Guest Blogging Contest Entries Closed, Let The Voting Begin

I am very happy to see that the Guest Blogging Competition has got 22 entries. All the entries have a unique perspective and they have something useful to teach you from their experience.  Below, are all the entries with a small excerpt which will help you decide which article you want to actually read. So, go ahead and read and help them win by retweeting and commenting on their articles.

1. How To Use Email Marketing To Draw More People To Your Website – from Lena and Dima of start your own internet business

An Interesting article that points out the importance of email autoresponders and how webmasters can use it to draw more people to their website

2. 5 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips for Bloggers – from Jason Capshaw of MyWebtronics

5 Tips that can enable better conversion rates for your blog. These strategies are really simple and they should be an inherent part of your blogging timetable.

3.  5 steps to building a power blog – from Onibalusi Bamidele of young entrepreneur blog

There are blogs and there are blogs but the truth remains the same, whether you believe it or not, all blogs are not the same, there is always a difference… And this article explains how you can be different.

4.  No Instant Success In Blogging And The Solutions – from Latief of Another Blogger

There is nothing as an instant blogging success. Blogs gain success by constant content creation and promotions. Being consistent is also important.

5.  Traffic Building Tips For Designers and Developers – from James of Evolutionary Designs Blog

Some tips to increase traffic to your design and development blogs and also get your articles indexed in an hours time.

6.  You Can’t Do Everything…. If You Want Everything Done Right! – from Tom of outsourcing jobs overseas

If you are looking to see big results from your blog, then you need to start treating it like a business. Focus on what you are good at, and outsource the rest.

7.  How to Create and Monetize a Blog through Pay Per Click Advertising – from Typhoon of making money online

PPC is the popular blog monetization way through which bloggers can make money online. In this article will learn how to monetize your blog using PPC

8.  The “4 Move Checkmate” of Blogging – from Jonathon Beebe of make money online

If blogging was a game of Chess, then “checkmate” would mean success. In the classic game of Chess, there is a tactic commonly known as the “4 Move Checkmate”

9.  10 Best Drupal Blogging Clients – from Tom Walker of Ink Catridges

Blogging with Drupal can be different, which is why this list of Drupal blogging clients will help you make a decision on how to set up your blog with Drupal.

10.  The Secret For Creating a Successful Blog – from Jeevan Jacob John of TechPupil

Creating a Successful blog requires certain key elements such as building relations with readers, consistency, quality content and a good blog design.

11.  How To Build A Community Of Readers Who Want To Do Business With You from Claudia Gonella of Reveal Real Estate

The goal of blogging is to cultivate a strong relationship with readers so that won’t even think about contacting your competitors.

12. How to Build Reputation for your Blog from Onibalusi Bamidele of young entrepreneur blog

Building your blog’s reputation is very important to your long term blogging success, it makes people believe what you say, it makes you easily achieve blogging success.

13.  How to get any Job you want using Social Media from Joshuatitsworth

Job-hunting today is tougher than it’s ever been before.  Believe it or not you can get any job you want by using Social Media and blogging.

14.  9 Quick and Easy WordPress SEO Tips from Melissa of Online Schools

9 Essential search engine optimization tips that will help you stay on the top of search engine rankings. Best way to expand your reader base is to employ seo.

15.  Strategic Blogging Is the Only Way to Succeed in Blogging from Melvin of

Only a small fraction of people do make a significant income from their blogs. Strategic Blogging is needed to get you into the right path to achieve success.

16.  4 Easy Ways to Engage Your Followers On Twitter from Gurl of Gurls Asylum

Four easy ways to engage with your Twitter followers using a list. By following these ways, you can engage with your followers in just a few minutes in a day.

17.  2 Ways How To Find Blog Post Ideas from Lee Ka Hoong of Make Money Online

Usually the blog post idea comes from our mind and imagination; it would be your experiences or inspirations from other bloggers. Sometimes we might get lost. This articles helps get rid of blogger’s block

18.  Why Bloggers Should Use Videos On Their Sites from Peter of Goviral Network

Video Blogging is a lucrative method to take your blog to the next level. It is a great technique to promote your blogs and also engage with your community.

19.  Bloggers: Are You Making This BIG Mistake? from Welly Mulia from Make Money on the Internet

You are making a big mistake if you’re not doing this in your blogging efforts. If you are not utilizing your subscribers to engage and also earn money from it

20. What Supermarkets Teach Us About Blog Marketing from Spyros Panagiotopoulos of Sell With Words

We can learn a whole lot about blog marketing from supermarkets. The way they sell their products should help you to build your reader base.

21.  What To Invest If You’ve Got No Money To Invest from Andre Conferido of Make Money Online Blog

Most of the rich men in the internet did not have money to commence their business. They did not have the huge capital needed for other types of businesses. But they had other resources which made them rich,

22.  Why Bloggers should be Entrepreneurs? from Sebin of The Web Punk

Why should bloggers be entrepreneurs? and what are it’s benefits? This articles shows how each blogger can easily become an entrepreneur.

Point System to Select Winners

A unique point system will be used for evaluating the guest articles based on the number of retweets, comments and the quality of content. The article with the highest points will win the first prize and the second highest will win the second prize and so on

How Many Points Will I Get?

Points will be calculated as follows:

  1. 10 tweets will equal one point
  2. Each Quality Comment will get a point (Author and the Organizer’s comment will not be counted)
  3. Quality of content will be marked on a scale of 1-10 in points

The Results Declaration

The Results will be declared on 1st June. Till 30th May, you can promote your articles and get more retweets and comments to your site. Remember, retweets and comments can easily fetch you more points than quality of content.

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