Mind Mapping Exercise for High Speed Blogging

I find many bloggers complaining about writer’s block, they are just not able to write their articles (They get stuck). They face problems when they are searching for blog post ideas. Whenever they think of an idea, they reject it because either the idea is not good enough for their readers or they don’t have enough expertise to write about it.

In my opinion, the reason they end up in the same situation again and again is because their approach is just not right!

They approach writing articles by thinking of an idea and they just start writing about it. By the time they reach the middle of the article, they are totally out of points. They don’t know what to do next and they get frustrated in the end. This situation is not very healthy for bloggers. Bloggers usually quit blogging for the sole reason that they frequently face writer’s block.

This situation had to occur because they didn’t invest enough time in thinking or brainstorming on the concept.

Bloggers should approach each article by performing a mind mapping exercise. It would be a structured approach towards blogging and it would certainly cure writer’s block.

Mind Mapping Exercise

Mind Mapping is a really interesting exercise, because it needs only one resource – your Brain. Brain has a fast processing speed and therefore ideas come in fractions of seconds.

In Mind Mapping you have to create a mental map of related keywords and ideas. This map will thus act as a reference when you are writing articles for your blog.

  1. In mind mapping you need to think of certain keywords, which will act as a basis for your article ideas (for eg. article writing, copywriting, blogging tips). If you are a niche blogger, then you can think of keywords related to your niche. These keywords may be very general in nature or they can be highly specific.
  2. After selecting keywords, you have to brainstorm about ideas revolving around the keyword (for eg. Blog Marketing for beginners for the keyword Blog Marketing). These ideas can be very specific and if, in your opinion, the idea has many aspects to it and it would become a really long article, then you can always try to break the idea into smaller chunks, which means more articles from the same concept! (eg. You can break blog marketing for beginners into guest blogging and social media marketing).
  3. Think of an appropriate title for your article. The title is usually a starting point or the foundation for the article. Once you have an idea you can easily visualize the article. I spend most of my time in deciding the title of my article, and everything that follows, it  becomes really easy.
  4. Once you have a title in mind, you can think of certain points you would like to include in your articles. These points can be thought of a summary of the article. These points will be elaborated while you are writing the article.
  5. Though, this is a mind mapping exercise, it would be advisable that you write each and everything on a piece of paper ( or as Alex does – by using a Blackboard) because mind has a limited capacity and it would overflow in no time. You may forget certain key points which might be required when you are writing the article.

Why Mind Mapping

Why should bloggers perform the mind mapping exercise, when they are able to manage writing their articles without any problems?

Why follow such a long procedure just to search for blog post ideas?

I think bloggers should still give mind mapping a try, because it has certain benefits which outweigh the use of normal writing approach:

  • Easier to start: Instead of writing straight away where you have to think a lot, mind mapping is a lot easier and can become even easier with practice. Consistency is the key to super fast mind mapping.
  • Less Time Taken: With mind mapping, you already have the title and the important points in your hand, which will be covered in detail in the article. By this method, you are definitely cutting on the excessive time spent on repetitive brainstorming of points while you are in the middle of an article.
  • Plenty of Ideas: If you even spend a day on mind mapping, you can get ideas for a whole month.

What is your take on mind mapping?

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  • Hello Gautam,

    My challenge is not “writer’s block,” it’s not overwhelming the Source Blogger community with too much content!

    Go figure!

    Source Blogger
    .-= Source Blogger ´s last blog ..Do You Consider Your Fellow Blogger To Be Friend Or Foe? =-.

    • if you are worried about overwhelming your blog with more content, then either you can write for other blogs or start more than one blog. By this method you will not overwhelm your readers with excessive amount of content

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  • Now I work with this situation and completly understands how it goes, while brainstorming. But unfortunately many times my brainstorming comes at wrong places, riding bike, taking bath, having meal etc

    and in the end the ideas are lost. Do let your readers know more about this problem too..
    .-= Hami´s last blog ..Be a Guest Writer on My Blog – Inviting all Guest Bloggers =-.

    • Hami,
      If that is the case with you, then you can hold that idea for a short duration time and write it on a piece of paper, once you get hold of one.

  • Mind mapping sounds cool. Though I have heard it before, I never took it seriously. It was when I just saw the image in the blog post, I thought it would be a nice idea and read the whole post.
    .-= Roshan Ahmed´s last blog ..Offline Blog editor: Windows Live writer =-.

    • Mind mapping is an exercise which works many other tasks, for the simple reason that it is just a structured approach of completing any task.

      Mind Mapping Tool speeds our writing and it also helps in getting few log post ideas

      I used the image to show how people actually practice mind mapping.

      • Yeah,
        Mind mapping technique can be also used when we’re having some urgent speeches (one of friends suggested this). We can write the topic and write all things which comes into our mind related to that topic around the main topic. And we’re speaking we can select each subtopic and talk about that. I haven’t used it for speech yet, but it sounds cool!
        .-= Roshan Ahmed´s last blog ..Mturk: Get paid for completing small tasks =-.

        • Mind Mapping is a very popular technique and it can be used in many other applications.

          Bloggers can benefit from this technique and this is why I mentioned it in this article
          .-= Gautam´s last blog ..5 Ways to Decide on How Many Posts to Write! =-.

  • I learned mind mapping in my college days. It is useful to absorb as many as new thing. And now, I can use it for my blogging — Thanks to the article.
    .-= Dana @ Blogging Tips Blog´s last blog ..Another GoDaddy May 2010 (and June 2010) Discount =-.

    • Lovely, I used mind mapping to learn English vocabulary and I didn’t know that it would also work with blogging

  • Interesting bro, mind mapping is really help especially for niche blogger we can create few article that link together and every day they will more comprehensive. Thanks
    .-= Latief@AnotherBlogger´s last blog ..AdSense Revenue Sharing Reveals =-.

    • Latief,
      It is helpful for almost every blogger who needs faster articles and being a niche blogger helps narrow down the number of keywords

  • This is something new for me. i never heard it. Could be a good try since i always got lost somewhere. Mind if i try this ?
    .-= Shah´s last blog ..Scared To Try Linux ? Get VMware =-.

    • Shah,
      Anybody can give it a try. There are no restrictions to use mind mapping (There are no copyright violations if use mind mapping for your blog)

      • awesome, wish me luck. Thanks Gautam

        • Best of luck! I think you will benefit from this technique

  • Indeed, having a small skeleton of what you want to write is vital. It can make your writing a post much much more efficient and save you lots of time. Always know what you want to say before sitting down to write it.
    .-= Spyros´s last blog ..Why You Need to Have a Story That Everybody Wants to Hear About =-.

    • Spyros,
      that’s the point. Having a skeleton of the post saves you almost half the time, as you don’t struggle while you are writing an article
      .-= Gautam´s last blog ..Guest Blogging Contest Results =-.

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  • Started my blog just now. I always thought that I have so much to say but now I am stuck right after writing my first blog. Will try mind mapping. Hope it helps!!
    .-= Aviral Mittal´s last blog ..Why me?? =-.

    • Usually people get stuck in the middle. If you are getting stuck in the beginning, then you should think about your niche.

      Maybe the niche is not right for you and you should blog about a niche which you are more comfortable with
      .-= Gautam´s last blog ..Guest Blogging Contest Results =-.

  • Thank you for sharing this. Mind mapping can really help you manage and simplify your work and time. I use Seavus DropMind™ . It is an excellent mind mapping software with a lot of functionalities which can facilitate your everyday thinking process. It really works. You should try it.

    Best regards,

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  • It seems that most writers have their techniques. Still, it is nice to have clear cut instructions on the mind mapping technique.