The 21 Worst Things To Have On Your Blog or Website

Worst things that can annoy readers

This is a guest post by Chavah Kinloch, a WAHM (Work at Home Mom) of four young children – She’s an artist. You can regularly find Chavah at her blog, Creating My Reality, and you can find her here on Twitter. Be part of this community and check out our guest blogging guidelines

  1. Flash – Can we say 1990’s? No one likes sitting there while it loads and then having to click past an intro just to arrive to some more flashing photos.
  2. Music – Please, please, get rid of it or make it optional to start. People will either click away as soon as they hear the music or go insane as they try to find the window that’s making that crazy noise.
  3. More ad’s than content – If your ad’s are taking centre stage, you will get no credibility.
  4. Pop up’s – I can handle pop up ‘join my mailing list’ ads but anything other than that means I will never again return to your site. In saying that though, let me at least read what you’ve written so I can choose whether you’re worth following or not.
  5. Really Bad english – A little bit of error can be tolerated but if it is glaringly obvious that you’ve never had to speak english to communicate for the sake of survival, you should probably be looking to outsource your writing or write in your native language and use something like Google Translator.
  6. Loooong Blog Posts – If it’s going to take forever to say it, break it up. Create a series.
  7. Broken links – Check, check and triple check! Or install this if you use WordPress.
  8. Making people register to comment – You’re likely to lose many commentors if you choose to go this route.
  9. Spam – Take precautions with your blog to ensure as little spam as possible gets through.
  10. Bad content – Reading a post about something we’ve read a hundred times before isn’t interesting.
  11. Writing like a professor – No one wants a lecture!
  12. Lack of images – Try to include a photo in each of your posts.
  13. Caps lock – I can’t believe I still come across this. Caps in text is the equivalent to yelling, SO USE IT WITH CAUTION.
  14. wRiTiNg LiK dIs – Wow. Just wow. Really? Need I say more?
  15. Writing about how perfect your child is – I see this a lot as well. It’s great to be proud of your child, I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t be but make sure you don’t overdose your readers with how wonderful little Jamima is at everything. I mean goodness… I have four. I know the deal.
  16. Your site is ugly – There are some extremely bad tasting blog and website designs out there! Search for a talented designer. I use Swish Development.
  17. I click on a link I thought was part of your site and suddenly I’m somewhere completely different – A reader should only leave your blog if they choose to.
  18. The design of you site changes on each page – Only use one template for your all over design.
  19. Slow loading pages – Keep images small and minimise posts on your homepage.
  20. I can’t read the first post on your blog without clicking through – This is a big pet peeve of mine. I want to be able to read at least one post by landing on your blog’s homepage.
  21. There’s no search function for your site – Sometimes people come back for a specific post. If you don’t have a search tool they have to scroll through pages and pages of posts. This isn’t likely to happen so instead you lose the reader and a possible link back.
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  • That’s a great post!
    things I would add up on this list would be:
    *Moving text, images (that marquee html thing)
    *Blinking .gif images.
    *Black background and dark colored text.
    *hundreds of widgets.
    *Adult ads
    .-= Roshan Ahmed´s last blog ..Make your blog mobile phone compatible =-.

    • Roshan,
      Sometimes, these mistakes add up and make a blunder.

      Moving text or images in the center is irritating and it can get over your head.

      Adult Ads sould be placed in an adult site and not anywhere else

      • Yeah,
        I’ve seen some pages with small .gif images which blinks with red and yellow color. More over the website has a dark background which made it very annoying.

        As you’ve said adult ads should be placed in adult site. But I saw ads by a popular PPC network which are NOT adult but it is not a family friendly ad. Yet I would call it a ‘rated’ ad.

  • Those are great Roshan, especially the adult ad’s one. I can’t stand those!
    .-= Chavah´s last blog ..Successful Sunday’s: Interview with Shelley Vampran =-.

  • One thing I’d add to this fantastic list, and this may fall under the ‘ugly website’, is the font. Oh my word, I can’t even count the number of times I’ve bounced from a site just because the font hurts my eyes so bad.
    .-= Josh´s last blog ..Networking: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, The Shameless and the Spineless =-.

    • Yeah,
      There sites which has small colored text, it really pains our eyes.
      .-= Roshan Ahmed´s last blog ..Mturk: Get paid for completing small tasks =-.

      • I have seen blog articles ruined because of the font size and the line height. These are very easy design modifications which can be done by newbie as well. So, everyone should try and remove this irritating aspect of the blog.

  • My basic tip is to avoid everything people abused during the 90s including gifs, auto playing videos and music, flash landing pages and leet speak.

    Be professional with your blog but make sure you’re also keeping it a bit personal – but not too personal by going crazy with your design haha
    .-= Murlu´s last blog ..How To Use Twitter To Find New Blog Post Ideas =-.

