Timeless vs Fresh Content

Your audience is defined by the type of content you provide. The saying “Content is King” is an appropriate saying, because content has the ability to drive subscribers and traffic to your blog and also build a reputation for your blog. No matter how good a design is, it cannot substitute quality  content. The type and the tone of writing is the author’s personal choice.

There can be two types of content depending on its relevancy with time:

Timeless Content

Timeless content, as the name suggests, is the type of content which never ages with time i.e. it remains meaningful for a long period of time. Producing timeless content requires extensive research of the topic and also great amount of experience, as it needs to be relevant at all times, which is  a really difficult task to accomplish.  It requires building of quality tutorials that guide the readers and also teach them something truly valuable.

Fresh Content

Fresh content is like a fresh glass of juice, it is fresh and has something new to offer. Fresh content can be something that others are not providing and the website is getting exclusively for it’s readers (for eg. celebrity websites which have fresh celebrity gossip). Fresh content has a very short life span, it is relevant only for a small period (a couple of months or weeks or even days) after it is actually published. After certain period of time, the juice’s flavour gets altered. Similarly, fresh content loses it’s value, it’s relevancy starts to decay with time. Therefore, website owners that provide fresh content, have to constantly update their websites, in order to be relevant.

Now, you have got a hold of these two types of content, then which one is better for your website?

Blog Niche

Taking a decision on which type of content suits your blog depends on your blog niche. A fashion tips blog can have timeless content as well as fresh content, but a news website has to have fresh content.

Similarly, certain niche areas demand the content to be fresh and new, whereas some niche areas require timeless content or a mixture of both. The type of writing to a large extent is dependant on the niche of your blog/website and hence, considering your blog niche is a top priority when you are deciding between these two types of content.

Targeting Subscribers

If you are targeting subscribers which have subscribed to your blog for fresh articles, then fresh content is a better option. Timeless content can still hold certain value for your blog subscribers, if they have a few fresh ideas incorporated into it.

SEO Traffic

SEO traffic usually arrives long after the post is published, as it takes little time to be indexed by the search engines and get a high ranking in search results. As fresh content loses it’s value after some time, therefore, fresh content will be useless for visitors arriving from search engines. In order to keep the fresh content relevant, we will have to update it frequently so that it is relevant at all times. Timeless content will be a perfect choice for SEO, because they will retain their relevance for a long time and hence, they will be useful to visitors arriving from search engines.

Social Media Traffic

Social media is always buzzing with news and latest articles. Social media is a bit biased towards fresh content, as the articles are unique and they have something new to offer. Articles containing timeless content get the due attention, but the chances of them getting viral on social media is a bit difficult. Usually timeless content is already covered by other bloggers and hence, your articles do not have anything new to offer and therefore, they have little or no appeal in social media.

I, personally try to mix fresh and timeless content in my blog articles. It is a modified form of timeless content with bits and pieces of fresh content. By this technique I am able to fulfil all the requirements and take advantage of all the traffic.

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  • I think a mix of both timeless content and fresh content will make the blog more powerful. Now I am thinking on which type of content I should write after reading this post. A real goog post.
    .-= Mukundan´s last blog ..5 Tips to make Killer Paid Reviews =-.

    • Mukundan,

      Mixing up the articles with both flavors of content can bring a powerful blog to life.

      And, you can take a decision on the type of content by weighing the factors listed above.

    • I agree with you, both together is good. If it’s all timeless then people will get bored with your content so fresh always keeps people interested.
      .-= Peter´s last blog ..10 Essential Marketing Tools & Apps =-.

      • Peter, I’ve seen many blogs trying to copy ideas and not adding their insight.
        The smart way is to take inspiration and write an article with personal experiences.

        Fresh content adds essential flavor to the blog

  • yes managing both can drive u lots of traffic.
    .-= Technolic´s last blog ..Iphone 4 The Futures is in The Design =-.

  • Fresh content requires you write a blog post every day ! But it gets a lot more traffic although not much of “loyalty” . Timeless content hits a little bit less traffic but gathers a loyal following
    .-= Sebin´s last blog ..5 Alternatives to that E-book you are writing ! =-.

    • Wonderful point Sebin! I would like to agree with it. Timeless content builds loyalty and hence it can help in monetization of your blog.

      On the other hand fresh content has less chances of getting monetized.
      .-= Gautam´s last blog ..How to Choose the Best Product for Affiliate Marketing =-.

  • On my weekly blog I have begun reposting a bit more frequently and this works for me, 1/2 way through year 3. I gather more ideas and material on a topic in a txt file and then finally edit the original post, change the date to today in Blogger’s ‘Post Option’, and Publish. The post moves to the top and shows the fresh date while the original date remains in the url. I also move the title up in the sidebar.

