How to build trust in your Blog?

Build Trust that binds your Reader

Building trust is a difficult task. You can build trust by delivering good content and marketing it ethically. The author of the post is Shahul of the UK broadband comparison ( website who will explain how bloggers can build trustworthy blogs. You too can join in by following our guest blogging guidelines.

Blogging has become a fashion to publish thoughts, scratch and sell ideas mostly for money. But sadly being a professional blogger would take more than this. A real pro-blogger is admired, respected and trusted since he is more powerful from his mind. The act of marketing online would be more natural that he gains a reader out of every visitor. I am sorry, if you are unaware of this being a full time blogger yourself. If you wish to earn your daily bread out of blogging or dream of something even more from blogging, better built the trustability of your blog right now!

May be others can stop reading and switch to some other post…….

Clarity of thoughts is what most bloggers lag behind. Don’t start a blog just because you wanted to or because a friend of yours makes good money out of blogging. Be clear on why you wish to start a blog, be clear on what you know and be clear on what extent you could survive.

Not all blogs earn good money or not all blogs fetch more visitors. It’s the power of a blogger and his words that fetches readers and money.

Don’t be too serious, just be responsible. I personally believe that bloggers can’t be serious. You write on what you think- don’t insist on someone to believe it. Write what you believe and have your readers follow you.

Also bloggers can win even if they write about a lost match. It’s not about when you write, it’s about what and how you write. A reader believes in you only when he actually feels that you have taken an effort to craft the post. Instant posts are like scribbling on a wall while crafting is art of exhibiting your attitude towards the topic. However that isn’t enough.

Make an action plan. There isn’t anything like POST PUBLISHING day, for a blogger to write and publish a day. Maintain a to-do-list for all your posts. Keep writing all your ideas- collect materials, photographs, write every piece of information as a draft. When you think you have got enough, write, read and rewrite and publish.

You are unqualified to start a blog if you do not have at least 50+ post ideas. Make it ready and schedule them at least to get published weekly twice in the beginning. So you get enough time to work for increasing the number of posts per week.

Be consistent and creative with your posts. But do not expect all your posts to go viral!

Make your blog lively to ensure that a reader can inhale the essence of a blog. It makes him feel that you are responsible and can be helpful to him any time.

I never feel like reading something which is monotonous, neither you. Images can speak a lot than words. But just photographs won’t do. Create graphs, scribbling, screenshots, videos etc and make your posts interactive. Check yourself, if you have all that you need for blogging.

An internet connection, a computer loaded with ms-office isn’t enough. Being bloggers we talk about tools, gadgets all the time. Use ‘em up as much as possible. Blurry videos and pictures would show your sense of urgency and carelessness.

May be you have something else which is more important than this!

One tip which I suggest is making posts interactive. Do not give out all answers for a question in a single post. Make your readers think. Don’t try to be too smart by asking something that most of them don’t know. Your questions should provoke a reader to search for an answer.

Do not over do things. This mistake is mostly done while using social media. Either bloggers don’t use social media or over do it. It’s not possible for someone to look after and run behind a customer where you find them.

Check out where your target audiences are and maintain a regular interval of availability. There are N numbers of plugins that can help you customize, integrate and schedule your social media works.

Be there to read all the user comments and respond them appropriately. Take time to research the questions of your readers and answer them in depth. Be the first to compliment your and suggest your readers.

That is not all!

Being original is what a professional blogger requires. Sharing of knowledge tends to re-write. Do not write about something as soon as you read them. Give some space. At least a week’s time and then recollect your memories. Write your views, things that attracted you, why you felt great, etc. Now correct your post may be you can verify facts and analytical data. Rest should be original.

I would be more than happy to get your original thoughts on the topic! Happy Blogging!

  • Got some great tips here!

    I liked that ‘Do not overdo’ thing. Because overdoing things (especially over-promoting your blog at social networking/media- may call it SPAM)
    does not give good outputs.

  • I love this sentence: “You write on what you think- don’t insist on someone to believe it.”
    You are right! The blogger will always expect people to believe and trust what he is saying.
    In my opinion, in order to build up the trust, we have to be sincere to our readers. Please do not always expect something back from the readers, especially the sales. People can easily feel our insincerity by reading our article.

  • Hi,

    Good tips.

    “Just be responsible. I personally believe that bloggers can’t be serious. You write on what you think- don’t insist on someone to believe it. Write what you believe and have your readers follow you.”

    I really like this advice, as I also believe that you should never insist on your own views. Everyone has and is entitled to their own views and opinions, so it is best to listen to everyone and have your own view, but do not impose it on others.


  • Thank you for your wonderful and informative post. I’ve been blogging since 2008 … not very long. Nevertheless, I’m just beginning to understand how powerful this position can be. I’m learning more and more, day by day. Thanks again for adding to my storehouse of knowledge.

  • Building trust takes a little time but it definitely adds strength to blog. Shahul is right that keeping the blog lively and fresh is important to attract readers. When making posts on general topics we should not be too intense on our views.

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