs like ProBlogger and CopyBlogger to publish my content, I get rejected. Not because my posts are bad. (at least I hope not :)) But more because that so many guest posts reach Darren’s inbox each day that you really do have to be a “pro blogger” to get a guest post on his signature blog.

So, rejection happens. Sure, my goal when I sent Darren my guest post was to get it published, but it isn’t really his fault that he can’t publish it, so I’m not angry or anything.

But besides that, when I get rejected, I’m not sad, I’m not angry. I’m actually eager to find out what was wrong with my post.

Was it on a level that the readers of the blog would feel to be too easy? Is the post structured badly? Is the post boring for the reader. Maybe, maybe not. These are all good questions and the only way to find out the answer is to ask. And the only way you get this amazing opportunity to improve your writing and get personal tips from some of the top people in your niche, (in my case, blogging and SEO) is rejection.

So, don’t be afraid of seeing an email that says that your post can’t be accepted. Because, rejection is more than what’s on the outside. It’s how you can improve as a blogger. If every guest post intended for the best blogs on the internet that you wrote was accepted, you’d feel no need to improve. Rejection is there to change that and helps you become a better writer, and as a result, a better blogger.

Pretty much anything else…

Pretty much anything you can do as a blogger that involves other people may lead to rejection in some shape. So pretty much anything you can do as a blogger that involves other people may lead to you improving in some shape. Seriously.

For example, even if it’s a small and insignificant one, blog commenting. If your blog comment isn’t accepted by a blog, you may rethink about your comment. Was it really valuable? Did it add to the conversation? Did you do anything other than repeat what other commentators have already said? These questions won’t come to mind if you don’t get rejected. See, how rejection helps you to improve in all aspects of blogging, and not just guest posting?

Rejection doesn’t have to be a bad thing. And if you know how to handle it calmly and properly, you’ll only benefit from it. Rejection acts as a wake-up-call and it slaps you into improving yourself. So don’t be mad that your article wasn’t good enough for that A-list blog, and don’t be mad if your comment wasn’t good enough.

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  • Right on – just because your post or comment doesn’t get accepted means the blogger is a jerk or doesn’t care, sometimes you just have to step up your game to provide a better value.

    It hardens you to achieve better 🙂

  • Hi

    Good effort Karan. Most of the times the reason being rejected is due to the “lack of thorough research”. Second being “lack of enough evidence or facts to support what you say”. Third would be “talking about the topic which already had enough discussions”. Also mails sent to the pro-bloggers should be in detail explaining why we think the topic is important and what is the effect that we expect it can create among the users. Above all as you have mentioned its important that we have our fingers crossed, with no expectation.

    Thanks again!

  • I also rejected for several time but I move on, write the better article, and resubmit again.

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  • Moving on is always important, also, if your article is not specifically good on one blog, you can always try on the 1000’s of others. 😉

  • Great post. I really like your point on blog commenting.

    We can see everything from the point of view of the glass being ‘half full’ or ‘half empty’.

    It all comes down to the right thinking and mindset. Some people will always see rejection as a downside, while some will see as an opportunity to improve.

    This is applicable in life also. Rejection and problems will come in the way of success, it is how we deal with these rejections and problems, that will ultimately matter.


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  • yes, i always believed that guest posting coupled with posting at your own blog is the best way to go for maximum results

  • The person who accepts Rejection wins a new opportunity. It is the opportunity to find what you lack and what can be improved.

    You should never miss this kind of opportunity.

  • I wll say only one thing “Love your rejection and rejection will stop loving you”.

  • Yes Gautam I have also send guest post to blogs like problogdesign but I always get rejected. That shows that we have to improve our quality. If they don’t accept we can publish it somewhere or in our own blog.

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