Why Bloggers should be Entrepreneurs?

If you are anything like me, you would love reading entrepreneur success stories! Naturally, you might have come to the conclusion that you should be an Ex-Googler or a college dropout to be an entrepreneur 🙂 . But there is another category of people, suitable for entrepreneurship, Bloggers!

Who can be an Entrepreneur?

When people hear “Entrepreneur”, most think of BIG money; Seed funding, venture capitalists! Forget all of that, you don’t even have to come up with a company to be an entrepreneur! Nowadays, most of the medium and high profile bloggers offer services like SEO, Blog migration etc. They too are entrepreneurs. Anyone can be an entrepreneur if they have something to offer.

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have to invent something new either! Having a solution to a common problem or finding a way to do something differently also puts you along the track.  Troy Rhodes Jr , a college graduate and founder of MyBookBorrow.com built a business out of a common problem he was facing, overpriced textbooks!

So What gives Bloggers a Head Start?

First of all, if you have been blogging for some time, chances are that you have a loyal reader base! So, while others have to find potential clients, you already have them! Plus, you are passionate about your niche and know what your users want!

The Benefits

Have you noticed Crunch base? TechCrunch’s app that displays info on companies and start-ups. Or Mashable’s Blippr ? They are all examples of innovative services which not only had carved up their own user base (and money!) but also aid the blog! Your blog sends out visitors to your product and People, who find your product by other means, visit your blog! Either way, YOU benefit!

The Downside ?

It is NOT EASY! Launching a product or providing a service demands

  • Hard work
  • Understanding what your clients want
  • Your undivided attention
  • A blog with a good reader base .

Also managing your blog and your services hand in hand is really HARD! And you have to work day and night to build your product ! Moreover the amount of stress and tension it gives you is enormous . So only choose this path if you are ready to face the consequences .

So are you ready to turn into an entrepreneur ? Spill your views here!

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  • This is why outsourcing is always a good idea. Nobody can do everything by themselves. A very good blogger is a great marketer and entrepreneur.
    .-= Spyros Panagiotopoulos´s last blog ..My Guest Post for BlogGoDown.com – What Supermarkets Teach Us About Blog Marketing =-.

  • Spot on! Have to agree, any blogger for that matter, can start his own startup, given that he is willing to work hard.

    Of course, blogging can provide benefits and give us heaps of ideas to kick start new projects.
    .-= Rockstar Sid´s last blog ..Want the Old Control Panel on your Windows 7? Think again! =-.

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  • exactly sid ! Since you are blogging ,you know what the people want and is able to form ideas around it !
    .-= Sebin´s last blog ..5 tips for a successful crowdfunding campaign. =-.

  • Exactly right. I just started my site and this gave me an insight of what’s ahead of me and what I can do in weeks to come.

    Good luck on the contest.
    .-= Gines´s last blog ..Raise the Roof and Win Free Stuff =-.

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  • I abolutely concur that so many have skills that are in demand and hard to find that they simply do not see as valuable. I wrote about that in my post about getting more freelance work which includes ideas on specific tasks bloggers can sell.

    I invite anyone interested in accepting specific types of work to read that post and drop one or more links to what they have to offer in it. If you don’t already have pages that explain it I strongly recommend you do but go ahead and write a long comment if you wish (and then you can copy and paste it into a post or page on your own site)!

    Thank you Gautam for encouraging bloggers to see themselves as Entreprenuers. Many already are – they just need you to point that out.
    .-= Gail from GrowMap´s last blog ..Freelancers: How to Get More Freelance Work =-.

  • @Gines Glad to hear that Buddy

    @Gail Yes , bloggers are one of the most skilled people on the planet but most of them fail to see their potential and what they could accomplish !
    .-= Sebin´s last blog ..Blogger to Entrepreneur :The Steps I didn’t do ! =-.

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  • I think it makes perfect sense for bloggers to migrate into being entrepreneurs. Bloggers have a website, audience, and typically a strong social media and search optimization marketing plan in place just for their blog. All they have to do is take that and turn it into a business!

    The review I did (in the CommentLuv link below) details a great program for helping bloggers make money online through their site. It’s not another get rich quick scheme, but a program that details step by step what bloggers need to do to make income from their blogs!
    .-= Kikolani´s last blog ..Income Blogging Guide Course Review =-.

  • Exactly @kristi and i think the coursework that you mentioned is worth a try !
    .-= Sebin´s last blog ..3 ways to Crowdfund your project : part 2 =-.

  • Gem

    Thank you for the wonderful sharing, Sebin ^^ In addition to develop entrepreneurship, I sincerely believe that blogging is a powerful training tool to build up our business sense, a valuable networks and even a committed personality. Unless we set up our mind to enjoy it, we can’t truly get the benefits out of it.