How College Taught me to be a Better Blogger

Being a young blogger can be hard, as people don’t think you are capable enough or they think you are just not as experienced as the ones who are older than you are. Being in college has been an enriching experience for me. College has taught me skills which have enabled me to become a better blogger and also to write better. These skills are not only good for blogging but for life as well but they especially worked for me when I was blogging.

Constant Learning

In college (even if it is an online college) we are always looking to gain more and more knowledge which would broaden our spectrum and would help in further studies and also in our career. Similarly, blogging requires constant learning. You need to learn aspects about blogging each day. One day it may be about improving your writing skills and the other day it may be about monetizing your blog. Whichever may be the case, you always need books or learning material to move ahead. I prefer blogs by eminent bloggers or ebooks for learning about basic topics related to blogging.  The best part of blogs is that they are totally free and they can offer you a wealth of knowledge.


There is no right and wrong way to blog and it totally depends on you, how you want to blog. Each and every blogger who is at the top, has his/her own distinctive technique to blog. In our practical classes, we constantly try and try until we get the right solution to our problem. Same is the case with blogging, you need to try and experiment with your writing. After a few trials you will get to know what works for you and what works for your readers. Also, you need to experiment in order to stay ahead. The technique that worked 5 years ago may not work now, because blogosphere has changed rapidly in the past 5 years and so, you have to change your blogging technique according to the circumstances.

Time Management

The most important factor that determines your productivity is time management. As a college student and a blogger, I had to divide my time in such a manner that I am able to do justice to my blogging work and also maintain a daily study routine. If I fail to do this, then I will lose on either my academics or my passion (blogging). I started using a daily blog posting workflow which decreased the time spent on blogging and also increased my output.


Being a part of a prestigious college is not a piece of cake. Even clearing the entrance exam is very difficult and there is intense competition. This competition has enabled me to always stay ahead and grow. I try to think of some bloggers as my competitors and I try to compare my performance with them. On comparison, if I find a technique which has worked for the other blogger, I try to use it in my blog and see if it works for me. This technique helps me improve my blogging skills.

Being Productive

Due to the time management, I usually get a small amount of time for each task and I have to maximize the output in the minimum time possible. To achieve that, I constantly improve my productivity. In college, if I had exams, I had to do away with distractions like online gaming. Similarly, while blogging, you have to get rid of distractions like social media, skyping and chatting to improve the productivity. Apart from that, you need to structure your work by dividing your blog post into sub tasks. For eg, a simple post would include sub tasks like brainstorming, writing notes, adding descriptions, seo and then publishing it.


Sometimes, you have to do multiple things at the same time. Like reading and writing at the same time. Similarly, blogging requires you to be a multitasking person. So you may be responding to comments as well as writing your blog posts. Though, I would say that multitasking may not be very productive for everybody and sometimes performing a single task is a lot better than multiple tasks. It totally depends on you and how comfortable you are with multitasking.


There are times in college when you just want drop out and start your life in a whole different direction. And, to prevent such a situation to happen, you need to be constantly motivated. I think of the life after college and see a great future if I work real hard and this motivates me to stay in college. Blogging is also very taxing and sometimes you just want to stop writing anymore. To keep myself motivated I usually read success stories of bloggers who have made it big on the blogosphere. If they can do it, so can I.


Being inquisitive is a quality that helps me gain more knowledge. There are lot of things in my field that I don’t know. I just ask a question to my professors and get lots of information that I wouldn’t have got if I didn’t ask the question. Blogging was something I was really bad at. But after asking many questions to successful bloggers, I started understanding what blogging really is and how to do it.

You’re One Among Equals

When I entered college, I thought that I was the king of the jungle and it will be a super easy thing to top college. A point to note is, never underestimate others. It may seem to you that others are not as good, but they all have passed the same entrance exam and so they are on equal footing with you. In blogging arena, each and every person is on the same level and you can reach the top with sheer hard work and strong will.

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  • Clever piece of article. It’s kind of other way round for most of them I believe, including me 🙂

    ‘How blogging has taught me to be a better college student’
    .-= Rockstar Sid´s last blog ..UTweet Creates Funny Twitter Timeline Video =-.

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  • I was in college too and find all of point you write is true. Especially for motivation, I experienced that lack of motivation surely a big set back.
    .-= Dana @ Blogging Tips Blog´s last blog ..Clear Type WordPress Theme from Theme Junkie: A Simple Review =-.

    • Yes motivation is really hard to get, but once you get hold of it, you are sure to succeed. It is equally important take steps to use that motivation in a positive effort so that you can produce something useful

  • Thats a really whole lot of things that it adds to the table. For me, it helped me become more responsible in that sense that I have to understand thAt blogging and making money is fun but studies should always be prioritized.

    Multitasking is another because its hard to become a blogger if you dont know how to do multiple tasks at the same time
    .-= Melvin´s last blog ..How MelvinBlog Dot Com Really Makes Money =-.

    • Yes studies need to priortized and you have to make sure that blogging is also not left out in the process

  • from my college, i have learnt how to give tough competition to others
    .-= Tushar´s last blog ..Why Using Numbers is Post Titles is Important? =-.

    • Tushar that is 4th point – giving competition and also surviving it – because it is very tough in India

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  • Hi,
    I liked the point multitasking, which is very true for students. We often do so many tasks together and it becomes more tough when out ‘Time Management’ is poor.

    -Roshan Ahmed 🙂
    .-= Roshan Ahmed´s last blog ..Lockerz: a scam or not? =-.

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  • yogi

    hi, gautam

    competition would be more important than other things because in this world every one was talented,
    so,any one will come at any time…
    Thanks a lot for sharing it…

  • Hi there,

    Indeed, higher education really have effect in our blogging routine. It is maybe because of the new things we learned along the way.

    Thank you very much for sharing your experience. I am looking forward for your next update.

    – Felix

  • Thnx..I’ve just started blogging, but unable to manage my time. any tips..

  • Robin

    Is it possible for me to use this picture of the student with the book on their head?

  • Great post keep it up it is educative