Smashing Tricks to Writing Eye Catching Titles

Mannequins with Awesome Clothes - A Teaser for the Shoppers

Shopping is a fun activity and sometimes you do it just for the fun i.e you do window shopping. In window shopping you are not actually looking to buy any products and that is why you are just glancing through the products. While you are glancing through a clothes shop, you will see many mannequins displaying very beautiful clothes (Usually they are one of the best of the stock). These mannequins give us a teaser trailer to what we can expect in the store (Even though it might not have clothes of the same quality or standard). If you don’t like what you see outside, you will not bother to see what’s inside. If you really like what you see outside, you will be compelled to see the shop and you might end up buying some of these clothes.

A teaser trailer forced you to buy a product even though you had no intention of buying. So, now you can understand the importance of a good teaser trailer

Title – A Teaser

Titles are very similar to your mannequins. They give readers a sneak preview of the article. Readers then judge the article on the basis of this title. If they like the title, they will move forward and read the article and if the title is not able to impress them, then they will skip reading it.

Titles usually get the maximum attention and hence bloggers should use it as a tool to tempt the reader to read ahead. Writing captivating titles is a skill and like many other skills, this can be learnt through a little bit of guidance and lots of practice and experimentation.

I will try to focus on the guidance part and I hope you will try to do the experimentation part.

Reader Focus

Before we try some eye catching headlines, you have to focus on the reader. Titles will catch more attention if they are focusing on the reader. Reader’s are always looking for answers to their blogging questions. If the title is able to sell to the readers that the article would be able to find a solution to their problems, then the probability, that your readers will read the article will be very high.

There is an easy way to find out reader’s problems. The comment section of your blog is the best place to find out your reader’s problems. Readers usually give their feedback and also ask their questions in their comments. You have to collect these questions and convert them into articles and write titles proposing a solution to their problem.

Tips to Write Attention Seeking Titles

I will provide with tips that have worked for me and have brought huge amounts of traffic and comments to my article


What would be a better starting than using numbers? Articles with numbered titles are usually roundups or list articles and they are like a very luxurious Item. They make you want to see them and hence, they are an instant attraction . Many bloggers wonder why these are so popular. I have given a theory behind the numbers but there has been no concrete reason behind the attraction. Even if there is no reason behind it, but it is a fact that readers are obsessed with numbers.

Example Articles:

The 21 Worst Things To Have On Your Blog or Website

75 Beautiful Free Social Bookmarking Icon Sets

400+ Beautiful Twitter Icons for your Website

350+ Fresh Twitter Icons


Adjectives can be used to present your articles in a glorified manner. By “glorified” I mean that you add adjectives to show how good or useful your article is. These adjectives are usually of higher degree i.e they are usually used to express extreme feelings. A Mind Blowing article would provide something really very valuable and unique (at least the readers will think that way). Here are a few adjectives which can be used for your article.



Mind Blowing




Article Examples:

7 Smashing Techniques to Pull Guest Authors to your Blog

5 Golden Rules of Relationship Blogging


People might think that slangs are inappropriate for titles, but the fact is that slangs are the new adjectives  and they have immense popularity. Readers prefer slangs because they use it often and slangs have become a inherent part of their lingo. So, slangs are easily understood and grab attention really fast. Some commonly used slangs are:







Article Examples:

Kickass Alternative Commenting Systems for Blogger

Ask a Question

Asking a question in titles can generate interest in the reader’s mind. Readers can be intrigued by the idea and they might want to follow up. By asking a question you are provoking a thought. The reader might have the same question in his mind and this will force him to read the article and find a solution to his question.

Article Examples:

The Great Social Media Debate : Twitter Monetization. Is it Ethical?

Bloggers: Are You Making This BIG Mistake?

Personal Experience

Blog readers are always looking for a advice that is genuine. They prefer personal experiences that could teach them something truly valuable. Titles that usually use I and me drive attention because they are usually contain blogger’s personal experiences and hence they include genuine advice.

Article Examples:

How College Taught me to be a Better Blogger

Why I won’t follow everyone on Twitter

Do you Follow a Blog Posting Workflow?


Yes, you can create controversy with titles and it has proven to be really beneficial for me. I tried to write an article which showed that google wave has really failed to make a mark. People who were in support and who were against this thought were forced to join in this discussion and push their thoughts forward. This led to a burning discussion that generated humungous amounts of traffic.

