Writing For Your Audience – Is It Right?

Trying to Impress your Audience?

Trying to Impress your Audience

Do you write articles keeping readers in mind? Do you think that the content of the blog should answer reader’s questions? Well, then you have come to the right place. It is but natural that you want to keep your audience satisfied and in order to do that you try the old school blogging techniques to target your readers and write articles that solve their problems.

Reader’s Mindset:

Readers are always looking for articles that can inspire them to write better and also motivate them to pursue to their passions. They are looking for articles which are complete and act as tutorials. Also, they are looking for something that could solve the problems they are facing each day.

Blogger’s Mindset

A Blogger thinks of his blog as a product or a service and he thinks that the best way to sell his product is to give what readers want, i.e. articles that help them solve their problems.

Slow, Old Blogging Approach

There is nothing wrong with this approach. Most bloggers use it to attract readers. But there are many bloggers  are actually doing the same thing and they may be more experienced than you. So, if you continue this old style of blogging, it will take you years to be successful as a blogger.

Super Fast, New and Unique Blogging Approach

Yes, this is the one. The one you are always trying to find. The one, for which you pay thousand of dollars in blogging products. The actual key to success is right in front of you. And, it does not cost money, but it actually requires focused efforts. Now, that is not hard, right? It can be hard if you are very lazy in your approach towards blogging. And I hate to say that, but you can never achieve appreciable success, if you remain lazy.

Once you have a focused approach. You need to think about your writing style and the content. I would like to quote a dialogue from a famous movie “Bruce Almighty”. In this movie, Jim Carry (who is the acting GOD) grants each and every person’s wish without even thinking even once. The result: Chaos and Mayhem. So Jim Carry asks GOD, what went wrong and he replies:

People don’t know what is right and wrong for them and you have to think logically and do what is best for them.

Similarly, your readers usually don’t have much clue about what they want to read. What they think is right, may not be the best for them and you as a blogger have a duty to write content that is the best for them.

Let me exemplify this situation:

A blogger who is eager to make money will search google for money making websites which will help him make him an extra buck. He will read articles about the best ways to make money online by choosing the best ad networks. Now, he has got the information about making money through his website and so he will move on and monetize his blog. Do you see something lacking in his approach? He didn’t find out how to actually make money from these ad networks. If he doesn’t get hold of this extremely critical information, he will not be able to make money even if he chooses the best ad network.

As a blogger, you have to take the high road and guide your readers and teach them something new. Something they will need, but they are not looking for it. This approach will enable you to write unique and informative articles. This uniqueness will be your Unique Selling Point, as you will stand out among the crowd. Also giving readers what they weren’t looking for but they actually needed, it will totally surprise them and it will make your blog a favorite among your readers.

This approach guarantee’s success and a very fast one. I didn’t use the word “Instant”, because there aren’t any ways to get instant success. If there were any, everybody would have been successful by now and you would not have been reading my blog or any other blog for that matter.

Now, you should consider revising your blogging approach and think about your writing. Ask yourselves simple questions like whether you are providing the best?, or you are just providing a solution? If you are providing a solution, then you need to step up and write the best.