How To Deal With Blogging Failures

Blogging is not always easy and you don’t taste the fruit of success each and every time. It’s like life “there are good times, and there are bad times”. Success and failures are part of life and they are bound to happen. But problems come when you have to deal with blogging failures. This situation can be compared to a “Break Up”, where it hurts really bad when you get to know that someone has fallen below expectations. And coming out of a break up is really difficult and it can be resolved by dealing with full strength. Similarly blog is a place where you write for full passion and devotion and once you face a failure you are dumbstruck!

Deal With It

You have to deal with failures by being strong and not letting yourself down. Blogging Failures doesn’t mean that you have failed as a blogger, or you have a terrible writing. It just means that it didn’t bore the result that it was expected to bear. And by letting yourself down you are only decreasing your productivity and also demotivating yourself. And that will lead to no good, it may actually sabotage your blogging career or it may force you to quit blogging. Treat failures as a part of life’s milestones which you have to cross to reach success. Take all these in your stride.

Identifying Blogging Failures

Identifying failures is very important. How would you get to know if you are doing something wrong if you don’t identify your failures. Blogging failures may be different for different people. It is very subjective in nature and what may seem a failure to me, may not seem a failure to you. I consider things like negative comments, traffic decrease a major blogging failure, but it may seem to a blogger as a perfectly normal occurrence. Whatever may be your blogging parameters, make sure that you check them regularly and make a note of any failures that occur.

Search For Grey Areas in Blogging

The first task that you should perform before even moving ahead is to know what went wrong. What is the actual reason behind this failure? Was it due to a recent event or due to piling up of many events altogether. All failures have a cause and finding the root cause should be your mission. Why? Because you need to make sure that the same thing doesn’t occur again, because you don’t need many failures occurring in succession.  Sustaining many Break ups is very difficult, so is the case with blogging failures.

Some Possible  Gray Areas of Blogging:

  • Bad Marketing Strategy: Blog Promotion is a crucial aspect for a blog’s growth. It helps in getting more eyeballs to your content through website traffic. Marketing strategy should not be over the top, i.e it should not be all shameless self promotion and using words just to grab attention. Marketing should be done in a subtle manner so that it is not over the top and still able to grab the attention of the reader.
  • Bad Content: Bad content can be due to a lot of reasons. It can be due to lack of research about the particular concept being expressed in the article. Or it could be due to inappropriate tone and major mistakes in grammar and spellings. Content is the lifeline of any blog. Without content, blog is a body without soul. Fixing content issues should get the highest priority because they have a direct impact on the blog readers.
  • Shabby Design: A design is the outer appearance of a blog and this one thing should be good or even better than good, it should be excellent. Many bloggers make a mistake of using a shabby design for their blogs. This not only is a deterrent for readers, but it is also spoils if you have to offer great content.  If you don’t know how to design, you can always get free themes or you can also try to buy designs or even better is to outsource the design work.

Learn from Shortcomings

No Human in the whole wide universe is perfect. “To Err is Human” i.e. humans make mistakes and there is nothing unnatural about it. Each and every person has some fallacies, some gaps that need to be filled up. Dealing with blogging failures is like a learning experience, through which you can grow as a person and also improve upon on your skills and ability. Once you have found out your gray areas, you need to ensure that you learn from your mistakes and you need to improve upon areas where you are either lacking skill or expertise.

What have been your blogging failures?

Image By: m_bartosch