The only problem with controversy is that it can convert into an ugly discussion and things might get out of hand. So, use controversy with caution.

Have you tried these title writing techniques? Do you have a unique title writing technique? Share with us.

  • Whoa nice tips you give there.

    I love how you actually gave examples of your own articles! As they say, ‘lead by example’.

    All of your tips are great. I think all of them deserve equal value, as you have already mentioned the importance of a title by the example of a clothing store.

    Some people also use the help of keywords and try to have keywords (through keyword research) in their title (sometimes the entire key-phrase!). What are your thoughts on that?


    • Nabeel,
      I gave examples so that readers are able to see that I am offering genuine advice. I have used these tips and they have helped me get greater attention to my blog.

      People use keyword phrases for titles so that they can benefit from seo. As people are actively searching for it, so, they might be wanting a solution to a particular problem and therefore, you article can help in finding out the solution. But in my opinion you should write for the reader and atleast rephrase the title to make it more appealing

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  • Hi Gautam,

    All great tips here, thanks for sharing. I agree with the number titles fully……they seem to resonate with the reader because the human mind craves order and what says order more than a clear cut number.

    Sometimes I draw parallels to current/past cultural icons. Like “How Seinfield Can Make You A Better Blogger” or “How 50 Cent Teaches Us A Lesson In Persistence.” Stars are usually attention grabbers and drawing a parallel between stars and how they can help you usually adds Title Star Power.


    • I love your idea of using stars for inspiration. I heard one article being retweeted by a celebrity because the article revolved around him. So, if you catch the celebrity’s attention, you will be able to catch other people’s attention/

      Numbers do fire up your instincts and make you believe that there are riches behind those articles. Riches of great info.

  • Hi Gautam! I totally agree with you that the title is a main factor to attract people to further read our article. I prefer to write the articles with “How to” and “number”. Those titles can really attract people to read.

    • I think I missed out on how to’s but somehow i find them not being very popular for me.

  • Great blog post mate,
    I agree with most of them as I’ve tried a lot of them before. The best that worked for me was with the word “mind blowing” in it. I use mind blowing in two different blog post and they went viral.

    Will try the others that you gave.


    • Hey Aaron if you want i can have more of these words compiled up in list. These words are just a small collection out of a big bunch. But remember to use them along with mind blowing content. All of them added together will help you get more attention to your articles

  • Ohh! i forgot How To’s works for me too =D people love how to’s as they can connect with them easily or feel its something they should learn =D

    • How To works for me but i have not seen them working to a level of being awesome. Do you have had the feeling of awesomness

  • yeah..this is very nice post. great title is very important to make our visitors read full article and make some action as we want.

  • Thanks. These tips will really help pep up my titles. I think I was on the mark with the last one by using the word “irresistable.” I will be applying these tips for sure.

    • Sandra,
      Let me know what results you get out of it an share with our readers. It i always good to test a strategy in all types of blogging niches

  • Writing catch titles is always important to attract readers. I love the slang words u have used.

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  • Overall good points. Have to share that the slang, although popular is still offensive at times. So in my niche, and experience, you have to be careful and use them sparingly. You have brought good points again. Thanks for the article. Regards.

  • Sorry, this did not register correctly with my phone. Post number 9 Overall good points. Have to share that the slang, although popular, is still offensive at times. So in my niche, and experience, you have to be careful and use them sparingly. You have brought good points again. Thanks for the article. Regards.

    • i agree with you on this. Using a slang or not depends on whether you have an audience that will take it positively or not. for some audiences, slags help making a connection with the audience and for some it might be considered offensive.

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  • Nevette

    Hello Gautam, I am fairly new to posting and I agree the title is everything. You have given me armour to work with thanks!

  • Hi friend, tks for your article it’s very good and a like it

  • hey really helpful !! Tnxx 🙂

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  • ramfingo9

    Hai Gautam
    What an incredible post is… ! I like it in particular. I expect you will post this writes of awesome post..Since it was the first for beyond any doubt it will be a major hit and on the off chance that I make a second one that will be likewise a hit. The movement demonstrates that individuals are really hunting down it on the web. Much obliged.