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Newsletter Update

You might have noticed a newsletter subscription box in the sidebar. I will be creating a free blogging course specially for our newsletter readers. This blogging course will be a step by step guide to blogging and it will also teach you ways of actually making money from your website . This will be a daily blog course which will start in a few weeks.

So, you should go ahead and subscribe to the Blog Godown’s Newsletter, if you don’t want to miss tips to become a better blogger. I will also share exclusive discounts and offers for our readers so that are able to save money when they any blogging product.


As Blog Godown gets a lot of guest articles, we are taking guest blogging to the next level. We are inviting regular contributors to our blog who will be ready to contribute 1 article to Blog Godown each week. We are looking for contributors who have a passion for blogging.  All the regular contributors will be mentioned at our about page and they will also get a site wide link to their website. If you are interested to be a regular contributor, contact me and I will let you know if I would like you to be our permanent contributor.

FBCL Contest

Blog Godown has been a hub for guest bloggers. Guest Blogging has benefits of getting traffic and exposure to your website which can in turn build subscribers for your blog. I, too have published guest articles at various blogs.

I Recently participated in FBCL Contest with my contest entry: You’re only as Good as Your Comments. This is a guest article. Be sure to check my article and comment on it and also ask any twitter marketing questions you might have. I will be happy to help 🙂

Other than this, I also  submitted my guest article at TwiTip: Twitter De-Addiction Camp in 6 Easy Steps.

What do you think about guest blogging? would you give it a try?

Contest Sponsors

This is the FamousBloggers ComLuv Contest Sponsors, feel free to check them out, also check the Online Contest page for more information. Special thank to Gail our Social Media Marketing Strategist for the great work.


The ComLuv Network

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  • Thanks for the updates Gautam.

    As for guest blogging, you know the answer to that one 😉


    • Ya, I know the answer for that and I your guest article has been published and it has already attracted many comments.

      Guest articles work if they have something useful to say

  • Hi Gautam! I am interested to be one of the contributors in this blog. Am i eligible for this offer? Is there any requirement that i need to reach before joining this author list?
    Guest post is a good way to build up relationship with the blog owner. It can help to drive massive traffic from that blog too.

    • KS,
      I am looking for authors who can write the following niches and yes I want the articles to be almost free from typographical errors

  • I feel really bad that I’ve been stucked in this super busy month that it made me almost impossible to join that huge contest.

    • No worries Melvi, You can always give try next time. I’m pretty sure that more contests like this will be organized in the near future.

  • Great to see your updates and new campaigns.

    I believe guest posts can work wonders and be very effective, but blog commenting can also work very well, if done correctly.

    I have not done a guest post yet, but I will in the future.

    Wish you success with your campaigns!


    P.S. Typo in post: I will (be) creating a free blogging course specially for our newsletter readers.

    • Thanks for correcting me. I think you sould try guest blogging. I give it a go, when I am able to gather some free time from my schedule.

  • Hey Gautam, I didn’t know that you entered the contest. I’ll go check out your entry now. Good for you!

    • No, I found that was a guest article and not an entry to the contest. My entry will arrive in a few days.

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  • I have done some guest posts, but have not seen a big jump in readership. Of course, vegetable gardening has a very large gap between the super stars and the rest of us, so I may not have picked a blog with big enough readership.

    • Susan, I may not know about gardening, but if guest blogging does not work for you, then you can try other traffic sources such as social media seo. If you have less competitors, you can reach the top in lesser time.