  • Sometimes less is more. The basic idea is to discover blogging directions and goals while we’re at it. Instead of adding ALL just go for what’s necessary and helpful for the readers. Thanks for sharing, Chavah.

    Social/Blogging Tracker
    .-= Ching Ya´s last blog ..How to Import Twitter Favorites to Facebook Page =-.

    • To the point blogging is the best technique to convey your message and also make some money from your blog

  • Oh my word, I can’t even count the number of times I’ve bounced from a site just because the font hurts my eyes so bad.

  • This is great stuff! I am singing Hallelujah to all of them, esp. MUSIC and L-O-N-G POSTS. Why do ppl assume that we have unlimited time every day? Although you didn’t ask ppl to contribute more, I’m just going to be a cranker and add mine. 😉 small font. Can’t stand that. Typefaces that are difficult to read. yeah, leave those for the wedding invitations. And, this is only because I am a jealous b*tch: blogs that like to talk about how awesome their husbands are? How they iron and cook and buy you shit? Reading those will make me want to jump off the building so I avoid them like da plague.

    • I.e you are looking for some real advice and no silly stories. You require something that has weight and has something useful to tell you.

      Small fonts and typefaces because bloggers usually don’t take care of their design. I do. What about you

  • Agree. I don’t personally like writers with bad attitudes either. Also, a blog design that does not work with Firefox or Chrome is to be avoided.

    As far as English, depends on your blog. If your target audience is a group of sophisticated folks, then even the smallest errors can be a turn off. If you are tech blogging, I guess that’s OK.
    .-= panah´s last blog ..7 Killer Blog Success Tips For Newbies =-.

    • I think when it comes to attitude. It should match your audience. But I prefer being polite and don’t engage in ugly discussions.

      I have seen small errors get noticed and biggest blunder being unnoticed. It totally depends on your audience

  • Poor grammar is responsible for many of my clicks on the ‘back’ button, and I personally don’t care about the context of the blog. If you are taking the time to write something, please use spell check and have someone else look it over before publication.

    Oh (and I mean this constructively), you might want to look into the correct usage of apostrophes. This happens to be one of many people’s pet peeves, and yet so many seem to get confused. There are several instances of apostrophe misuse in your post.

    .-= Michael Guill´s last blog ..WordPress Plugin for YouTube Videos =-.

    • I didn’t know that people are so concerned about apostrophes but i think a good grammar and spell check is required to ensure a bigger audience that stays for long

  • WOW! What a litany of complaints. I am afraid to point you to my blog, which is basically a collection of arcania, assorted business tips, and musings. I’d hate to have you as my editor, you would have fired me already.

    Since this appears to be the place to vent about such things, I have found innumerable typographical errors when researching, studying, and writing. I was about to point out on a blog just this morning where the author ended her sentence with the word “ones” which is not a word, at least in that context, and had to settle for DMing the Twitter, and declining a RT. All over poor grammer.

    Social Sites have made the world even smaller, more instantaneous. We are all authors/writers/journalists – we are the internet. It is deemed by God ( gOOgle ) that the words are what count, they are what we search for; words are what we manage. We build consensus in ever concentric patterns, and where they overlap, that is the middle ground of ideas and patterns of commonality which lead me to your blog, lead you to my site. If we err, then at least we tried, if we give it a go, and fail, that is life.

    A positive aspect of this process we call the Internet is that more and more people are writing, more young people age 18-25 blog than ever wrote diaries in my time. I personally feel this is a good thing. Where once we predicted the closing of the book business and the failure of the newspapers, we now see this attempt by everyone and anyone to “Build their Brand” and do it well. In this mad rush for everyone to build their personal brand, we are going to run across those typers who fail, and those too impoverished to spring for a fancy site, but I cheer them on, I say, go for it. At least they are in the game.

    Enough out of me. Thanks for writing, I fav’d you, and appreciate you. I have a freind who Tweets at WAHMBN and I tweet at ProDevNetworker

    Lonny Dunn, Editor/Author

    • your opinion is very positive and I totally agree with the fact that though people have had problems with typo errors, they are still trying to make a mark by building a brand and in time they too will be able to correct their mistakes.

      • everybody make make mistakes. Remember how we started …. enough said.

        • Yes, but we have to ensure that it doesn’t get out of hand and ruins your reputation as a blogger. And blogging has a leaning curve and we all should learn from it and make sure that we don’t repeat it again

  • I would slightly disagree with you for ugly sites. If your site is for adsense, use an ugly theme. But if your site is for real readers, then designs do matters.

    Another worse thing that can happen to your site is if your webhost is down.-
    .-= Silly Bandz´s last blog ..Where To Buy Silly Bandz Online =-.

