Top 5 Tips For New Bloggers

Ryan Biddulph shares his experience on blogging. He runs a great blog on Cash Gifting and he is sharing some tips he learned when he made mistakes during the course of his blogging journey. Want to be part of this tribe, take a look at the guest blogging guidelines.

Are you new to blogging?  It can be a humbling experience.  I remember my first few months in the blogosphere.  Visiting accomplished blogs was a nerve-racking experience.  How could I run a blog like that?  I had zero coding experience and my writing was poor.  Instead of inspiring me, stopping by top blogs was a confidence killer.

I got past these feelings by deciding to stick with it.  If, nothing else, I’m a persistent person.  I might not know how to do something but I’ll find someone to teach me how to do it or I’ll learn the in’s and out’s myself.

Over time, I  have developed a few pointers which someone new to blogging might want to heed right off of the bat.  Save yourself months of trial and error by following these tips.

Pick A Theme And Stick To It

My general theme has remained consistent but my sub-themes have varied.  I focus on a work at home activity called cash gifting and teaching how to use the law of attraction.

Over time I’ve strayed from my topics.  This lack of direction has confused some of my readers.  By sticking to a particular theme you create clarity. Clarity is  powerful ally to a blogger.  It creates order in your mind which promotes a more powerful reader experience.  In addition a reader gets a firm idea of what to expect when visiting your blog.

Practice Writing One Post Per Day

Don’t be concerned with the length or quality of your posts in the beginning.  Get familiar with writing.  Practice makes a person perfect in blogging.

I was terrified to write in the beginning.  People were going to criticize me, I thought.  They’d make fun of my writing style.  This fear prevented me from writing on a consistent basis which was my biggest mistake as a blogger.  To gain confidence as a blogger you must write.  It doesn’t matter how well you write when you are a newbie; you just have to write or you will never improve.

Comment On Every Blog Post Which You Read

My readership didn’t grow significantly until I started to comment on every post which I read.  Virtually every guest post opportunity I’ve received came from writing thoughtful comments.

Don’t write a “comment drive-by.”  Read the post and take your time in crafting a valuable commentary.  A blogger loves thoughtful comments.  They add value to the post while demonstrating that the blog has a presence.  When I see 10 or 15 comments I realize that this blogger is becoming influential.  They probably have something interesting to say so I’m likely to stick around for future posts.

Open A Twitter And Facebook Account

Twitter and Facebook allow you to share posts with your friends.  Most blogs provide a Retweet or Facebook Share button.  Use them!

Since RT’ing and FB Sharing my posts have been shared on a greater scale.  Whatever you want, you must give.  Want to be promoted?  Promote others.  This is a simple law of the universe which many ignore.  They try to do everything on their own.  This isn’t possible.  It’s fine to aggressively promote yourself but make sure to do the same thing for other bloggers.  Each RT or Share potentially establishes a brand new network for you.

Have Fun

Blogging should never feel like a job.  If it does, take a break.  If this feeling persists for weeks or months you’ve selected a poor motivating factor.  Re-assess why you wanted to become a blogger and either move forward with enthusiasm or move in a different direction.

What tips would my fellow bloggers would like to add?

  • Thanks for this. It gets hard, wanting to have a voice, while speaking to all the things that engage you. Words to blog by.

  • Tony Uribe

    Thanks for the great tips. I have to say, writing one post per day seems to be the tough one for me : )

    • It can be, I think post frequency depends on you. You can have 1 or even 3 articles per day or you can have 1 article a week. Choose the one that works for you. In my opinion, quality of article is far more important than the frequency

  • Another piece of advice I’d give would be to concentrate on publishing 5-10 posts before doing any big site promotion. A portfolio of articles, even if it’s just a handful, is more welcoming than just the first welcoming post. Alternatively, put a few articles out in one go so the first batch of content is out there straight away.

    In conjunction with your advice on writing one post per day, I would also urge new bloggers to keep a book of post ideas so they don’t feel like they’ve run out of steam after the first few articles. Sometimes all you need is an initial idea to get the writing going.

  • Have fun is the answer for me. Have fun able to unlock dead lock in blogging base on my opinion. Therefore I always suggest that if you not have fun anymore, try to find it back, and if you can not, you should stop.

  • Great advice Dana. I think the same way when it comes to blogging or anything for that matter. If I’m not having fun I don’t do it!


  • Don’t be scared to take risks as well is another one for me.

    I was too cautious when I started my blog and I really paid for it. Just don’t take stupid risks 🙂

  • Amy

    What happens if you don’t really have a theme for your blog? I have a personal blog and just write about whatever.