    My latest post originally contained 566 words, now this update is a more comprehensive article with 1172. Article blogging with reposting immunizes from writers block and is more satisfying to the writer and hopefully to reader. It feels okt. Now I must edit and repost my Article Blogs and Reposting article as there is more to say about it.
    .-= Grampa Ken for social change´s last blog ..Materialism and Happiness =-.

    • Grampa,
      That is something really interesting. bloggers should revise the articles to incorporate latest ideas to make it a mix of timeless and fresh content.

      Updating articles has two benefits:

      1. More Timeless Content
      2. SEO Benefits


      • Gautam I have just edited and extended my article on reposting, and well, reposted it. I’m hung up on the idea now as fresh ideas for solid new posts are evaporating.

        • Grampa,
          In my opinion, you should add fresh article when you get fresh ideas and keep the old articles intact as they can turn into timeless arhcives whereas fresh ideas will get fresh flavor.

  • I prefer to write the fresh content to my readers. I prefer to let my readers to get the latest information from my blog. However, sometimes we might not get any fresh inspiration to write. Therefore, applying two types of content in our blog is the best! Thanks for sharing! 🙂
    .-= KS Chen´s last blog ..MyBlog2Day Contest – $800 Cash Prize and Premium Themes Giveaway =-.

    • KS,

      Good to see you stress on fresh content.
      Fresh content requires research and hence it is more time consuming.

      Once you are short of time, the timeless content can come to your rescue

  • For me, the timeless blog content work great for my blog — I refer to all of my atahualpa configuration blog post here.
    .-= Dana @ Blogging Tips Blog´s last blog ..Good Bye BSA, Welcome OIO Publisher =-.

  • Hi Gutam,

    This is the first post I read on your blog.

    I do see mixed advices here.

    Some people say using fresh content keeps you ahead in the search engines eyes, while as you mentioned it has a short life span.

    But I guess it depends on the niche too, again, like you mentioned.


    • Oh sorry that was Gautam not Gutam.

      I must say, I absolutely love your Blog theme/design.

      I just love the green color in some of the bars.

      You have done a fantastic job with this blog.

      Keep it up Gautam!


    • I suppose you will get mixed reviews around certain debatable points. This article focuses on a very debatable point and you will see reviews from both the sides. You can take one side and stick to it.

  • This is the great post. When I read content sometime back I didn’t think much but now I see the value of it. I guess that is the beauty of timelessness. This post itself is a perfect example of timeless content.

    • I am glad you find it that way. I started stressing on timeless content. I also do a few articles that only contain fresh ideas and information.

  • I agree, I think we should mix both types of content – but keyword: mix.

    It’s always great to just shoot out a short and sweet post, perhaps personal or just to give a heads up on something people need to check out.

    Then you should build these really powerful posts so regardless of the date, people will still reference it.
    .-= Murlu´s last blog ..Trendspotting: Predicting The Future Of The Web =-.

    • Personal posts show that you are human

      Powerful posts build your reputation.

      Mixing them makes a influential blogger

  • No doubt the most difficult type of content is to right the Timeless content. That requires a total professionalism and dedication with utmost basic skills to the needs of readership.
    .-= Hami´s last blog ..Watch FIFA World Cup 2010 Live Online for Free =-.

    • Professionalism and dedication will be the key building content which is good quality and is also trustworthy

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  • Gautam, just wanted to say hello and say congrats on actually creating what you talk about – a great mix of relevant material that your readers are obviously enjoying (based on comments).

    You are even helping others to be better, more efficient and effective writers while you’re at it – great job (I’m a writer and blogger, and know decent advice when I see it! 🙂 )!

    Continued success to you!

    • Hello Shauna,
      Welcome to my blog.

      Yes, I am helping others to become better bloggers (that is motive of this blog)

      Yes, a great mix of content is being liked my readers

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  • Timeless and Fresh together definitely make for a great blot. Many users search the internet for information, new ideas, and insight. By providing both timeless and fresh content you can potentially satisfy the urge to fine information, ideas and insight all in one.

    People want to find thoughts and opinions and by keeping it all timeless that limits new ideas, which is where fresh content comes in to play.

    This is a great post!

    Chelsea’s newest post: Digital Word Of Mouth – As In Social Media

  • Problem comes when a page reaches no 1 on google search but the content needs updating. Risk changing the page and losing the position or just accept that the content is no longer valid?

  • rndtechnologies786

    Good think.