  • As for the slow loading pages, it’s really important to eliminate these because it doesn’t just annoy your readers, but apparently it damages your Google pagerank too.

    • I didn’t knew that slow loading pages effect PR, thanks for the info!
      .-= Roshan Ahmed´s last blog ..Mturk: Get paid for completing small tasks =-.

      • Yes Roshan, Google has included blog’s loading speed as an important factor for google rankings. It doesn’t mean that the earlier forms of seo techniques will not work. they all will apply

  • @ Silly Bandz yeah , a host went down can be a real pain. I have been a victim with my previous host and it lost me many visitors !
    .-= Sebin´s last blog ..How i got more from my commenters ! =-.

  • I actually don’t like to read post that has an affiliate link in the end.

  • AVP

    Other stuff can be the totally weird color contrast like pages with yellow fonts in a dark green background etc which makes it really hard to read.
    .-= AVP´s last blog ..Manually backup FireFox bookmarks =-.

  • Nice post! 🙂

  • Good points, so I added a search box.

    • Good for you, now you should read the other blogging tips and you might find them useful

  • Yes, too personal (adding music you likes, your picks of clothes) messed up the design. Simplicity and elegance is the key to a good design

  • thanks for informations

  • Kurosaki

    wow wow wow for some1 that says “Writing like a professor – No one wants a lecture!” u sure like to lecture how to or what u should use on a blog. if u disagree u can always check “Writing about how perfect your child is” witch leads to another thing, dont brag to much about it u say still u sure like to do it about having 4 kids and how u still can do household chores, seriously i think its all moms do best, and i can say they deserve all the credit for that. what i dont usualy c is that same mom/dad say i do it but my kid help occasionaly/sometimes too cuz i know there isnt 1 that doesnt 1 way or another.
    anyway overall good info tho i respectfully disagree with ur opinion about flash but not entirely. i mean they should have flash and have a skip option but i think that can also have a option of starting the blog with or without the flash. i speak for myself but those flashes only get annoying when u access that website/blog lots of times. to finish (i know i write alot “speak” my mind) sry for my bad english and thanks for the info and reading my comment

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  • Funny thing that you mentioned music. I had my iTunes on the other day while I was looking for a restaurant’s website where I could order online. After I got on their site, their company song started playing automatically and there was no “click to stop music” button anywhere on the page. Irritating. I mean, no need to force feed your visitors with blah.

    How long is a long blog entry? I think it depends on the type of topic you have in hand.

  • very nice post,those were real facts which we use to see in too many blogs or website.
    Thank god our blogs are not like that.

  • This is loud and clear. I have some work to do. Thanks for sharing this. Personally, there is nothing more annoying than trying to comment and not being able to because you are not registered.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the 21 points. For me using music and flash are the most irritating ones. Using Ads is ok but it should not distract us from reading content.

  • Stamp.

  • you are so right and my site hasn’t these bad things 🙂 it is true it is a little ugly but i am changing the design soon!!! good luck with your sites!!

  • Looks like I’m not doing any of these things, so I guess I’m good. No annoying music on Dagmar’s momsense 🙂

    Dagmar’s momsense

  • Steinar Knutsen

    Great non-nonsense list. I still get clients who want to add music on auto play to their homepage.

  • Rick

    …and speaking of bad English:

    It’s ads…not ad’s

  • This is excellent, excellent, excellent, spot on. It should be printed, shared on Facebook and Twitter and everywhere else for all to see…this is a complete guidline to blogging that is a winner.
    Congrats on this.

  • wendy

    Funny thing is that just as I was reading about one of the worst things in a blog was pop-ups, and just then I got a pop-up…Oops!!

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  • Mai

    When i want to read blogs, is that mean i want to READ…not listening music or not to win anything (pop up)…both of them make me find ‘x’ immediately!

  • Thank you for point number 8. Here it is I keep telling people to feel free to comment, and I had my setting set to registered users. Point number 12 will be used more in the future with my own original pictures.



  • @eLKDee

    I like your points..especially #5 since you don’t practice what you preach with all those poorly put apostrophes in your post.

  • Great list. A pet peeve, please have a category category so that the visitor can get a feel of what the overall blog is about. If I like your post, I may click on the categories section to find out about other complimentary topics you have covered. Recent posts and popular posts are good but a list of the categories would be a nice addition.
    Definitely not among the ‘worst’ in terms of blog no-no’s, but definitely something that can help readers navigate better through your content.

  • This is a great list! As I was reading this I thought to myeself, “these are the very things that deter me from reading a blog post or continuing my research.” This is a great reminder on the things not to do on my own blog.

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  • This is very very nice post, I will consider these things in my blogs.

  • Nice list, there is some really good points there.

  • rndtechnologies786

    Nice blog.