  • Dana is right, there’s no real point if in the end you’re not having fun with it. Even if it’s not the writing directly, have fun with networking, promotion, thinking of new ideas.

    • Good point Murlu, fun is where it’s at. When having fun what you’re doing won’t feel like work and you will be most successful.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  • Excellent ponts. I would also add that new bloggers should work on time management from the get go. As your blog grows and your ambitions become bigger, this will be a skill that you can’t do without.

  • I believe its all about developing passion that matter. Once you are passionate about blogging, everything including commenting, customizing the looks,.. all comes along

    • Thanks, sound advice here Jakes. Passion precedes greatness.


  • Yes, I agree with you on that, if you take so much time reading the post you can take a minute out to write a nice comment of the blog so that the writer may feel and know that his posts are actually read by people and not by random web surfers.

  • Great tips. I do not have a blog currently, but I would like to have one. These tips will be really helpful for me.

    Thanks for the post.


    • Nabeel, if you don’t have a blog. My suggestion would be start one and if u need help setting it up, you ca always contact me

      • I agree with Gautum, I would start one today and he’s your go-to guy.

        Thanks for stopping by Nabeel 🙂


  • Thanks for the great post! I’ve recently started to really work on my blog as a marketing and educational tool, and I always enjoy new ideas on how to make it better.

  • Yes Glen, risk-taking is a part of blogging but I don’t look at it as risk-taking. I view it as giving yourself a chance since there’s always something at risk in life.

    Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  • I say whatever works for you Amy. It helps to have a general theme to promote a sense of direction for your readers. If it’s a personal blog then it’s not as important to have a theme.

    If it’s a business blog adopting a theme is a must as this helps to attract a certain crowd.

    Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  • Definitely Gurl, time management is a must. I use the Pomodoro Technique, great stuff.



  • Thanks for stopping by Brian 🙂

    Blogging can be a challenge but it’s a rewarding challenge.


  • Thanks Tony.

    I set aside 30 minutes before I go online to achieve this task. Has worked like a charm.


  • I like the new ideas book, thanks for sharing Martin 🙂

    Great insight.


  • Leaving a comment is an art that every new blogger should learn. If not, the comment will be easily treated as spam comment. I’m still learning about this.

  • Great post. I am new to blogging. For me, I can’t write a post a everyday, I normally do not comment on every post I read. Why, because its not any fun for me. I Set goals for myself each week and I try and write 1 to 3 new posts a week. If I write everyday like I use to it would not be fun.Because its work to me, and I already work to many hours a day…

    As for commenting, I comment because I like to and if I comment on every article I read, that is isn’t fun…To me, Commenting is about being social, helping the community, and last of all its about building traffic back to your site.

  • I’d just like to add to having Twitter & Facebook accounts, don’t just have accounts on there, spend at least half and hour a day networking on them. Start up an FB fan page for your site, RT and @ reply to people regularly to get a discussion going.There’s no point being on a social media site if you’re not actually going to be social.

    • I agree, the idea of creating a fanspage for your social media feed is GOOD! because you probably have some friends exist on your current Facebook account who are not interested at all with your social media feed. It could give them the impression of we are spamming them :-p

  • The first thing you should recommend to any novice is to be persistent and do not get discouraged. Market is, very much. The road ahead is very long, but once you get the goals, happiness is immense. I lasted more than three years working hard to get a computer blog (in Spanish) forward. Right now handling more than 18,000 RSS subscribers and I am therefore very pleased, but the objectives have been achieved (be a reference).

    However, my main recommendation is that. After that, take into account other factors: learn more about the subject, providing fresh content and rich. Never leave aside how important our readers. You always have to assist them. There are many things to try, but those are my recommendations. Greetings!

  • Thanks for the great post. As a new blogger I find it hard to get past the fear of blogging and keeping it consistent. One tip I would like to share for those tough days is to keep a tablet with ideas or topics and try to expand on one daily. Inspiration often comes at the oddest time and you need to be prepared for it.

    • I appreciate it Christine, thanks for stopping by.


    • I agree KS. Over time you will learn the art of commenting with practice and by observing more experienced bloggers.


  • Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    Great point about the social aspect of commenting.


  • Persistence is important Kervin. Thanks for sharing your insight.


  • Practicing to write one post per day is the most difficult part I think. I often change my theme before and I finally felt that instead of spending time on changing themes and modifying I could have written lots of posts. All the 5 points exactly coincides with what I do and some which I am doing even now. Great post Ryan I liked it

  • Thanks Mukundan 🙂

  • Awesome tips! thank you for sharing!

  • I am planing to start a blog using WordPress.So should I start the blog now or I need to improve my writing and other skills first?

  • rndtechnologies786

    Nice thought.